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LAST UPDATED: September 27th, 2023

More than one million internet users have chosen EarthLink as their internet service provider. EarthLink offers internet and mobile service to residential customers and businesses across the contiguous United States.

Over the last two decades, EarthLink has consistently grown and improved its services. The company was purchased by Trive Capital in 2019. 


The Good

  • Variety of Network Types
  • Plan Options and Pricing
  • Additional Benefits

Variety of Network Types

EarthLink offers customers fiber internet and wireless home internet. These two options have their advantages and disadvantages, and your best option will depend on availability. The good news is the internet provider may offer more than one option for your area. If you're looking for cutting-edge, high-speed service, ask about fiber. If you're in a rural area where you can't seem to find much more than dial-up service, check out wireless home internet. Looking for something that is a compromise between speed and price? Consider EarthLink's broadband services.

Plan Options and Pricing

EarthLink Internet Experts work with customers to determine the right plan at the right price to create the right connection for customers.

  • Fiber Internet — starting at $59.95 per month, speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • Wireless Home Internet – starting at $59.95 per month, data up to 150 GB per month

The actual speeds may vary based on location, the number of connected devices, and systems used. Prices can also vary based on your location.

The Fiber Internet plan uses fiber-optic technology and has no data caps or credit checks. The starting monthly cost of this plan is $59.95. There are also additional fees:

  • Installation fee — $79.95
  • Modem fee — $12.95 per month

The Fiber Internet plan has a twelve-month contract and an early termination fee of up to $200.

The EarthLink Wireless Home Internet plan uses the same towers as your cell phone and has no annual fee. The starting monthly cost is $59.95.

  • One time setup fee — $79.95
  • Modem fee — $14.95 per month 

Additional Features

EarthLink ISP subscribers have access to several benefits as part of their high-speed internet service plan.

  • MyEarthLink Portal
  • My Account
  • Free Premium Email for Fiber Internet Customers
  • EarthLink Support 

With the MyEarthLink Portal, users can customize their internet browser homepage to stay up to date on the news, sports, social media networks, etc.

Every EarthLink user has access to their account to allow them to manage their internet billing online.

Fiber Internet customers can set up a premium email account with EarthLink which also comes with a mobile app for convenient use. It also includes virus and spam protection and the ability to use personalized email addresses.

Wireless Home Internet customers also have access to an account management portal and a mobile app for their phone.

EarthLink Support provides tech support to customers, as well as assistance with their account. EarthLink’s customer service team is available via chat or phone.


The Bad

  • Speed Variability
  • Plan Transparency
  • Limited High-Speed Range

Speed Variability

While the customers of EarthLink will be able to choose from a wide variety of different technologies, these options may not be capable of high speed. Every specific location has different speeds based on varying factors, the customer will have to check with customer service agents to get exact speeds for their area.

Upload speed varies by area as well. They are generally slower than the download speeds, but this is fairly standard for the industry. Interested customers should check with EarthLink to see what plans and what speeds are available in their area.

EarthLink's top speed of 1 Gig is fairly competitive for the industry, though there are other internet service providers with download speeds greater than 1000 Mbps.

Plan Transparency

Unless you contact EarthLink directly, it can be difficult to determine whether your location has access to certain plan and what price the plan will be. EarthLink could make information about its plans more easily accessible on its website.

Limited High-Speed Range

EarthLink can help customers in all 50 states because of its EarthLink Connections program with Viasat and HughesNet. The two satellite providers can get almost anyone internet access. 

Additionally, EarthLink is one of the largest DSL providers in the United States. You might have luck finding an EarthLink DSL plan in your area.

But EarthLink's fiber optic internet offerings are much more limited to a select few regions. Fiber internet is one of the fastest and most reliable connection types, so if you have the option to choose fiber, it's worth going for. It's unfortunate that EarthLink doesn't have a more widespread fiber network.


The Bottom Line

EarthLink is one of the most far-reaching internet service providers in the industry. The company is known for offering its customers friendly support and helping them to find the right speed at the right price. These technologies focus on fiber and wireless home internet. This is the reason that EarthLink can have such a large service area and provide coverage for most of the country.

Just keep in mind that EarthLink's internet speeds can vary by location, the number of connected devices, and systems used. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for then it might be time to start investigating other options.

EarthLink's internet services are at a reasonable price and have added bonus features such as free email addresses and extended hours for customer support via phone or chat. Be sure to investigate the availability in your area and the contract terms and conditions. Read our verified Earthlink reviews to see if this ISP is right for you.

