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Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Arizona, Norton LifeLock offers identity theft protection services that include public records monitoring, financial account monitoring, and credit monitoring.

Norton LifeLock is a modern identity theft protection company that services millions of members and provides identity theft protection to individuals, families, and businesses.

According to Norton LifeLock's website, "data breach criminals" often have the abilities to commit identity theft long after a breach occurs. Norton LifeLock will send fraud alerts to customers of any potentially suspicious activity and will help address identity theft victim problems.

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The Good

  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Recovery Services
  • Million Dollar™ Protection Package
  • 24/7 Live Member Support
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Pricing
  • Mobile App

Identity Theft Protection

Norton LifeLock provides several identity theft protection services in an effort to catch identity theft and identity fraud before it happens.

Norton LifeLock customers can receive credit monitoring services from all three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion), internet scanning and dark web monitoring, data breach notifications, social security number monitoring, financial account monitoring, and more.

Identity theft can ruin everything from credit scores and credit reports to taxes and savings accounts. Thus, Norton LifeLock offers multiple identity theft protection services to help provide each customer with the protection and security they are looking for.

Recovery Services

In the event that a customer becomes a victim of identity theft, Norton LifeLock offers a number of recovery services to help restore the customer's identity to pre-theft status. The company also provides limited power of attorney/time with restoration specialists and lost wallet protection.

Additionally, Norton LifeLock assists with financial, medical, criminal, and tax identity recovery. For a fee of $300, Norton LifeLock will also work with customers with pre-existing identity theft conditions.

Million Dollar™ Protection Package*

Norton LifeLock offers up to $1 million in its million-dollar protection package.

This million-dollar protection package covers up to $2,000 in replacement of lost or stolen documents, up to $2,500 in traveling expenses, up to $6,000 in lost wages, up to $6,000 in elderly and childcare, up to $10,000 in fraudulent withdrawals, and up to $1 million in legal services in the event of identity theft.

24/7 Live Member Support

Norton LifeLock provides reliable customer service by giving customers access to 24/7 live member support agents. The identity protection service provider will notify customers (via alerts) of potentially fraudulent activity and will help customers determine how to handle the threats.

Norton LifeLock will also monitor customers' information around-the-clock so customers can rest with a peace of mind. Norton LifeLock's website also provides a list of helpful identity theft protection advice and educational resources (regarding credit reports, credit score monitoring, social security cards, credit freezes, and personally identifiable information) for customers to access at any time.

Money-Back Guarantee 

The identity theft protection company offers a 60-day complete money-back guarantee to annual Norton LifeLock account members that request a refund within the appropriated 60 days post-billing.

Meanwhile, some other companies in the identity theft protection industry do not offer a complete money-back guarantee with their services. Norton LifeLock's pro-rated refund promise emphasizes the company's confidence as well as its service guarantee.


Norton LifeLock offers four identity theft protection options to choose from: the Standard plan that costs $9.99 per month, the Select plan that also costs $9.99 per month, the Advantage plan that costs members $19.99 per month, and the Ultimate Plus plan that costs $29.99 per month.

Best Company visitors can use the promo code "BestCom," to get 25% off of all Norton LifeLock identity theft protection options. Terms apply. These options include social security number alerts and credit alerts.

Within the industry, Norton LifeLock's plans are priced at lower rates and allow customers the flexibility to choose how much they want to invest in identity protection services and fraud security.

Mobile App

Customers are able to get the Norton LifeLock mobile app that allows them to receive and respond to alerts while on-the-go and easily obtain customer service help through the in-app member services feature.

With the Norton LifeLock mobile app, customers can access their credit scores from all three credit bureaus. According to the Norton LifeLock website, the mobile app also includes "dark web activity detection, fictitious identity monitoring, court records scanning, and investment account activity alerts."

Overall, the mobile app is an extra feature that helps protect customers from identity theft and identity fraud.

