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LAST UPDATED: February 26th, 2022

Guard Well, LLC is an Ohio-based, American-owned company that provides identity theft solution services to business employees and their families. 

The company is partnered with CyberScout, a leading cybersecurity organization that has been protecting consumers and businesses worldwide from various identity theft, fraud, and cyber threats since 2003. 

Guard Well, LLC provides full identity theft and fraud restoration services along with various monitoring services, which includes the use of CyberScout’s CyberAgent technology that monitors dark web databases. 

Keep reading to learn more about Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions. 

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The Good

  • Family Plan Option
  • Protection Services
  • Recovery Services

Family Plan Options

Through its partnership with CyberScout, Guard Well, LLC  offers multiple identity theft solution plans that customers can choose from, including a family plan, a premium plan, and an elite plan. 

Unlike some other companies, Guard Well, LLC offers an affordable Family Guard Identity Management and Protection plan that includes up to $1 million in identity theft insurance, full identity theft resolution services, 24/7 access to live fraud specialists, and more. 

The family plan that Guard Well, LLC provides covers one employee and the family members who reside in their household. 

Protection Services

Guard Well, LLC provides several identity protection services, including credit monitoring from all three major bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion), CyberAgent monitoring, court records monitoring, social security monitoring, lost wallet assistance, and more.

It’s important for potential customers to keep in mind that not all of the company’s protection plans offer the same services. For instance, the company’s Elite plan provides significantly more protection services than the company’s Premier plan.

Potential customers can contact the company directly and visit its main website to see what services are offered under each plan. 

Recovery Services

In addition to providing comprehensive identity protection services, Guard Well, LLC also offers a number of identity restoration services that are designed to assist customers in the event of identity theft or fraud.

As mentioned previously, Guard Well, LLC customers are given around-the-clock access to live fraud specialists. Additionally, the company provides customers with up to $1 million in identity theft insurance as well as lost wallet assistance/protection.

Overall, the recovery services that Guard Well, LLC offers seem more comprehensive than what many other companies in the industry provide. 


The Bad

  • No Antivirus Software
  • Business-Only Services

No Antivirus Software

Guard Well, LLC does not seem to provide any antivirus software or other tools that can help customers protect their personal computers. That being said, not many companies within the identity theft industry offer protective computer software in addition to identity/fraud protection services. 

Business-Only Services

Although many identity theft protection companies offer services directly to consumers, Guard Well, LLC appears to only offer services to employees of companies that choose to utilize their services. 

Companies can sign up for a membership through Guard Well, LLC and then offer the identity theft protection benefits provided by Guard Well, LLC to their employees and their employees’ family members. This business model is only a hindrance to consumers who wish to purchase the company’s services independently outside of a business-employee setting. 


The Bottom Line

Guard Well, LLC  has quite a bit to offer in terms of identity theft protection. The company, which is partnered with CyberScout, provides a variety of protection and restoration services, including up to $1 million in identity theft insurance, 24/7 access to live fraud specialists, credit monitoring services, CyberAgent database scanning, and more. 

When compared to other identity theft protection companies, Guard Well, LLC seems to provide services at a fairly affordable monthly rate. The company also offers a family plan which covers one adult and everyone that lives within that adult’s household. 

The company, however, does not appear to offer any protective computer software and only provides services to businesses and employees of those businesses. Those who wish to purchase identity protection services independently will need to seek services from a different provider. 

If you own a business and wish to provide your employees with identity protection solutions, Guard Well, LLC may be a good fit for you. We still recommend, however, that you read reviews and check out the company’s website before you choose to pay for an identity theft protection service. 

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