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LAST UPDATED: July 19th, 2022

Founded in a spare bedroom in 1986, Viasat looks much different now than it did three decades ago. Today, the company has grown into a corporation and has even launched a satellite into space. This growth can be credited in part to Viasat's exceptional products, including the company's high speed satellite internet network. Though the Viasat team is always looking for new ways to expand and evolve, the company is fully committed to providing top-notch service and tech support to every customer.

Viasat was formerly known as Exede Internet.


The Good

  • Innovative Satellite Technology
  • Customizable Internet Packages

Innovative Satellite Technology

Viasat utilizes satellite technology for its broadband internet network, which is a newer form of technology in the industry. The Viasat satellite is thousands of miles in space and provides a continual signal due to the way that it orbits Earth. Because of this, customers will enjoy a more consistent, reliable broadband internet service.

Customizable Internet Packages

Viasat allows customers to customize certain parts of their Viasat plans. For example, customers can choose their data allowance. Viasat satellite internet plans come with set data caps, but customers may upgrade it to include additional data. 

Another customization feature offered in Viasat's plans is the Hibernation Plan which allows customers with multiple residences to transfer internet service between locations. With the Hibernation Plan, customers can shut off the internet access in one home and turn the satellite service on in another. These features are designed to help meet each customer's individual needs.

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The Bad

  • Slow Download Speeds and Upload Speeds
  • 24-Month Contract

Slow Download Speeds and Upload Speeds

While satellite technology provides a reliable internet connection, it does not offer the fastest broadband internet speed. Viasat's download speed and upload speeds vary based on location and are competitive with other satellite internet companies. 

However, even the fastest broadband speed possible with Viasat (12 Mbps) is slow when compared to speeds offered by other high-speed internet providers. In fact, many of Viasat's competitor broadband service providers have low-tier internet packages with internet speeds similar to Viasat's top speed that may be cheaper.

24-Month Contract

All Viasat customers are required to sign a 24-month contract, which states that they will pay for their Viasat satellite internet plans for the entire length of the contract. If the customer decides to break the contract for any reason, they must pay an early termination fee, which is determined by how much time is left in the agreement. For every month left on the contract, the customer is required to pay $15, meaning that the fee will be steep if the customer needs to cancel early on in the contracted time period. Early termination fees are common among internet service providers.


The Bottom Line

If you are looking for satellite internet providers that offer customizable internet plans, Viasat Internet may be a good option for you. However, keep in mind that the company's download and upload speeds are slow and that you will be required to sign into a 24-month contract. Be sure to check that Viasat Internet is offered in your area by looking at their website or speaking with a representative. Customers seeking high speed broadband internet with a faster internet speed should consider other internet service providers in their area.

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Michael Simmers TX

Hello all, This will be my first and hopefully last one star review of a service. To start, Viasat is completely overpriced and you won't receive the download speeds that are advertised and that you pay for. While you have not surpassed your "soft" data your speeds will be low and when you surpass the cap you'll often find the service completely unusable most of the time. Including high traffic times, low traffic times, and almost every moment in between. Their customer service representatives will be evasive, if not lie to your face, and that's if you can even get in contact with them. They get away with it by stating that you "SHOULD" get speeds of 1 - 3 megabits/second after you surpass the soft cap. It's more along the lines of 0.01mgbs/s. UNUSABLE. Viasat is at best an overpriced scam with no care for the customer. If you value your time and money DO NOT PURCHASE.

6 months ago

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Mark&Cheryl Columbiana, AL

The only thing I can say good about Viasat, is that they exist as an option where we live. But, unfortunately, we've had Viasat for over a year, and it is horrible. Even when the month resets, we cannot upload data, watch movies or videos without constant disruptions. Often, we cannot even load and send emails without waiting and waiting. Unfortunately, we are over a barrel because of our rural location. Viasat knows this and subjects its customers to their will. From our own experience and that of neighbors, there are no other service providers here that actually provide a worthwhile product. We would absolutely dump Viasat if it were not for the sad fact that we need phone service and some ability for me to write online. We have contacted Viasat repeatedly. Their response is to upsell, either their highest service, which we are one below, or upsell paying more for additional minutes. We already pay at their second-highest tier, over $200.00 a month, and up to, so far, $300.00 or more a month. Honestly, we had similar or better service with dial-up in the old days. For us, it feels like we are paying to be raped. My suggestion for anyone considering Viasat as their internet provider; keep looking. Once any other viable option is available, we will leave Viasat on the side of the road. ~ Mark Bell