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The Bad

  • No Antivirus Software

No Antivirus Software

In contrast to many other identity theft protection companies, Norton LifeLock does not appear to provide customers with antivirus software to protect sensitive data on their personal computers from identity thieves.

Identity thieves often target personal computer systems which means that Norton LifeLock customers will need to pay personal out-of-pocket expenses for additional identity theft protection in regard to antivirus software.

Some other companies in the identity theft protection industry offer antivirus software within their standard plan/package to save customers personal expenses and to provide further identity protection.

The Bottom Line

Norton LifeLock offers extensive protection services as well as identity restoration services including lost wallet protection to those who have fallen victim of identity theft or fraud. Additionally, the company offers a Million Dollar™ Protection Package and 24/7 live member support customer service.

Norton LifeLock's Million Dollar™ Protection Package covers lost or stolen documents, wages, and more. The company also provides educational resources, a money-back guarantee, a detailed LifeLock mobile application, and reasonable pricing in comparison to other protection services.

Norton LifeLock has four identity theft protection options that can include credit, social security, bank account, credit card, and crimes/other fraud alerts as well as credit report and credit score monitoring and updates from all three major credit bureaus, etc.

The one major downside of the company is that it does not seem to provide antivirus software which limits some Norton LifeLock account members from additional identity protection as they would have to pay out-of-pocket expenses to get antivirus software.

Above all, if you are looking for a reliable company to help protect your identity and personal information, Norton LifeLock is a great company to choose from. 

*Coverage for lawyers and experts, up to $1 million for all plans, if needed. Benefits provided by Master Policy issued by United Specialty Insurance Company, Inc. (State National Insurance Company, Inc. for NY State members). Policy terms, conditions and exclusions at LifeLock.com/legal. Norton LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses. Phone alerts are made during normal local business hours.

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William Yost

September 18th, 2017 Syracuse, NY

I joined Lifelock and on the site, there is a place to read your credit score. It says if your score does not show up in 24 hours to give them a call. It didn't and I did. I called at 5pm after work and after pushing through prompt after prompt was told to say my name clearly. They could not find my name, so I was put on hold. After 60 minutes (was told approximate wait time was 40) , I had to just call back another time; later at night this time and went throught the same thing, only this time I was told my approximate wait time was now 67 minutes. Couldn't do it. Throughout the week, the same scenario happened another 4 times until I FINALLY got someone...with a very think Indian accent I could hardly understand. All I got was fast talking and "um..." between every other word. Now on the site, it says "US based customer service"...yeah...okay. So after not being able to find me in the system, which was odd since they charged my card after all, he said he was going to pass me onto someone who could help. I got more prompts and was then told that my approximate wait time was 80 minutes. It was at this point that I said "forget it" and requested cancellation of my service. It wasn't worth the headache. They say the recent data breach with Equifax is the cause for such long hold times and I get that, but they should still have a team of people to deal with everyday membership issues so those of us who were not affected don't have to wait for almost 2 hours to get something done that takes less than 5 minutes. Really wanted to like this place, but I'm afraid it's a no.



September 14th, 2017 Rockvale, TN

Pulled up the Website and it came back that my service was canceled. Called Lifelock and was put on hold for an hour and 25 mins., I called them at 5:30 in the morning and still had a long wait time. I was not very happy, 1st of all that I was canceled and 2 nd of all the wait time to be on the phone with them. Then I was told I was only thru Norton that it was showing canceled, but yet I was in Lifelocks website.



September 11th, 2017 VA

Used to be an ok company but I continue to have issues with their website and their customer service has seriously gone down hill. I just received a response that basically said they had addressed my concerned when they obviously have not. It is just one problem after another and I will not trust such a company with such a critical service.


Flynn Billy J.

September 1st, 2017 Eugene, OR

Charging their service at $9.99 when advertised at $8.99 and we didn't sign up for their service !


