1. Experian IdentityWorks℠

Experian, which is the world's largest credit bureau, launched IdentityWorks in 2010 to provide identity protection services to consumers. 

IdentityWorks offers up to $1 million in identity theft insurance as well as a suite of identity theft protection services that are divided into three distinct categories: detect, protect, and resolve.

With IdentityWorks, members can also get an easy lock and unlock credit file service and access to a credit monitoring service as well as three-bureau FICO scores.

Read on to learn more about Experian IdentityWorks and to see verified customer reviews. 

The Good

  • Affordable Plans
  • Free Trial Period 
  • Enhanced Login Security
  • Identity Theft Insurance

Affordable Plans

IdentityWorks' services are considered to be more affordable for most consumers, especially when compared to what other companies in the identity theft protection industry charge for similar services.

The company offers two different plan options— the Plus plan and the Premium plan. Each plan comes with various identity theft monitoring services including dark web surveillance, three-bureau credit monitoring, social security number monitoring, financial account monitoring, and more.

Plans are offered for one adult, one adult and up to 10 children, and two adults and up to 10 children. It's important to note that IdentityWorks provides coverage for families while many other companies in the identity theft protection industry do not provide any type of family plan option. 

Free Trial Period 

IdentityWorks offers a free 30-day free trial membership for each of its provided identity protection plans.

The credit bureau's identity protection service also has an annual option available that allows consumers to get two free months of service. 

Enhanced Login Security

In addition to the standard email and password line of defense, IdentityWorks also requires users to input the last four digits of their social security number in order to log in, which provides an additional layer of security to their account.

Identity Theft Insurance

IdentityWorks provides its customers with up to $1 million in identity theft insurance with zero deductible. In the event of identity theft, this policy covers expenses such as fraudulent electronic funds transfers, lost wages, legal fees, and private investigator costs.

Although it's not unheard of for an identity protection service to provide identity theft insurance, some companies only offer up to $25,000. 

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The Bad

  • Limited Customer Support
  • Lack of Recovery Services
  • Additional Charge for Credit Reports
  • Credit Card Required for Free Trial

Limited Customer Support

IdentityWorks' customer support center is only open 12 hours per day on weekdays and 8 hours per day on weekends. This means that customers may not be able to get ahold of the company during an emergency.

Meanwhile, there are many other companies in the identity theft protection industry offer 24/7 customer support services. 

Lack of Recovery Services

Not surprisingly, IdentityWorks offers great detection services-Experian is a credit bureau, after all.

However, the company's identity theft resolution services are somewhat lacking when stacked up against competitors. For example, IdentityWorks does not offer the limited power of attorney or follow-through options on surveillance alerts.

Additional Charge for Credit Reports

While many identity theft protection companies offer free credit reports, IdentityWorks charges a fee each time a customer would like a credit report copy. 

Credit Card Required for Free Trial

In order to sign up for an Experian IdentityWorks 30-day free trial, consumers must input their credit card information. Once the free trial is over, the company automatically bills the consumer's credit card if the consumer does not cancel services within that 30-day period.

Those who choose to try out the Plus plan will be automatically billed for $9.99 per month and those who choose to try out the Premium plan will be billed for $19.99 per month once the free trial membership expires. 

The Bottom Line

Experian IdentityWorks is a credible organization backed by one of the largest credit bureaus in the world. The company offers a number of attractive features, including affordable identity protection services, a 30-day free trial membership, and significant identity theft insurance.

When it comes to identity restoration and recovery services, the identity theft protection service does lack a bit compared to other companies in the industry. Additionally, many other companies offer around-the-clock customer support and do not require credit card information for free trial services.

If you are looking for an all-in-one, trustworthy service that includes identity theft monitoring, credit monitoring, and more for an affordable price, then IdentityWorks may be a good service option for you. However, we encourage you to conduct your own research and read Experian IdentityWork customer reviews to see if the company's identity theft protection service is right for you. 

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Julie Raney

July 28th, 2015 Lynnwood, WA

I was on hold over 45 min yesterday, and after waiting on hold again today I gave up trying to contact them by phone.



July 10th, 2015 Eugene, OR

The worst! Took 45 minutes to even get a rep on the line. Coverage is minimal & is for Experian only, not all the credit bureaus. Don't waste your money.


Katharine Brown

June 9th, 2015 Danvers, MA

Protect My ID informed me of an alert, a credit check that I didn't authorize. I have been trying to call their help number for hours. It says they are overwhelmed and to call back at a later time or date!!!


A Runde

June 6th, 2015

So I was given a free membership after my insurance company was hacked. First, it took multiple attempts to sign up and when I emailed the company I received a canned response that did nothing to address the questions that I had asked. Once I finally managed to get signed up I had issues EVERY time I tried to log in. Their system refused to accept my id/password and pushed me to the "forgot password option". I enter my information and their system says that they can't verify my credentials. Glad I didn't waste any money on this service.



May 30th, 2015 Marinette, WI

Do not waste your money on this. I got it for free and now I know the reason why was free. It is a useless service. Got one alert long time after signing up and I went to the website but it did not allow me to log in. Called customer service twice and they gave me 2 temporary passwords that never worked. Alerts are suppose to be handled ASAP that's the purpose of this protection. They told me in 2 days somehow they will resolve the issue. yeah! it is like asking for help to the police and they were telling me that they will help in 2 days! ridiculous. I'm glad this service cost me nothing but I warn others to do not waste their dollars on it unless you like protection with a 48h delay.


