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LAST UPDATED: March 3rd, 2023

AlignerCo is a fast-growing, home aligner company based in New York. The company uses DIY impression kits to access potential customers’ eligibility for clear aligner treatment. 

A team of orthodontists reviews each impression kit to create a customized treatment plan. The length of treatment ranges from four to eight months. You can save thousands of dollars by straightening your teeth with AlignerCo compared to orthodontic treatment with traditional metal braces.

Keep reading our AlignerCo review to learn more about the pros and cons of choosing AlignerCo for teeth straightening or Go Directly to AlignerCo Customer Reviews.


The Good

  • Affordable Impression Kit
  • Video Call Available
  • Three Payment Options
  • Affordable Products and Add-Ons
  • 100% Smile Guarantee
  • Accepts HSA and FSA
  • Refer-a-Friend Promotion and Other Discounts
  • Positive Customer Reviews

Affordable Impression Kit

AlignerCo has a cheaper impression kit than most of the leading invisible braces brands (that charge close to $100). AlignerCo's impression kit is priced at $49.99, making it one of the most affordable kits on the market. Purchasing and completing the impression kit is the first step of the treatment process.

Video Call Available

AlignerCo allows customers to schedule a video call with one of its smile specialists for free if additional guidance is needed when completing the teeth impressions. The company has a form on its website where you can request the video call — a unique offering that not many other invisible braces companies provide.

Though this option isn't quite the same as meeting with an orthodontist to fit braces, the company still seeks to provide great customer service for a product that is completed at home. It's essential that each retainer fit well, so it's nice that the company can provide help with the initial dental impression kit and help each patient have the best experience possible.

Three Payment Options

AlignerCo has three payment options you can choose from:

  • Smile Advantage plan (one-time payment)
  • SmileFlex plan (12-month payment plan)  
  • SmileFlex Easy plan (6-month payment plan)

The first payment plan is AlignerCo's Smile Advantage plan, which is a one-time, upfront payment of $1,145. This plan requires no down payment and will be a one-time payment you never have to make again. 

For the other two plans, AlignerCo offers two different installment options: 

The Smile Flex plan requires 12 monthly payments starting at $81 with no down payment.

The Smile Flex Easy plan schedules six monthly payments of $175 with a $275 down payment (totaling $1,320, and all major payment forms are accepted).

Affordable Products and Add-Ons

Typically, invisible braces providers will offer multiple payment options, one being a monthly installment plan and the other being a one-time upfront payment. AlignerCo's one-time upfront payment is cheaper than many of its competitors. Below is a list of the current AlignerCo products and add-ons: 

SmileAdvantage ($1,145 for one-time payment) 

SmileAdvantage is the most popular plan at AlignerCo. This treatment plan requires that you wear your AlignerCo aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day. Treatment plans last four to six months depending on the initial placement of your teeth. 

Customers can pay for SmileAdvantage with a one-time payment of $1,145. The company also offers alternative financing options with an 6-month or 12-month payment plan. The 6-month payment plan requires a $275 down payment. You’ll end up paying about $200 more if you choose a financing option, but this might be worth it for individuals who want to spread out the cost. 

AlignerCo is one of the few invisible teeth-aligner companies to offer treatment plans for teens. Teens receive the same treatment plan as adults. Individuals must be 13 years or older to qualify for treatment. 

NightAdvantage ($1,345 for one-time payment) 

NightAdvantage is an alternative treatment option for customers who only want to wear AlignerCo aligners at night. This treatment plan requires that you wear your night aligners for 8 to 10 hours per day. Since you won’t be wearing your aligners all day, your treatment length may be closer to six to eight months. 

The NightAdvantage is a great option for individuals who don’t want to worry about keeping aligners clean after every meal and replacing aligners throughout the day. 

Nighttime aligners are a little more expensive than daytime aligners. The one-time payment costs $1,345. However, the financing options for NightAdvantage end up costing around the same amount as the SmileAdvantge plan.

Worryfree Protection ($599)

The Worryfree Protection plan includes six years of retainers. You’ll receive a new set of retainers every six months for six years. You can also ask for a new set of retainers if you lose your current set. This can help you save on the cost of post-treatment retainers. 

Teeth Whitening Kit ($49.99) 

AlignerCo sells its own teeth whitening kit that is often provided for free with the purchase of an aligner kit. The teeth whitening kit should be used for 20 to 25 minutes per day for the best results. The kit includes three whitening gel dispensers, an LED light, and a mouth tray. 

Note: The teeth whitening kit should not be used during pregnancy. 