9 months ago

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LDF Dallas, TX

slower than slow speeds, paid our bill of $150 and then the next bill was $250. for internet that does not work most of the time! I suggest AOL dialup to this crap. Their support is the worst! Wish there was another option where I live, but I will not be paying $250 for this service! The reps constantly say one thing then says something completely different and then yell for asking which answer is accurate. reps do not know what they are doing and will tell you whatever you want to hear and then no record of it to be found (on their end, I take SS of every chat that I do for these reasons, but they will say it was a "miscommunication") NO! IT WAS A FLAT OUT LIE!!

2 years ago

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Ilde Cruz Iron City, TN

1. I called about no signal, they upsold me and said they would send another router. They then just charged me more, same speed, same router they never sent the new router. 2. Service would go out I had to restart my router over and over then it stopped working altogether. The repair person broke two appointments and never came. 3. I wasn't getting service, I didn't pay. They sent my bill to collection. I pay each month in advance but prior! 4. Aparently the customer service person rewrote call notes and said I said that the problem with my internet was solved! What!! So dishonest....

3 years ago

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Ed Mallory Elizabeth, CO

DON’T DON’T DON’T just DON’T !!! DON’T even think about getting Viasat. Their satellite is over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The ping is 650ms so when you start clicking on your open page you will be waiting 0.6 to 1.2 seconds before anything starts to download with each and every click. Try to watch a movie or any other streamed program and you will be watching the little circle spin as it buffers continuously. Live gaming……….they won’t even let you on their gaming sites with that 650 ping. It slows down everything else on your computer when you are online. Got rid of Viasat and everything works good now…again. Their service will drop offline on average at least once per day. They advertise 30Mb+ download but this only happens during off peak times and when you aren’t being throttled or prioritized. I have had downloads as slow as 0.82Mb. Their upload speed is not advertised anywhere on their web page. It is 1.0Mb …PERIOD. After you are totally disgusted with their pathetic performance they WILL NOT give you ‘satisfaction or your money back’. They will keep $15/mo for the entire 24 month period or for the months you don’t stay with them. It cost me $330 to get rid of them but it was worth it to get rid of their agonizing service. Much better and cheaper than paying the $2880 total to stay with them and live in tormented agonizing unbearable horror for that 24 months. Wish I’d found these reviews beforehand. I had searched but only found positive magazine reviews… in places where Viasat / Exede advertises. There should be a class action lawsuit against these frauds to put them out of business. Don’t say you haven’t been WARNED !!!

3 years ago

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KA Swoboda

This could be a book, but I will try and keep it in a nut shell. We live in a rural area and options for internet are minimal. Two years ago we were forced into trying a satellite based internet and chose Exede. $80 got us 12 Mbps which should be enough considering we don’t do games, rarely stream anything and mainly surf the web, some YouTube and order a lot off eBay and Amazon. When reception was good it really wasn’t too bad and speed when the internet was working wasn’t bad either. In 2 years we were able to download one movie, which took several hours, and our 12 Mbps was spent. We tried about 2 other times and couldn’t even get the movie to completely download because the 12 Mbps would be completed before it was done. The first 6 months, or so, I was on the phone with them monthly trying to determine what was going on with the way they counted usage, returning equipment that failed once, and finally just concluding it wasn’t worth my time and aggravation to continue the monthly inquires. Spent the next 1.5 years living under a contract with a ½ working internet provider and paying out $80 a month for service that wasn’t there. I finally get down to the last month and call and tell them I want to cancel service because it was inadequate. They told me that they needed the modem, cables and the little box up on the dish that they put up so I would have an equipment charge. I told them they were welcome to come get it because they put it on the second story. They said there would be a $95 service call and they would not be taking or removing the dish. How convenient! Begin 60 years old getting on my roof is not wise, I have to dispose of their trash and repair the holes in my roof. Looks like I have to hire someone to do their work because I have already been robbed by them over the last 2 years. Also, since I called a month ahead and told them I was canceling they went ahead and turned off the internet completely a month early, did I mention that I am still paying for that last month so I don’t have early cancellation charges on my final bill. Moral of the story, if you have any other option try them instead of Exede. We are now going with AT&T hotspot and so far it appears to be working ok.

