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LAST UPDATED: December 4th, 2021

SplashID Safe, which is owned by SplashData, Inc., was founded in 2000 in Los Gatos, California. SplashID Safe provides password manager and data sync solutions to over 1 million consumers, businesses, and enterprises worldwide.

Consumers can sign up with SplashID for free by entering their email address and a single master password. SplashID users can then choose to sync their records on any device and add records for safekeeping.

SplashID is available on most major devices such as ios and android devices as well as extensions like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Keep reading to learn more about SplashID Safe password manager and data sync services. 

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The Good

  • Secure Record Syncing
  • Security Features

Secure Record Syncing

SplashID helps its customers keep sensitive information secure through the creation of encrypted records, which can contain information such as web logins, credit card numbers, account numbers, and other important personal information.

SplashID users can also upload photos and documents. The information contained in these encrypted records can be synced to any mobile device with or without WiFi and is kept secure from hackers and identity thieves.

Security Features

SplashID provides security measures to ensure that user data is kept safe. The company utilizes multi-layer data security with hashing, salting, and 256-bit encryption.

Additionally, SplashID's network is secured by a hardened server with monitoring hosted on top-tier Rackspace infrastructure. The application is OWASP Top 10 verified and includes features such as local only and two-factor authentication.

With the SplashID Pro plan, users can obtain access to a security dashboard that lets them stay updated on the security of their records. Pro plan users can also obtain automatic backup services.

Users can also choose to order the company's Key Safe service which involves the securing of passwords on a USB key that can be plugged into users' desktop computers. Once plugged in, consumers can access their data without having to use the Cloud. This on-the-go data security tool is not offered by most companies in the industry. 


The Bad

  • Additional Fees
  • Customer Service Complaints
  • No Identity Monitoring Services

Additional Fees

SplashID customers may incur additional charges for internet access, data transmission, and roaming.

Customer Service Complaints

SplashID has not listed a customer support telephone number on its corporate website. The only way that customers can reach out to the company is through an online form, and several customers have reported experiencing slow response times or not receiving a response at all.

It's important to note that the majority of the companies in the industry offer fast and helpful customer support services. 

No Identity Monitoring Services

Unlike other companies within the identity theft protection industry, SplashID does not provide any identity monitoring services. It appears that SplashID only provides password security services. 


The Bottom Line

SplashID Safe provides secure record syncing defended by several security measures. However, customers may be subject to additional fees associated with account use. Additionally, SplashID has received a number of customer service complaints. 

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mgnyc Flushing, NY

SplashID is actually ok when it works. It syncs across devices (stay away form the cloud version for sure). But it often doesn't work and there is the problem. You will lose all your data (files are gibberish, files are gone) and there is only email support. They don't even bother to read your email. I have gotten essentially the same response to every problem I have had - it is a script and all further communication is a waste of time. So don't waste time entering your data because you will lose it and then need blood pressure medication when you have a frustrating, useless 2-week interaction with "support". Also the program is not free, so it is also a waste of money. When it does work, it is a little bit of a pain because the catagories don't have particularly useful features (bank accounts in the 21 century have a user name and password, a telephone pin, a routing number) - all of these can be added but you have to custom add it.

9 years ago

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Rick Oberhofer Geneseo, NY

I generally like this app...I find it easy to use. I will agree with others about customer service issues. Fortunately, in the 8 or 9 years I've been using the software, it works great. I am a lifetime licensee with cloud syncing, and that works flawlessly for me. I don't mind the customization options of entering info in the user-defined fields. Not that big an issue. I do note now, though, that the categorizations fields are not working. I have been adding records under 'web logins', 'bank account' for years. But 2-3 weeks ago, those stopped showing and now the categorizations offered are useless. Trying to get a response from tech support to find out if/when this will be fixed. I tried LastPass, and while it has some good features, it doesn't work that well on my MacBook, so I'll probably ditch that one. Like I said before, I genuinely like this app very much.

5 years ago

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Forge Hamu Toronto, ON

I purchased a SplashID Pro version on November 30 and received a gift code to activate it. It of course failed and have been trying to get a response from their advertised 24 hour response technicians. It's been 5 days so far and nothing by way of assistance. Cannot even phone someone as they do not advertise a number nor do they have a chat area. I have been a customer for over 15 years and have recommended this product to many colleagues and friends. THIS STOPS NOW. Service is the most important part of any software or product and when you pay for the product and get nothing, it doesn't matter how good the product is, you are just buying time. The day you face a problem, you will have to deal with their tech area.

1 year ago

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Chuck Chester, VA

Support ... What support ... I bought a Lifetime/permanent license. There was no mention of a SYNC process limitation. I have been using the Local Sync for years then the company upgrades its product to require a yearly renewal license. iTunes automatically upgraded my iPhone to version 8. This caused a failure during the Sync process which locked me out of the Windows SplashID version 7. I am then forced to upgrade the Windows SplashID to version 8 . The install process causes a logon failure due to an install bug which set the “key17=” entry in “Preferences” incorrectly. I have to hunt around and correct what the latest install process broke. Contacting support (overseas) I get Emails which state "let me try and clarify you" You have purchased SplashID NO sync method license on Sep 12, 2013. You are using SplashID in a iOS device and also in your Windows 8 computer. You have selected sync method as Local WiFi instead of No sync during installation in iOS and Windows 8. I understand you did select sync method as Local WiFi as you wanted to sync both iOS and Windows 8 SplashID. In such a case you will need to purchase the license for your Local WiFi sync method. Then SpashData charges me for another “Lifetime license “ AGAIN This companies ethics are reprehensible …

8 years ago

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Terrible customer service. Continuous problems with open on Apple devices. Freezing, security certificate issues, problems with syncing, slow on PC desktop, more trouble than it's worth. I can't believe these are all issues associated with my equipment.

6 years ago

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Mike Villines Henderson, KY

Terrible, l paid for the life time license and after a couple of years they state that I will now have to pay a monthly fee to have full functions. I switched to another program and will never return to splashID.

5 years ago