Retainers ($199) 

AlignerCo retainers can be purchased online for $199 per set. AlignerCo has one of the more expensive retainer prices. However, you can save money by ordering 10 sets of retainers in 1 order. Just add 9 sets of retainers for $49 each along with the initial set. Retainers should last up to 12 months with proper maintenance. 

100% Smile Guarantee

Not everyone is eligible for a straighter smile with clear braces. For certain bite issues or severe teeth misalignment, traditional braces through a dentist or orthodontist are often necessary. If you purchase an impression kit from AlignerCo and are not a good candidate for its invisible braces, the company will refund 100 percent of your money.

On the other hand, if you go through the clear aligner treatment following all guidelines and aren't happy with the results, the AlignerCo team will reevaluate your smile results. If your reevaluation is approved, AlignerCo may give you additional aligners to make any necessary corrections. If you don't qualify for additional invisible aligners but would still like straighter teeth for any reason, you may request a refinement for $200.

Accepts HSA and FSA

AlignerCo allows customers to pay for treatment with their Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account. If you don't currently have the physical card for either of these accounts, AlignerCo will give you a receipt for reimbursement. You can also use two payment methods if you don't have enough money solely in your FSA or HSA account to pay for aligner treatment.

Refer-a-Friend Promotion and Other Discounts

IAlignerCo offers a referral program for those who would like to earn money by referring family and friends. If your referral purchases an AlignerCo plan, you will receive $100 in cash and your friend will get $100 off the Smile Advantage plan. A customer will have their own invitation link to send to a friend, and when that friend buys directly from that link, they will receive the discount.

AlignerCo offers a military discount for active and retired veterans. Military personnel can get an additional $50 off any current promotion. Individuals must email the AlignerCo support team to receive these discounts. Teens can also get a $50 discount in addition to any other ongoing promotion. 

The company has routine promotions that help you save on invisible aligners. You can find online coupons on the website under “Coupons & Discounts.” Some of these promotions can help you save hundreds on aligner treatment. Treatment plans also come with an AlignerCo coupon code for free teeth whitening. 

Positive Customer Reviews

AlignerCo averages 4+ stars with over 30 reviews on Best Company. Within the small sample of reviews, customers expressed satisfaction with the pricing, customer service, aligner fit, overall treatment process, and end results. Customers should also note the themes in the negative reviews, which include issues with delivery, instructions, and aligner comfort. 

Below is a positive review highlighting an AlignerCo customer experience: 

Review Icon

Customer Review: Noelle from San Antonio, Texas

“This has been a good experience for me . I’m seeing my teeth straighten before my eyes . I have a couple months left and I’m quite excited to see the final results . Most affordable that I could find.” 


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The Bad

  • Lengthy Treatment Time

Lengthy Treatment Time

AlignerCo has a lengthier treatment time than most of its competitors. One of the top invisible braces providers, byte, has an average treatment time of 4 to 5 months, while the average AlignerCo treatment time ranges from 6 to 11 months. Though this time is longer than some other competitors, it's still a shorter average treatment time than traditional braces.

Customers can also choose the NightOnly Clear Aligners plan and wear aligners for 8 to 10 hours per day. This method increases the treatment time to 8 to 12 months.


The Bottom Line

AlignerCo is a competitive provider on the market with an affordable overall upfront cost, a no down payment option, and a 100 percent smile guarantee. However, the company does have a higher monthly fee and a lengthier treatment time than most leading invisible braces providers.

If you don't mind a higher monthly fee in exchange for a cheaper overall cost, AlignerCo may be a reasonable option for you. There is also an option to pay the full price up front, which costs less than the monthly payment. Customers can refer a friend to receive $100 in cash as well. The company accepts HSA and FSA and will give refunds if a customer doesn't qualify for treatment. 

Many AlignerCo reviews are positive and cite the overall low cost and good customer support, including that the impression kit is also the least expensive among most clear aligner companies.