Cynthia Sample

August 8th, 2017 Clarksville, TN

I canceled my membership with LifeLock due to someone stole my identity. LifeLock handled my case like it was inapplicable. They informed me that its going to take three days for an investigator to call me. She opened an account and drivers license using my social and you want me to wait three days? During that time she can buy a car, open more accounts and take out a loan. No, Im not going to sit here and wait three days!!!!


Angela cherie Castillo

August 3rd, 2017 Redding, CA

After the train-wreck election 2016 i asked lifelock 4 voter identity theft protection. & their answer was that they only protect 'consumers' from harmful impersonation wtF?



July 31st, 2017 Spokane, WA

My husband called to get information on their services did not give our card information and said he needed time to talk to me & think about purchasing through them. He unfortunately did give his personal information though. What do I find today? $118.79 charge from Lifelock. We try calling to find out how they could charge our account and they keep wanting to send us to an automated system, to which we do not have a passcode for. After a 15min phone call they claim they will reverse the charges they did not have authority to pull. If they don't, I will be reporting this to my bank as a fraudulent charge!


Jon Wacker

June 8th, 2017 Grants Pass, OR

Tried to enroll online @ lifelock.com. Saw no indication of how or where to enter the promo code without first signing up for full price. When I called the customer service line, 800-416-0599, the representative said she had no knowledge of the online enrollment process, but could sign me up over the phone, after having already spent 20 minutes navigating the website and entering my personal information, I had no desire to begin the process again, and told her so. She then offered to transfer my call to the sales department, which "might" be able to answer my questions about where to enter the promo code. After wasting another 5 minutes listening to an automated menu, I was told, by the robot, that they needed me to enter my account number to proceed. Since I evidently had none. I hung up and began looking for alternative providers, which hunt eventually led here. Have a nice day!



June 1st, 2017 Lovington, NM

They state they will notify you if a new line of credit is applied for. I applied for a auto loan and never did hear anything from lifelock. I called in and rep said not all companies were monitored. I ask him why they did not monitor Bank of America but he did not have an answer. It is not like Bank of America is a small company. Really wondering what I am paying for.



May 8th, 2017 San Antonio, TX

My wife and I have been with LifeLock since October 2007. I normally receive at least an annual account update which is a report of all credit card accounts and our overall credit status. I feel this is a great process as I would most likely forget to review these myself. Overall I feel that LifeLock is an excellent program that continues to do what I am paying them to do ! I must admit I am shocked that LifeLock does not cover our accounts with some form of antivirus protection , leaving our accounts open for all types of nefarious acts. This is quite disturbing to me as I had no idea or this exposure. .


Susan M Crider

May 5th, 2017 Pinckney, MI

I purchased the basic Lifelock plan, which customer service told me covers any new credit applications. Two weeks ago, I opened a new charge account. I have yet to receive an alert from Lifelock. When I just called customer service, they said that "not all companies participate" with them, so not all credit applications would result in an alert. A new American Express account with a $12,000 limit does not alert me??? The rep wanted to review all of my personal information again, which I assured her that I had just double checked online. They email almost every day with adds, and have my correct telephone number. This service may work beautifully for some people, but I consider this a big failure. I wonder now if I wasted almost $100, but guess I will decide what to do about it tomorrow.



January 23rd, 2017 Allentown, PA

They need to hire a GOOD technical support team that understand there network. I have had a problem with Lifelock for 6 months, they were never able to fix the problem. There response to my problem was cancel their service they can't help me. Unbelievable


Dallas Adair

January 23rd, 2017 Whitmore Lake, MI

I called life lock, the person I talked to could have cared less...could not believe this was the person possibly trying to sell me on this plan....not sure what happened but I think she actually hung up on me.... I called another competitor .....



