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LAST UPDATED: August 17th, 2022

Utah-based SenaWave started in 2004 as a VoIP provider. Since then, the company has evolved into an internet service provider (ISP), serving Utah businesses, HOAs and apartment complexes, and regular residential consumers. 

SenaWave offers a signature brand of high-speed microwave-based internet service. ISP availability depends on your location, and SenaWave's small service area is limited to specific communities along Utah's Wasatch Front. 

Its menu of business services has also evolved since 2004. Business customers, small and large, can get various IT and cloud-based services, including the following: 

  • DNS Hosting
  • Internet service (bandwidth up to 10Gbps or metered)
  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
  • VPN 
  • Cabling
  • Cloud services
  • Colocation
  • Custom call handling/phone tree
  • Hardware sales
  • Hosted VoIP
  • IT Consulting

SenaWave offers unique telecom and ISP services, specifically for owners, developers, and property managers of multi-unit housing complexes and HOAs. These solutions can include the following services: 

  • Fast internet service
  • Network management
  • Resident-facing tech support
  • TV service integration

Private residents, within this company's service area, can also take advantage of SenaWave's affordable VoIP and internet services. Depending on your location, you may have two networks from which to choose: SenaWave's in-house network or UTOPIA. SenaWave is an official distributor of UTOPIA Fiber, which provides high-speed fiber optic internet in 16 Utah communities

Keep reading for pros and cons of working with this Utah ISP.

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The Good

  • Microwave Internet Service
  • Residential Network Options
  • Affordable Prices
  • Serves Areas Other ISPs Don't
  • DirecTV and AT&T TV Partnerships
  • Locally Owned ISP

Microwave Internet Service

SenaWave refers to its network as "Microwave Wireless." Also known in the industry as fixed wireless or fixed broadband internet, this technology can potentially provide internet access to otherwise inaccessible customers. Fixed microwave wireless internet has a lower startup cost than most other internet companies. To reach new customers, most ISPs need to expand their physical infrastructure — digging ditches and laying more fiber optic cables, for example. SenaWave provides broadband internet access without requiring a major construction project. 

Residential Network Options

SenaWave offers several different internet service options, allowing customers to choose a plan that best fits their needs. First, customers can choose between fiber and microwave internet. These technologies are very different from each other, and each offers unique features. Generally, microwave internet is more affordable but provides slower speeds, while fiber-optic internet provides quicker speeds but is more expensive. 

Residential internet access through SenaWave's fixed wireless network is only available in select parts of the following Utah cities: 

  • Lindon
  • Orem
  • Pleasant Grove
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Lehi
  • West Valley 

Consumers can choose between four monthly payment plans, which are tiered based on the speed of your access: 

  Silver Gold Titanium Platinum
Price per Month $29.99 $49.99 $54.99 $59.99
Minimum Download Speed (Mbps) 3 10 15 20


If you are looking to go with the company's fiber-optic option, residential UTOPIA Fiber service is available to limited areas, including the cities: 

  • Orem
  • Lindon
  • Murray
  • Midvale
  • West Valley
  • Centerville
  • Layton

Affordable Prices

SenaWave residential microwave internet pricing starts at just $29.99 per month  — relatively low compared to competitors' prices. Fiber internet prices vary depending on location, so consumers interested in this service will need to contact a SenaWave representative for pricing information.

If you are looking for business and multi-unit (condo or apartment complex) solutions, pricing is not available online. Contact this ISP for pricing information. 

Serves Areas Other ISPs Don't

While its service area is relatively tiny, this fixed broadband provider brings a high-speed internet connection to specific neighborhoods dead-spot neighborhoods where big-name broadband competitors like Comcast Xfinity and Century Link aren't available.

DirecTV and AT&T TV Partnerships

Residential customers have the option to add DirecTV from this authorized retailer and home VoIP phone service. Bundling your services minimizes the number of bills you have to deal with each month and reduces the amount of companies you have to interact with.

Meanwhile, SenaWave's AT&T TV plans start at $59.99/month for the first twelve months and support simultaneous streaming on up to three advices. The plans also include 500 hours of recording time and a voice remote with Google Assistant included. 

Locally Owned ISP

When was the last time you were on hold with your internet provider? How long was the wait? 

Customers of this small, locally owned and operated ISP benefit from its small size. Customer support from a smaller company is usually faster and more personal. SenaWave technical support is offered 24/7 by phone and email.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Slow Download and Upload Speeds

Limited Service Area

This company's broadband service is only available in a few cities in Utah. Its residential coverage area is especially small, according to the Utah Residential Broadband Map. 

The same map also shows many instances where SenaWave is available in locations where the big players like CenturyLink and Comcast have coverage gaps.  

Slow Download and Upload Speeds

In the United States, the average download speed for fixed broadband are as follows:

  • Average download speed  — 96.25 Mbps
  • Average upload speed  — 32.88 Mbps

While some ISPs offer download speeds up to 1 Gbps, SenaWave's residential download speeds range from just 3 to 20 Mbps.

Businesses and UTOPIA Fiber clients have faster speeds than residential SenaWave internet users. Your download and upload rates ultimately depend on many factors, including location. 

SenaWave's cheapest residential plan, Silver ($29.99 per month), advertises a speed of 3 Mbps. Customers who rely on fast upload and download speeds may not be satisfied with the options available. According to the FCC's Broadband Speed Guide, general internet browsing and email use require a minimum download speed of just 1 Mbps. So, many residential clients will be just fine.

Additionally, the guide states that an internet speed of 3 Mbps should handle things like Skype calls, social media, and connecting your gaming console to the internet. However, many people will need to upgrade to a more expensive plan. For example, HD video streaming requires a speed of 5 to 8 Mbps. Additionally, the guide states that students and telecommuters will need download speeds of 5 to 25 Mbps. An upgraded plan would hand most, if not all, of these situations. 


The Bottom Line

SenaWave is an internet and telecom provider offering customized solutions for businesses and residents in Utah. The company offers affordable prices and customizable packages, but its speeds are somewhat slow. 

SenaWave may be a good option for price-driven consumers and those who live in neighborhoods where the area's predominant ISPs do not offer service. This ISP also provides unique and valuable bundled solutions to area businesses, with a distinctive tailored offering for apartment complexes and HOA decision-makers. 

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David Berg Phoenix, AZ

SenaWave wired our building of 18 condos with Cat 6 to several spots within each condo. They placed a Ruckus wireless unit in each condo. Each Ruckus has a owner 2.4ghz, 5.1ghz and 5.2ghz signal. The same settings are available for each guest but on different channels. The coverage is outstanding per unit. Using a wifi analyzer, it was clear that there is no cross talk between condo units or between owner and guest channels. The signals are strong enough to even penatrate all the walls in a condo. The system has worked flawlessly for the last 2 years now. The customer service is great. All billing issues have been handled quickly and efficiently. Any technical issues by a guest have been quickly resolved. There have even been pluses, like adding in phone service from SenaWave. I personally hard wired my all-in-one entertainment system with a cat 6 from the Ruckus unit and can stream any program effortlessly. A very nice touch. As President of the HOA, these comments are right on because I have not received negative comments or problems from other owners. Thank you SenaWave.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Preston Checketts Brigham City, UT

We have had very poor service with current providers and so we made contact with SenaWave. To quickly sum their service and business model is to simply say they under-promise and way over- perform. I am amazed at the speeds and reliability I am receiving. Anywhere from 20 to 30 times faster than my previous service. Give them a call and you will be well served.

6 years ago