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Message from

EarthLink Internet

EarthLink is a top U.S. internet service provider delivering wired and wireless access to more homes and small businesses than any other ISP. We offer the right technology at the right price to create the right connection for customers.

We helped build the on-ramp to the information superhighway back in 1994, but a lot has changed since then. One thing that hasn’t? Our commitment to bringing the best possible internet service to our customers. Whether you need a basic plan to stay connected, or you’re looking for speeds up to 1 Gig with tools to keep your data and your family safer, we’ve got you covered.

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Camille Saint Augustine, FL

I was researching internet companies and contacted Earthlink as my first option. However, when I called I literally waited almost 5 minutes before I hung up because no one answered the phone. Therefore, I will find another provider.

4 years ago

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Easyrizer Lodi, CA

Transferred 7 times, got to where I wanted on the 7th. And the Hyperlink Modem is no longer purchasable. Monthly lease fee forever on the modem.

3 years ago

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Lance Flores Seattle, WA

In greater Dallas area Earthlink uses the T-Mobile backbone. After 30 day the connection speed begins to decline and pronounced throttling occurs causing continual gaps in connection. All forms of voice and video applications become unusable; especially Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and Messenger. If you purchase 50 mb/s you will end up throttled down to about 15 mb/s. My last average test topped out at 14.8 Mb/s download and 4.13 Mb/s upload. There is little you can do because it is T-Mobile that does the throttling. The help technicians almost all know what is happening on the T-Mobile backbone. One thing you must do is turn on your secure VPN if you have that ability, stop using their rented modem get a programmable one that will deny ISP need to see your IP address. There are a couple more things you can do before you find an honest carrier (most difficult of all tasks).

2 years ago

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Carlos Simi Valley, CA

I am a new Earthlink customer and would like to quit doing business with them. I just signed a contract with them because Dish" transfer me to them as their Internet Partner. Shame on Dish" any way The company is taking their monthly billing from my credit card with out my approval. I called to ask them to stop and and the operator responded that is the way they do billing, I told them that I am use to paying online banking and she mention is nothing she can do. This is an American company with very Irresponsible management That lets other country run their business to make more money no matter what Service they perform Ed

2 years ago

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Karla Anaheim, CA

I called EARTHLINK to inform them that we moved, and needed to change our service address. I was told that they did service the area we moved to, and to expect an email in a couple days with a timeline for the new installation. (EARTHLINK also charges $79 to move a service). I had to call them again, because I never received "the email" after waiting 3 business days. This time, a Customer Representative informed me that that they did not service the area we moved. I asked them to cancel our service, and because we were still under contract, there was a $175 cancellation fee. Seriously???? You don't service our area and we still have to pay a cancellation fee??? FYI, EARTHLINK is a Service Provider for AT&T. They don't provide the internet, which we discovered when the installation technician arrived wearing an AT&T uniform. Case and point? Don't get "tricked" into thinking EARTHLINK is some kind of a new ISP. Go directly to AT&T

2 years ago

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Michael Surber Memphis, TN

The internet is good but that's because mine runs through CenturyLink but EarthLink has horrible customer support I can't get them to get my internet fixed even though my bill is paid. The customer service guy I talked to was rude and kept interrupting me so I had to get loud with him. I do not recommend going through them especially because they have a contract and if you cancel early you have to pay a $200 fee. They are not worth it don't go through them!!!

1 year ago

EarthLink Internet Logo

Reply from EarthLink Internet

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, and we’re truly sorry for your encounter. We’ve passed your comments along to our team so we can focus on improving these areas of our customer service experience. Thanks again for leaving a review.

Feb. 9th, 2022

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Bob Gilbert Atlanta, GA

I guess I am just in a bad area and did not understand correctly. Costumer service seamed great but my connection stink and the speed is surpassed by dial up. I hope I cam get out of contract just no good for me. Will be higher rating if I can get out of contract.

1 year ago

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HB Indianapolis, IN

I've been waiting 30 minutes on the phone. Still no live person answers, only elevator music. Bad service.

9 months ago

EarthLink Internet Logo

Reply from EarthLink Internet

Hello, my name is Nelson with the Executive Relations Team here at EarthLink. I'm very sorry to hear you had to wait for so long on hold, on the date you had reached out  many of our customers were experiencing issues related to their emails and so we had a large influx of calls coming in. I am very sorry this has impacted you so greatly, we never want to keep anyone waiting for assistance.

Dec. 12th, 2022