November 11th, 2016 Morton Grove, IL

Having had problems with my identity theft, I chose LifeLock to assist me, in the future, if there would be more problems arising. I selected their middle program, and this month my subscription was up for renewal. Instead of renewing, i cancelled....There were 3 different instances where LifeLock should have notified me of someone looking into my credit situation. Applied for a loan, applied for a new credit card, and notified that someone fraudulently used my social security number to apply for a credit card with an approximate $4,900 plus balance. Never heard one word from Lifelock of goings on with my credit reports. Upon canceling their service, i received apologies....sorry, apologies for slipping thru the cracks did not do it


greg rhodes

October 25th, 2016 Irving, TX

Member for 4 years. Had SSN stolen and no help or advice. Just learned that wife (also a member) had SSN stolen last year (discovered through credit check) and no alert or info from Lifelock. Called to ask and was given std info spiel on services and disclaimer. Cancelled account. No alerts, no agent, no advice, no help.



October 18th, 2016 Boise, ID

So far, so good! I have been a member of LifeLock for over 3 years. In that time they have sent me over a dozen different notifications regarding attempts on my identity. In each and every case, a resolution was made, keeping my credit safe. I have been very pleased with their performance on my behalf.


Neil C Dunn

September 26th, 2016 Concord, NC

Get an alert to call them and there is never anyone to talk to. Been a member for years and will be cancelling. They are a JOKE!



September 5th, 2016 Albany, CA

When I was a victim of identity fraud/theft it was almost impossible for me to reach somebody who was supposed to be my "agent". And when I finally got a real person, due only to my demanding to speak to a person, she was hurried and rude and unhelpful. I honestly don't don't what I will do now.I agree with Jeff's description of their terrible customer service.



August 1st, 2016 Houston, TX

I had an issue with someone opening a fraudulent credit card in my name. I had LifeLock for over 6 years when this occurred. LifeLock sent an alert within a couple of hours of the credit inquiry. That is the good part. Other than sending me an alert about the credit inquiry, they really were no help with anything else. Their customer service is very inefficient and frustrating to deal with. They seem to be compartmentalized regarding their operation and no person I spoke with knew what the other was doing. When I called I always talked to a new person who had not reference for my issue, and I had to keep regurgitating the facts over and over again. LifeLock's 1 Million insurance will not cover any legal fees if you plan on bringing an action against the credit card company, who in my case was grossly negligent. I called the credit card company myself, but got the run around. I then contacted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and made an online complaint through them. Believe it or not, I got an email from the executive office of the credit card company within 48 hours referencing my complaint with the CFPB, and after a week or so the credit card company acknowledged their mistake. IMHO, LifeLock's service is overpriced for what you get compared to other service providers.


Jamie Chambers

July 25th, 2016 North Augusta, SC

Life lock is hands down the best in the industry! I receive both email and text message alerts. I can honestly say I feel more secure knowing I am protected by this service. Someone tried obtaining a credit card with my stolen information, life lock immediately contacted me, giving me the information I needed to contact the proper authorities. I have told all my family and friends to use life lock, and will continue to do so! Thank you life lock you have given me peace of mind.


Nicholas Roberts

June 29th, 2016

The service costs too much to add children. Additionally, they don't support accounts with multi-factor authentication well. If your bank or credit card company uses multi-factor authentication (a username and password, and then a security question) you will have to babysit your LifeLock account on a regular basis (multiple times a week). They support a single question, however the next time that security question rotates to a different question, you will have to log in to LifeLock to change your answer again. Furthermore, they are usually slow to get alerts. They usually lag 24-48 hours behind any transaction made, sometimes longer. If you want to get an alert within hours or minutes of a transaction, look elsewhere.


MS Smith

June 20th, 2016

The customer service is HORRIBLE. I spoke with 3 different people at lifelock. None of them could answer questions I had intelligently. I was enrolling 3 members of our company due to a security breach. We had to hang up and call back for each one. By the time we got to the 3rd member we decided to go online and enroll. After enrolling him online we printed the receipt which contained ALL of his personal information. I have to turn this receipt into the Finance Dept. That just doesn't seem very secure to me from a company that prides itself on protecting your ID.


