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LAST UPDATED: May 27th, 2023

Founded in 1968 in Chicago, Illinois, TransUnion is a global credit reporting agency that offers credit monitoring and identity theft protection services.

TransUnion's identity protection is completely free and allows customers to lock their credit report with one touch of a button.

TransUnion strives to help protect customer data via monitoring services, fraud alert messages, a credit freeze, and interactive technology.

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The Good

  • Credit Lock Service
  • Instant Alerts 
  • Identity Theft Resolution
  • Free TrueIdentity Protection 

Credit Lock Service

With TransUnion's credit lock protection services, customers can control access to their TransUnion credit reports with one swipe or click. For example, customers have the power to lock and unlock their credit reports if they wish to block or allow creditors access.

The service can be accessed from any mobile device or computer and protects personal information from identity thieves.

Instant Alerts

Whenever someone tries to apply for credit, TransUnion TrueIdentity will send out an Instant Alert to notify the customer who is having their credit checked. Whether it be the customer themselves applying for credit or someone else, a fraud alert will go out.

This Instant Alert system is designed to catch suspicious activity and fraud before any major damage occurs to the person’s credit score.

If the customer is the one responsible for applying for credit, the alert may not be as necessary, but it can still provide the customer with a peace of mind as it will let them know that TrueIdentity is constantly monitoring their credit activity.

These alerts can be useful in regard to future data breach occurrences and credit card fraud.

Identity Theft Resolution

TransUnion provides dispute resolution services and a number of educational resources and tools to help identity theft victims restore sensitive personal information to pre-theft status.

TrueIdentity offers customers an online identity theft help page to help them learn how to respond to various theft situations and prevent future cases of identity theft and identity fraud from taking place.  

Free TrueIdentity Protection

TransUnion TrueIdentity offers free identity theft protection services. It allows consumers to obtain an unlimited amount of credit report refreshes, fast alerts/notifications, and the power to lock and unlock their TransUnion credit report.

TrueIdentity offers customers around-the-clock access to their TransUnion report, sends email notifications if there are any major credit report changes, and customers can access everything online or through the TransUnion TrueIdentity free app.


The Bad

  • Government Action
  • Service Limitations

Government Action

In 2015, government action was taken against TransUnion by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. As a result of this action, TransUnion agreed to provide better transparency and credit report accuracy.

Service Limitations

Unlike many of its competitors, TransUnion does not appear to provide various services like antivirus software, financial bank account monitoring, driver's license protection services, or social security number monitoring.

Customers should consider what they are looking for when it comes to identity theft protection and monitoring before creating an account with TransUnion TrueIdentity.

Although it is a free service, customers may not be pleased with the lack of services offered in comparison to other identity theft protection services. TransUnion also does not monitor credit reports from the other credit bureaus. 


The Bottom Line

TransUnion is one of the three major credit bureaus that offer identity protection and credit monitoring services to individuals.

The company offers free identity theft protection which is a great deal considering the fact that most companies in the identity theft industry do not provide free services.

TransUnion also provides customers with credit lock services, fraud alerts designed to catch suspicious activity, and identity theft resolution services.

However, TransUnion does not seem to offer a variety of services like financial account monitoring or antivirus software.   

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Shelly Stoeckly La Crosse, WI

I think True identity is great at what they do, I had applied for a credit card and with in minutes of submitting my application I was alerted that someone was looking into my credit! I believe everyone should have this app.

6 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star_border

Shauntesy Boyce Lafayette, IN

If you have a problem they are very knowledgeable and if they can't answer your question they will make sure they get someone who does in a timely manner.

1 year ago Edited May 24, 2022


Review Source

star star star star star_border

Juanita Morrison Columbus, OH

I receive immediate notification of inquiries and activity regarding my credit. Thankfully, an attempt was blocked due to this process. I’m glad I now have this protection.

1 year ago


Review Source

star star star star star_border

Juan vega

Overall this is a so so to guard your identity since sometimes they take long time to make you aware of your situation

1 year ago