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edy vuke ryan Tucson, AZ

Purchased nighttime aligners on 10/14/2022. Communication with company was incredibly difficult throughout the process. I have asked to speak to someone and have only been given the options to email with customer service. The language, descriptions, and, in general, email communications errors were constant prolonging each stage of the process. I asked at this stage if I could get a refund because of the complete loss in confidence of this company and was told a flat no, even though no product had begun to be fabricated or even scheduled for fabrication. The impressions I mailed into the company were received on 12/13/2022 after poor instructions and therefore a 6 week loss of the impressions. I was told in an email that they had arrived and a "smile projection will be with [me] in about 2 weeks" which I did receive on 12/23/2022 and then approve on 1/8/2023. I was told that the aligners would be mailed in three weeks via email on 1/9/2023. On 2/9/23, 4.5 weeks later, I had to inquire if I missed an email notifying me of shipment. I was emailed on 2/10/2023 that the aligners are under fabrication and they will "expedite" the process. On 2/26/2023, Iemailed again inquiring about the aligners arrival, no response to that email. I received my aligners on 2/28/2023 at my place of business which was never given to Alignerco but was in my signature line on emails (example of the poor customer service communication. Upon arrival, the lower aligners have an obvious defect in the fabrication that creates an over-hang of the plastic which rubbed and caused a sore on my tongue. I shared why I felt they were ill fitting and now they are asking that I pay for the shipping for a new set of impressions. I had to repeatedly explain this to the customer serviceperson; it felt like they were just replying with pre-formatted replies and sometimes that they were asking information that was on the email they were replying to. The original timeline AlignerCo estimates on their website is 5 weeks from the date they receive the impressions. I did take longer to approve the impressions because of the holidays and vacation, but it still took 8 weeks from that date. Their communication and instructions are terrible.

2 weeks ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Jordan Stern Denver, CO

This company has been a mess since the start. Took about two months to get my first set of aligners. My teeth were fairly straight as I had Invisalign years ago. I have one front tooth that was the only reason I went with this company to get it fixed. After 13 trays, that tooth is still not straight. How is it possible to go through this many trays and yet they don’t move the one tooth that was the issue?? After I reached out to them about how my teeth were still messed up, Ele offered a refinement treatment and requested another $200. So what did my $900 up front do? Nothing. I refuse to pay extra money when this problem should of been taken care of in the $900 that I already spent. They emailed me trying to say that in my contract that I signed, I knew that I could be charged more if at the end of treatment I wasn’t satisfied. Yet looking through my contract I signed back in February, it never states anything about refinement treatments. Of course through this whole process, the emailing back and forth takes FOREVER. They won’t respond for days. Even when they were sending my tracking information, I would get the package and then later that day they would send me the tracking information. Like geez thanks for telling me that I already got the package. I’ve had to email multiple times checking in on the status of my aligners because nothing is communicated to you. If I were you, I would spend my money at a better reputable company where you actually get good care, not spun in circles, and can actually get your teeth fixed by the end. This process with them has been absolutely miserable.

6 months ago

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Bruce Los Angeles, CA

Alignerco review. June 2022. Bad news. Alignerco braces created a new dental problem for me, rather than solve my old dental problem. I had some crowding of my lower teeth. I followed the “daytime braces process” with new braces every two weeks and progress photos to Alignerco. At the end of eight months, Alignerco moved my teeth and created an “open bite.”. This was a new problem. I reached out to Customer Service for a continuation of braces to correct the “open bite” issue. However it appears that Alignerco cannot help me. As their process cannot solve this new dental issue, that they created. I would not recommend Alignerco to anyone.

7 months ago

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kale pasch Haddonfield, NJ

SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!! DO NOT BUY!!! I am honestly not even sure if this company exists, they took my money, sent the incorrect size for the impression kit, tried to charge me to send me the correct size for the impression kit, told me that I would need to REMOVE PERMANENT BOTTOM BRACES in order to do the treatment after reviewing my impressions, and then REFUSED TO PROVIDE A REFUND after I told them I cannot remove a PERMANENT BRACES. TOTAL SCAM!! BEWARE! Images of their emails posted below.