John R.

June 15th, 2016

Terrible service. When I watched their infomercials they show a group of people in a room and when they try to access their accounts, everyone with Lifelock got a text message within seconds of the attempt. In reality, whenever a questionable charge hit my accounts, it took Lifelock a MINIMUM of 24 hours to notify me. In some instances, especially on weekends or holidays, it would take up to 72 hours to notify me. A lot of damage can be done to your account in 24 to 72 hours. I lost confidence in this service quickly. Calls to LifeLock Customer Service were answered with comments like this slow service is normal. They didn't know what I was talking about when I cited their advertising. I did a better job myself by just checking my banking online daily. I would see things posted to it within minutes of charges being placed. Why it should take LifeLock days to notify me is unconscionable...and deceptive advertising in my opinion.



June 6th, 2016 Apopka, FL

Had a problem and Lifelock did absolutely nothing except tell me how to fix on my own unless I wanted to hire outside help



May 25th, 2016

I don't know what you are doing for me. I see no activity on this website since April 2014!! Nothing is up-to-date as far as my financial activity. I've been a victim of tax fraud (for the last two tax filing years) and identify theft using my social security number and other personal information, which I reported to you. It's getting hard to justify this expense if I see no action.


Ronny Voltz

May 25th, 2016

My Wells Fargo acct was compromised three times in March.Someone cashed 3 bogus checks that I did not write. Wells Fargo put the money back into my business savings acct. and reimbursed the fees that were charged against my acct. Last year $6,000.00 dollars of bogus checks were written on the same acct. I was reimbursed everytime by Wells Fargo. Lifelock does not seem to be working for me. Someone also tried to access my Pay Pal acct from Venzuela, but they stopprd it.


Darrin Campo

May 25th, 2016

I am a physician and had recently been informed that someone had filed a fraudulent tax return in my name. I had noticed on another credit site that there was an alert for an identity validation for Green Dot, which is the company that a lot of these people use to get their fraudulent tax returns. I had noticed that I received no alert from LifeLock regarding this. When I called a representative to ask about this, the only answer that I could get was "we can't find everything." This wa a a less than satisfactory response to my question as to how Free Credit Report.com could get this and Lifelock couldn't. I would think for the amount of money we pay a month for this "protection" that someone either should have been aware of this alert, or at the very least given me a better explanation as to why this was missed. I am very dissatisfied with the response I was given and the overall uncaring attitude that the representative had to my concerns about this serious fraud which is very concerning to me.


Doug Davis

May 25th, 2016

My wife and have used Life Lock about 5 yrs, we travel a lot and they have checked our travel to make sure it was us doing the traveling. This past year they stopped a business from opening an account using my SS. As it turned out my SS and their Fed Tax ID # were same, but when its written out there is - after the first 2 numbers.



May 25th, 2016

Even though I daily check on bank credit card balances and spending it still bothered me that someone could steal my ID and open a new account for which I would have no knowledge of. Finally I decided to open a different credit card account to take advantage of better terms. The application for the account was approved and the card was sent to me. Much to my surprise Lifelock informed me that a new account had been opened in my name the very next day. Happily I was able to report that yes I had opened that account. It did resolve my fears that if someone were to attempt to open a new account under my ID that I would be notified of the action. I am a very satisfied customer of Lifelock and plan to stay with them forever. Lee


Janelle Evans

May 25th, 2016

I couldn't be happier with the services and help. I am so impressed with life lock. I went into my bank to apply for a loan once and before I walked out of the bank , life lock was calling to confirm it was me applying for the loan. Impressive!! I sleep well knowing that life lock is watching out for me from that day on. Since then, I've been notified when credit bureaus were pulling my credit rating. It was my own fault but life lock helped me through this mess of a problem o got myself into. I appreciated the kindness.


