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LAST UPDATED: October 14th, 2021

Over one million internet users have chosen EarthLink as their internet service provider.

EarthLink internet has a fiber optic network that spans the nation with more than 28,000 miles of fiber internet routes. It offers internet access to residential customers as well as both small and large businesses.

Over the last two decades, EarthLink has constantly grown and improved its services. EarthLink was acquired by Windstream in 2016.

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The Good

  • Variety of Network Types
  • Plan Options and Pricing
  • Additional Benefits

Variety of Network Types

Every EarthLink internet plan takes advantage of a wide range of connection types. They offer customers satellite internet, cable, dial-up, fiber optic technology, and DSL service options by working with other providers. All of these options have their advantages and disadvantages, and your choice will depend on circumstance.

The good news is the internet provider may offer more than one option for your area. If you're looking for cutting-edge, high-speed service, ask about fiber. If you're in a rural area where you can't seem to find much more than dial-up service, check out satellite internet options. Looking for something that compromises speed and price? Go for EarthLink's broadband services.

Plan Options and Pricing

EarthLink has many options for customers. Though EathLink's reach is fairly limited, its partnered providers can get you service through EarthLink Connections:

  • Hyperlink Internet — $49.95 per month, download speed up to 1 Gbps
  • Satellite Internet — starting at $49.99 per month, plans through third-party providers Viasat and HughesNet, up to 100 Mbps
  • DSL Internet — $14.95 for the first three months, up to 15 Mbps
  • Dial-up Internet — $9.95 for the first three months

The download speeds listed here are the maximum possible. The actual speeds may vary based on location, time of day, and devices and systems used. Prices can also vary based on your location.

The Hyperlink Internet plan uses fiber-optic technology and has no data caps. The starting monthly cost of this plan is $39.95. There are also additional fees:

  • Installation fee — $69.95
  • Modem fee — $74.95, or $6.95 per month

The Hyperlink Internet plan has a twelve-month contract and an early termination fee of up to $200.

The DSL Internet plan begins with a monthly price of $14.95 for the first three months of the twelve-month contract. EarthLink does not charge an activation fee for DSL service. However, customers are required to use an approved modem that can be purchased for $74.95 or $6.95 per month. An early termination fee of up to $90 will apply if customers end their contract early.

Customers who choose the Dial up Internet plan have unlimited dial-up access across the United States. Customers must pre-pay for this plan. New subscribers can pre-pay $9.95 per month for the first three months. After that, the annual pre-pay is $174 or $24.95 per month.

It's unlikely that you'll choose dial-up, because it is one of the oldest and slowest services available, but this may be your best option if you have no other choice for connection.

Additional Features

EarthLink ISP subscribers have access to several benefits as part of their high speed internet service plan.

  • EarthLink Email
  • MyEarthLink Portal
  • EarthLink Support
  • My Account

Users can set-up an email account with EarthLink that also comes with a mobile app for convenient use. It also includes virus and spam protection and the ability to use anonymous email addresses.

With the MyEarthLink Portal, users can customize their internet browser homepage to stay up-to-date on the news, sports, social media networks, etc.

EarthLink Support provides tech support to customers. EarthLink Support representatives are available via chat or phone.

Every EarthLink User has an account with EarthLink that allows them to manage their internet billing online.

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The Bad

  • Speed Variability
  • Plan Transparency
  • Limited High-Speed Range

Speed Variability

While the customers of EarthLink will be able to choose from a wide variety of different technologies, these options may not be capable of high speed. Every specific location has different speeds based on varying factors, the customer will have to check with customer service agents to get exact speeds for their area.

Upload speed varies by area as well, but are generally a great deal slower than the download speeds. This is fairly standard for the industry. Interested customers should check with EarthLink to see if what plans and what speeds are available in their area.

EarthLink's top speed 75 Mbps is fairly competitive for the industry, though there are other internest service providers with download speeds greater than 100 Mbps.

Plan Transparency

Unless you contact EarthLink directly, it can be difficult to determine whether your location has access to certain plan and what price the plan will be. EarthLink could make information about its plans more easily accessible on its website.

Limited High-Speed Range

EarthLink can help customers in all 50 states because of its EarthLink Connections program with Viasat and HughesNet. The two satellite providers can get almost anyone internet access. 

Additionally, EarthLink is one of the largest DSL providers in the United States. You might have luck finding an EarthLink DSL plan in your area.

But EarthLink's fiber optic internet offerings are much more limited to a select few regions. Fiber internet is one of the fastest and most reliable connection types, so if you have the option to choose fiber, it's worth going for. It's unfortunate that EarthLink doesn't have a more widespread fiber network.


The Bottom Line

EarthLink is one of the most diverse internet service providers in the industry. They offer their customers a variety of connection options. These technologies include dial-up, satellite, DSL, cable, and fiber. All of these are the reason that EarthLink can have such a large service area and provide coverage for the whole country.

EarthLink's internet speeds overall fall on the slower end. Even though these speeds are generally faster than dial-up internet service, they are very low compared to some of the other high-speed internet service providers available. Customers interested in high-speed internet may be better served by investigating other options.

EarthLink's internet services are a reasonable price and have added bonus features such as 24/7 tech support. Be sure to investigate the availability in your area and the contract terms and conditions. Read our verified Earthlink Internet reviews to see if this ISP is right for you.

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XOXO Dayren Chino Hills, CA

Thank God I speak Hindi. Haven't had any issues with my service or with payments. Everyone complains about the customer service not being from America and not being able to understand them or get help, but if you'd just take the time to learn how to talk to these people your life will be 10000% easier. Unfortunately for these big companies the customer service is outsourced so you will be dealing with people from India alot. Just sayin.

1 year ago

star star star star star

The Web Hunter Aurora, CO

I always seem to get the assistance I need when I call for help. The folks working the phones have to date always taken care of me. (I would complain here just as much, if not more if they did a poor job.) So I have to be fair. Thanks I have been here for a few years. The Webhunter

2 years ago

star star star star star

Eunice A. Ghent Tustin, MI

We connected with them through DISH. Their service is excellent but at first they tod us we had a 2 yr. contract. Through DISH we had finished our contract so the contract was waived.

2 years ago

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