11 months ago

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Melissa Santiago Mesa, AZ

I can't even remember how I found AlignerCo, because it's been so long since I have been dealing with them. I contacted them because I wanted to get my husband aligners for his birthday. He had been self conscious about his gap, so I thought he'd like this as a gift. I made the purchase in Feb 2020. What they do NOT tell you, is yes, they are based in NY, but EVERYTHING is produced overseas (which is why the cost is so low). I think NY address is just a warehousing hub, because the person I am dealing with now is in Canada, and the other person was who knows where. The downside of the cost being so low, is that they take eons to answer emails, then take weeks and weeks (this is not even an exaggeration) to get literally ANYTHING to you. As previously mentioned, I started this process over a year ago. My husbands process should have been about 8 months (7 for the upper). Paying for the aligners wasn't a problem, neither was setting up an account or watching the money disappear from my bank account. When I hadn't heard anything in a few days, I called. The same person that was assigned to me, answered the phone. She said she would check the status and call me back. She did not. Instead, she emailed me 2 days later. I get the impression kit in the mail and we follow the directions. We send photos of the impressions and they're not approved. We do this 2 more times. Only AFTER we wait well over a month (we are now in May, I purchased end of February) to meet with a dentist, we realized the clay goes over the top of the impression tray, not up to the edge as the images depict. Up next is one set of fabricated aligners. The back tooth is included, and it hurts my husbands mouth. They say they will omit the last tooth on the alignment because it's his molar and it will not shift anyway. They send the first 5 of 16 trays and say they want us to test those before they produce the others to ensure they fit properly and are comfortable. These 5 did not inclide the last tooth as requested. After my husband finishes step 2, they say they will produce the rest. They arrive just over a week later than they were supposed to, so my husband had to wear step 5 for 3.5 weeks. Steps 6-16 for the top, and 6-18 for the bottom had the last tooth molded onto the aligners. Of course, I emailed them back and tell them they were not like this for steps 1-5, and we need them removed. Ele tells us to keep one set, try to use a nail file to reduce the length, and she will send us a FedEx label to return the rest to get fixed. Weeks and weeks pass and I am getting excuse after excuse about the aligners. I do not understand what on earth is taking so long, the aligners were already fabricated- they just needed to be trimmed. A manager finally responds and says he will take care of it, and will refund me $100 for the troubles (which now they're offering $200 off so that did nothing in hindsight). He goes radio silent for a week and finally tells me when the adjusted aligners will ship. They shipped 2 days after that, but whatever. I now have someone named Alice because I didn't want to deal with Ele anymore. Instead of responding to emails of status, she would just ignore me because she "didn't have any answers to give me." Steps 6-16 go fine. Steps 17 & 18 are for the lowers, so my husband has to wear the retainers for the uppers. Now the uppers don't fit! The back of the retainer is hanging down and does not snug my husbands teeth. They're also too tall on one side and jamming into his gums, and then only covering 3/4 of his teeth on the other side. So I emailed Alice (over a month ago now) and give her updated photos and explain about the retainer. She tells me that she will order a new retainer, and to continue to wear step 16 instead of the retainer for the upper. Last week I sent photos of the final step (step 18), and ask where the retainers are. She tells me they are in the final stages of production, and should arrive shortly. A week passes and Alice emails me to tell me that they need new impressions to create a new retainer... What! Why was I not told this a month ago?? How can something be in final stages of production before you sit there and ask me for something like this? This should have been asked for from the beginning. She gives me some cockamamie excuse and tells me the clay will be sent out in 2-3 days. On the third day (today) when the clay should have already shipped, she emails me to tell me she will rush production (3 WEEKS!!!!!!) once the molds are received. But this is NOT a 3 week process. We have to add in the time it takes until they ship the clay which they hadn't done yet, (and they wanted to waste even more time to do a video session), then wait for the impressions to be returned, THEN they send it overseas, and THEN the 3 week process will start! Get out of here!!! For $200 I can get retainers done locally and these people can go kick rocks. I'm SO over them!

1 year ago

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Shannon Garden Grove, CA

Horrible Company and a Waste of $1100. I had a minor adjustment needed to my front right tooth and their Aligners did not move my tooth as promised. When I called to ask them to send more Aligners they said I would have to pay an additional $200. Their Aligners were not intended to fix my tooth. The Aligners were not tight and my final retainers fit my teeth as is without my front tooth adjusted. Super sketch. It was intended to push the treatment as long as possible and require more payments to get the job done. I couldn’t imagine someone with extensive work needed if they couldn’t handle a minor adjustment. Makes me think it’s all a plan to get more money out of me. It makes sense now why their Aligners are so much cheaper than others on the market. Not only did they not provide the desired treatment they promised but their customer service was rude, condescending and unhelpful. I asked to speak to the manager after a very rude customer service guy refused to help me and he would not put me through to a manager and just kept yelling at me. He said a manager would call me back. Needless to say I never received a call back. A couple of my friends had warned me about this company but I figured I had such a small adjustment needed and didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I would take the risk. Now I’m $1200 in the whole from the retainers as well as an additional $1000 for a new permanent retainer for my bottom teeth (since they required me to get a mold of my bottom teeth even though I said I didn’t need my bottom teeth fixed) and it broke. I WARN YOU DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THIS COMPANY!

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Matthew Hennebury Ottawa, ON

super slow, with lots of excuses and empty promises. If you want to start fixing your teeth this year.. don't bother. It's been 2 weeks since I made payment, and still haven't received the tracking information for the impression kit. I keep asking customer service, and they keep telling me the same excuse every day.

2 years ago