Mike and Linda

May 25th, 2016

I woke up recently one Saturday morning to a LifeLock alert that someone was trying to open a line of credit with my personal information. That was followed by four more notifications. In the same time frame, my wife had three fraud attempts. We immediately contacted LifeLock and the support never stopped. By the end of the week, all fraud attempts had been terminated, the Resolution department had contacted the credit bureaus for an extended fraud alert on my accounts, and requests were placed to have the inquiries removed from our files. I'd have never known until it was too late if LifeLock hadn't been on watch for me. I stood the watch in defense of our nation for almost 30 years...I'll never have the words to describe the feeling of relief I have for the support I got from LifeLock when I needed them most to safeguard the financial security my wife and I have established throughout our working lives. Thank you LifeLock for standing the watch!


Joan Mueller

May 25th, 2016

I have had accounts being hacked into in the past and it was a nightmare. It was happening every couple of months. Since then I've had other identity protection plans, but Lifelock far surpasses them. It's such a relief that I don't have to worry about it anymore. Your representatives are very professional and they are on it without delay. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Bobby Jones

May 25th, 2016

LifeLock is a great service if you want to insure that a fraudulent conniving wife won't use your SSN, name and steal money from your bank accounts! ask me and I will testify concerning how wonderful LifeLock is. They will definitely alert you and keep you advised as well as mediate to the proper sources and find answers. I would recommend them instantly



May 25th, 2016

I had a real close call years ago. I just was changing my password and credit card with a company. About 3 hrs later I was called about a suspicious attempt to buy tickets to Egypt?. I was lucky that my bank just so happen to be on the ball. After all of this squirming and worry. I spoke with my bank and they told me of Life Lock. Now I feel confident that they are covering me. I made a small credit purchased and they actually notified me of the transaction. Which proved to me they were watching for my best interest.


Frank P.

May 25th, 2016

When my identity was stolen I felt helpless, it was a nightmare! I called lifelock and they helped me right away. I was alerted when someone tried to open accounts in my name. They helped me resolve the problems by contacting the companies. The agents are friendly and knowledgable and they put you at ease right away. I will be a lifelong customer!! Highly recommend lifelock to everyone.



May 25th, 2016

When my husband and I purchased a new car last year our salesman did the usual "I just have to check a few things, and I'll be right back" then in less than five minutes my husband and I both got a text on our cell phones letting us know someone was attempting to check our credit. We looked at each other and cracked up laughing! We love you Life Lock?


Alvin Clemmer

May 25th, 2016

I have had lifelong for approx 10 yrs. I have never applied for a credit card, bought a new phone plan, or made an out of state purchase with my credit card, without receiving an alert from lifelock, telling me of the transaction. Over these years of service from lifelock I have come to see them as efficient. I do all in my power to protect my identity, and I feel lifelock is there backing me up and making my identity more secure. Anytime the topic of identity security comes up, I always suggest that, along with doing your own "due diligence", you need to get lifelock.


Michael B.

May 25th, 2016

I needed a New AC Unit for the House because it was just getting to Hot and the one we had was way, way, to small... I went to a Large Do -it-Yourself Store and made the Purchase... well, I had not even made it out the Door and my Cell Phone rang, it was LifeLock asking me if I just made the Purchase...of course, if I did not it was to late but, with the Warning, I could at least stop everything in it's Tracks and get my money back after the proper proceedures.... Thanks, LifeLock, more than once you have emailed me or called for verification....Thanks Again... Michael B...


Dina tuttle

May 25th, 2016

I have been a member of LifeLock for 2 years now and with every issue I have had since I signed up has been handled with the utmost care and respect. The latest issue has been a very persistent person, calling and the final straw with the email. The rep that I discussed this with was concerned and handled the situation with the most professionalism I could have asked for. I will continue my membership and have already recommended LifeLock to many of my co-workers. Thank you for service.


