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LAST UPDATED: May 2nd, 2023

Ting began as a cell phone service provider in 2012. It began constructing fiber-optic internet networks in 2014. In these “Ting Towns,” Ting provides fiber internet service. There are Ting Towns in cities in Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, Idaho, and Maryland.

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The Good

  • High Speeds
  • Low Monthly Costs

High Speeds

Ting offers internet speeds as high as 1000 Mbps. These kinds of speeds are becoming standard for the industry and are very fast.

Low Monthly Costs

Ting offers several different speeds at some of the lowest prices available. These offerings include the following:

1000 Mbps — $89 per month
10 Mbps — $29 per month
5 Mbps — $19 per month

These prices do not include taxes or the $9 per month Ting internet box rental fee.

Ting also offers customizable internet plans for businesses.


The Bad

  • Additional Fees
  • Limited Availability

Additional Fees

Customers interested in Ting internet can purchase a Ting internet box for $200 or pay a $9 monthly rental fee.

There are also installation costs. These costs do not exceed $200.

Limited Availability

The fiber internet network for some cities is still under construction. Ting’s website has a timeline on its website for each of the cities where it is still constructing its network.

Because of the construction process, internet availability can vary by neighborhood.


The Bottom Line

If Ting fiber internet is available where you live, it’s an excellent choice. Ting provides great high-speed internet at even better prices. Just be sure to understand the additional fees and terms associated with Ting internet service.

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Ken H. Encinitas, CA

Worst utility provider I have ever delt with as a home owner. They damaged my property, well their unlicensed subcontractor did, expired license, no insurance. I recently found out they also hire (exploit) illegal immigrants to do their runs from the street to the house. I personally knowone such individual. This company needs to be turned into the EDD, District Attorneys Office, and the CSLB for illegal contracting.

8 months ago


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Cam Hall Richmond, VA

Ting brought gigabit to our area that previously only had up to 250mbps, and the product they sold was a dream. It changed how we used the internet, and allowed us to communicate more with video chats and voice chats (before that became the norm), and stream at higher fidelity. The only star I'd knock off was for the customer service which seemed more limited/longer wait times, but I only had to use CS a handful of times. Fantastic service.

1 year ago

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Ross Odie Denver, CO

I cannot tell you how awful Ting customer service is. Complete garbage. Choose another company. You can never speak to a person and their system is automated and has absolutely no way to interact. Sit on hold for hours and then get told to leave a voicemail. Comcast now offers gigabit internet at a competitive price everywhere ting is. And, as a former comcast customer who thought the comcast customer service was garbage, they are WAY BETTER than ting. My bank changed in October, at which time I updated the auto pay card on my account. Then, I assumed the payments were being processed as I never got a notice that there was anything wrong with the payments. I logged into my account quite a few times and verified that it showed $0 balance due after my normal pay date - which it did. Then on Tuesday, May 4th, out of the blue, I get a 'you have a $600+ balance due on your account. You can imagine that I was surprised. I logged into the account, and it showed no balance due. I checked the card and it was current. Then, I searched through the account and finally found that a balance was due under the 'account settings' area. Not in the billing area. What the heck? I proceeded to call ting and sat on hold for over an hour only to learn their customer service wasn't available after 1pm. Amazing. I sent an email to [email protected] and asked them how we could sort this out as at the current time I cannot afford to pay the entire overdue sum, as their system had not been charging my card appropriately. No response the next day. Crickets. Then all of a sudden there's a charge coming through my bank account for the full amount. Suddenly my card works fine? Or maybe their system is completely f'd up. I got an email last night saying 'thanks for paying your bill'. Yeah, then I email again and try and call with no response or acknowledgement. I am so incredibly disappointed in this company I cannot describe it in words. Heed the negative reviews and stay away. The benefits of fiber do not outweigh the awful customer service experience.

1 year ago

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Nocilis M Brighton, CO

They have the benefit of offering subpar t-mobile service. If that was not bad enough they have found a way to offer the worst customer service in the industry. Rest assured that if you would like to be treated like you and your time do not matter they will spend two to three weeks giving you the special attention you need each and every time change your phone plan.

2 years ago


Review Source

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I love the Ting electricity communicator box. It keeps me alert of any power outage, and any hazards in my home. Its a great peace of mind to have.

1 year ago

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Victoria W Owosso, MI

I have 2 charges on my card for this service, I have no idea what it is or how you got my card number, I want a refund

7 months ago

star star star star star

Danielle Donaldson

Great service, People, do what they say when they say

5 years ago