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LAST UPDATED: July 19th, 2022

Founded in a spare bedroom in 1986, Viasat looks much different now than it did three decades ago. Today, the company has grown into a corporation and has even launched a satellite into space. This growth can be credited in part to Viasat's exceptional products, including the company's high speed satellite internet network. Though the Viasat team is always looking for new ways to expand and evolve, the company is fully committed to providing top-notch service and tech support to every customer.

Viasat was formerly known as Exede Internet.


The Good

  • Innovative Satellite Technology
  • Customizable Internet Packages

Innovative Satellite Technology

Viasat utilizes satellite technology for its broadband internet network, which is a newer form of technology in the industry. The Viasat satellite is thousands of miles in space and provides a continual signal due to the way that it orbits Earth. Because of this, customers will enjoy a more consistent, reliable broadband internet service.

Customizable Internet Packages

Viasat allows customers to customize certain parts of their Viasat plans. For example, customers can choose their data allowance. Viasat satellite internet plans come with set data caps, but customers may upgrade it to include additional data. 

Another customization feature offered in Viasat's plans is the Hibernation Plan which allows customers with multiple residences to transfer internet service between locations. With the Hibernation Plan, customers can shut off the internet access in one home and turn the satellite service on in another. These features are designed to help meet each customer's individual needs.

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The Bad

  • Slow Download Speeds and Upload Speeds
  • 24-Month Contract

Slow Download Speeds and Upload Speeds

While satellite technology provides a reliable internet connection, it does not offer the fastest broadband internet speed. Viasat's download speed and upload speeds vary based on location and are competitive with other satellite internet companies. 

However, even the fastest broadband speed possible with Viasat (12 Mbps) is slow when compared to speeds offered by other high-speed internet providers. In fact, many of Viasat's competitor broadband service providers have low-tier internet packages with internet speeds similar to Viasat's top speed that may be cheaper.

24-Month Contract

All Viasat customers are required to sign a 24-month contract, which states that they will pay for their Viasat satellite internet plans for the entire length of the contract. If the customer decides to break the contract for any reason, they must pay an early termination fee, which is determined by how much time is left in the agreement. For every month left on the contract, the customer is required to pay $15, meaning that the fee will be steep if the customer needs to cancel early on in the contracted time period. Early termination fees are common among internet service providers.


The Bottom Line

If you are looking for satellite internet providers that offer customizable internet plans, Viasat Internet may be a good option for you. However, keep in mind that the company's download and upload speeds are slow and that you will be required to sign into a 24-month contract. Be sure to check that Viasat Internet is offered in your area by looking at their website or speaking with a representative. Customers seeking high speed broadband internet with a faster internet speed should consider other internet service providers in their area.

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Lisa Huseby

Very slow, I've had better dial up!! Tech people do not speak English well enough to be understood. I am looking for a better internet server.

2 months ago

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Great in the begging until the data runs out then there is no internet

2 years ago

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frank Maciejewski Brandywine, MD

poor service the system keeps shutting down have to restart it

4 years ago

star star star_border star_border star_border

Josh Lane

Doesn't work half the time and when it does work it's slow

4 years ago