James L. Wallace

May 25th, 2016

When someone filed a fraudulent unemployment claim, using my name and soc sec number, I contacted LifeLock. I became a member and since then LifeLock notified me when someone, not me, tried to get a cell phone under my name. LifeLock took action immediately, asking if I was the one applying for the cell phone. When I said no, LifeLock handled the matter quickly and completely.


Verma Sweet

May 25th, 2016

Lifelock called me on a Saturday morning personal no recorder a live person, asking about activities going on with our credit. The things they saw was shocking and made me sick to stomach. Someone had gotten my information and start purchasing things all across the United States. Lifelock walked us through the steps we needed to take. Contact the police to file a report, our credit cards, banks and they took over. We was updated weekly sometimes twice a week of what was happen with fixing my credit. It was a very stressful time, but they FIXED IT. Thanks Lifelock we couldn't or haven't stop singing your prays. Verma Sweet


B Palmer

May 25th, 2016

Two years ago my wife and I traveled all over the U.S. This meant using our credit cards in several different places in the country. We also applied to open two new cards sponsored by different hotel chains for convenience. Each time we did that, LifeLock called me (and also e-mailed me) to ask if I was the one who applied for the cards. This was within a few hours after the application was submitted. That's great service making us feel safer.


Ken S.

May 25th, 2016

Following a theft of my identity, I was told about LifeLock by the police officer who took my report who also used LifeLock. When my wife was in a major department store re-establishing her credit card, she received a call from LifeLock stating someone was in this store attempting to open a credit card in her name. She told them it was her. I was very impressed and one could NOT receiver faster or better service



May 25th, 2016

Lifelock alerted me to a traffic violation with my matching name & birthdate on a ticket in Nevada - however I was never there at the time of the ticket. I have contacted Clark County fraud division to report this as fradulent, and they are checking it out.. Thanks Lifelock for immediate notification of this incident..


M Lieb

May 25th, 2016

In today's cyber environment, not having an insurance policy to protect your identity such as LifeLock is foolish. I am a recent victim of Identity Theft and LifeLock swiftly moved into action, notified me, aligned the credit boroughs and had the situation well at hand within 2 days of the occurrence.



May 25th, 2016

Don't wait until something happens to get Lifelock. I had a small incident occur that forced me to reevaluate the vulnerability of my credit. I immediately signed up for Lifelock. That was almost two years ago. I am very pleased with the reports, the notifications and the well trained personnel that you may have to speak to from time to time. I will never be without it.


William Frank

May 25th, 2016

LifeLock was quick to pick up on my SSAN in a most unusual way. My numbers were being used to start a new business. After working with me, the pros at LifeLock deciphered the connection and gave me an ALL CLEAR. That kind of attention to detail makes me rest easy. I share this story with family and friend and my dependence on LifeLock for personal security.


Charles Diffey

May 25th, 2016

After being enrolled in LifeLock for over seven years I finally had cause for contacting their Customer Support. I was not disappointed. Although the cryptic message that I initially received from LifeLock was confusing and curt once I contacted Customer Support I received a response the following day that explained the initial message as well as why it was cryptic and curt to the untrained eye. I appreciated the fact that not only was I informed that my identity and credit were not in any danger but what the message meant, how the information had been collected and how I may see variations of the information in the future. This explanation not calmed my current concerns but prepared me for how to understand future reports without undue panic and fear that my information has been compromised.


Forrest West

May 25th, 2016

I do all I can to protect myself but glad to have this service as a backup. Thankfully, no identity thefts reported so far but when I had to provide my SSN for companies approving my credit to open an account, LifeLock notified me when the inquires were made.


Manuel Gonzalez

May 25th, 2016

Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for helping me with a year-long identity theft issue. After a detailed conversation with your resolution specialist, Valarie, I was given precise information that will help me resolve this long-standing problem. LifeLock, you are a LifeSaver!! My husband and I are retired, living on a fixed income. Even the slightest disruption in our finances is traumatizing, especially when it comes from malevolent thieves. Thank you, again. Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Gonzalez