4 years ago

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Bruce Laveway

Worst Internet EVER!! Do not waste your money. I recently moved and inquired with Direct TV on a bundled internet package. They said they could bundle me with a satellite provider. They did not tell me who and I did not ask. I did however directly ask what speed I would be getting. They told me I would be getting at least 25MBPS download which was faster than any other internet I had checked with in the area so I agreed on this bundled package. It took two weeks before someone finally came out to install my internet. Before the installer left I ran a speed test and only came up with 4.05MBPS. When I asked the installer about this he told me it was not his department and that "you cant trust those speed tests". After only one day I could hardly do anything online. It was totally useless and has been for this whole 30 days. When I called and inquired they said I had used up all my primary data after only one day. How is this possible?? I have no Kids, I dont play any games and there are only two of us here that work outside the household every day. I have now had the internet for a total of 30 days and It has been totally useless. Cant' watch facebook videos, cant watch netfilx or youtube. About the only thing I can do is go online on my computer for email and that is slower than my moms dial up internet back in the 90s was. I called and asked what I needed to do to get out of this waste of money. They told me I would have to pay $380.00 to get rid of it. I don't understand how when I was told I would be getting 25MBPS and nothing was even brought up about data usage at the time I signed up that they can expect me to pay to get rid of it. As far as I am concerned the service I was told I would be provided was not ever even close to be met or satisfactory so why should I have to pay for something I did not receive? I have ran speed tests over the last 30 days and screen shot each one. I have never seen over 3MBPS and most of the time its around .35 or .25 not even 1.0MPBS. DO NOT DO IT! GARBAGE.....

5 years ago

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Catalli Julliette

Warning: Do not get viasat! They will make you sign a 2 year contract and their speeds are dialup speeds. I would use my ATT hotspot to watch movies and submit work. I paid 200+ a month for nothing and you cannot get out of their contract even though they don't provide you with decent service. The only good thing about Viasat is that it forces you to read more books due to lack of internet. I wish I was exaggerating, but I am not. Save yourself the headache and money.

1 year ago

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David May

Customer service is OK. Quality of the internet connection is pitiful. My plan is 50 mbps down, 3 mbps up. I also have CenturyLink (1.5 mbps down/0.5 mbps up). Viasat is frequently so bad that CenturyLink is faster (not fast, just faster). I only have Viasat to have a backup when CenturyLink doesn't work (my job depends on an internet connection). Once I have another choice for ISP at home, I will be cancelling Viasat for sure, and CenturyLink probably (if the new ISP is reliable).

2 years ago

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Jason Centerville, TN

I have been with Exede for years cause there is no other internet in my area. but with the world we live in we need it. So if I can STOP people for getting the worst Internet . Hughnet is in no good there is just has bad. So if you can get any thing like your cell to get your internet with it will be faster then there stuff bay a long shot I am doing it and it made this so much better and know I am happy I do hope I STOP people for getting EXEDE and HUGHNET too

4 years ago

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Not good, sell it to you for a low price don't say anything about raising it and raise it by $20 three months later for internet that doesn't even work half the time.

3 years ago

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Melanie A Williamson

I was not impressed, representative was not forthcoming or explained pricing.

2 years ago

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Jesus Melendrez Somerton, AZ

I don't like anything they are the only option for my area. Very slow service.

3 years ago

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Lloyd Douglas

Complete scam do not use them. Worst internet service of our life.

5 years ago