James D Spurr

May 23rd, 2015 Port Angeles, WA

I was contacted by Federal Blue Cross/Blue Shield through Premera regarding a security breach. My wife and I signed up for the Experian PortectMyID service easily. My issue is with the first of my adult children that tried to enroll. My son went through all of the enrollment steps on line and received this message from Experian: "Unfortunately, Experian did not return any data when we submitted the information you entered on your order form ... etc" I understand that there is a problem, but I can't get a live person to talk with to discuss and get traction!!!! Computers do not address issues like this, get people to navigate this maze, investigate, and explain.



April 22nd, 2015 Alexandria, VA

Very shady company. They trick you into being charged and they will not remove the fees. $1 turns into over $20 a month.



April 11th, 2015 Sylva, NC

My experience with this company has been awful. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! I received non-emergency texts @ 1:30am ( which woke my family) I sent an email on this matter, no response. I tried to call them and got "THIS EMAIL IS FULL". I would NOT recommend this company.



April 3rd, 2015 Minneapolis, MN

After a year of free monitoring (due to Target breach in Nov/Dec 2013), I paid for 1-year renewal. Immediately began seeing fraudulent charges on the card I used to pay for the renewal, being spoofed under legitimate business names (ex: iTunes, GetSatisfied, and ConsumerInfo, which is owned by Experian). None set off alerts on ProtectMyID---only found them because I routinely monitor my AmEx account online. Also, they do not supply a receipt for payment on the website OR by email. After days of asking for one, I was told to call Customer Service. The agent (and later, her Supervisor) told me ProtectMyID does not provide receipts when you purchase memberships through them. What? No receipts? Absurd. Cancelled the membership immediately, and have reported this to AmEx. What a rip off.



March 23rd, 2015 Palm Springs, CA

MISTAKE! Right after accepting free one year trial with this company, began receiving a flood of new junk email - even though I had asked specifically to opt-out of 3rd party contacts. Stupidly thought one could trust Experian, after all you're giving them your soc sec no and birth date. This company is NOT TO BE TRUSTED WITH YOUR PERSONAL INFO.



March 11th, 2015

Horrible service, signed up reset password and still doesnt work. By the way I am an IT guy so I know how websites work. Anyway tried logging in no luck reset password and then was able to get it, generated my report and logged out. Tried logging back in and it says that it cannot recognize my account !!!!! Called customer service and cancelled my subscription. Lost £6.99 over a completely useless service. Get your act together!



March 2nd, 2015 New York, NY

Tried calling the customer contact number as they had my date of birth off by 34 years. Was on hold a total of 4 hours as 10 minutes (between the three calls I made) as when it finally rang , someone answered and immediately hung up. Want a farce. Become my mission to try and reach someone live, but after over 4 hours I gave in.



March 1st, 2015 Duncanville, TX

Experian dropped me from being a paying member- without explaination- after I received a notice from my bank that my personal information may have been compromised. Doesn't seem like they would really stand by their protection guarantee if they believe you are a potential victim!



January 26th, 2015 Phoenix, AZ

Great notification but, have you try to contact them? Good luck on the phone hours and hours of classical musci



January 24th, 2015 Lehighton, PA

Save your money. The alerts come late, if at all. My husband's account was hacked and we were never notified. After that, I cancelled our account, but they didn't even notice. They continue to "monitor" us even though the credit card I'd originally used for protectmyid had been closed. Shouldn't they have noticed that? Eight months later, I'm still getting updates about how "safe" I am. Seriously...?



January 23rd, 2015 Palo Alto, CA

Protect MY ID, outsourcers their customer care to the Philippines. I wanted to find out how to enter my credit card information so I could monitor it for fraud charges. I talked to someone from the Philippines, they were clueless and could not give me that simple information. I had to call again and requested to speak to a USA call center to resolve my issue. On another occasion I called to ask if there was an IPhone app I could download neither the Philippines or the USA call center were aware of any. I Checked it out myself and found out that there was one. In most cases their customer care people are unfamiliar with the protect. Do you really want one of these people to help if you ever need help. Unless Protect MY ID gets serious and employees professionals, I would go to the competition.



January 19th, 2015 Alpharetta, GA

Sneaky and deceptive practices! I was alerted by the fact that it's easy to sign up for a trial and difficult to stop; ending a subscription online is not possible. Because of this, I called one day too late to cancel and was denied. The phone help was either ignorant or downright crooked. She kept saying ‘I don't understand your question'! What is there about ‘please cancel my subscription and refund my money' that is unclear? To make matters worse, she offered additional packages and possible discounts for the future! I emailed my concerns to Experian and they haven't replied. One final note, my FICO report is not available! I'm surprised that this company is in business. It's ironic that such a crooked company keeps tabs on your credit!



January 17th, 2015 Eau Claire, WI

Completely worthless. If you receive an alert at all, it will be very delayed. We took out a mortgage to buy a new house after getting this "protection" and I NEVER received any kind of alert. Last month, I opened a new credit card account and it took 3 weeks before I got an alert from ProtectMyId about the new account being opened in my name. A lot of damage could have been done in 3 weeks if this was not a legitimate account. Once my free year from the target breach is up, I will not be renewing as it would be a waste of money.



January 11th, 2015 Orange, TX

I'm giving a 9 rating because navigation in the site is a bit cumbersome, but I have no complaints about their service. I enrolled in the year-long courtesy protection after the Target breach. So far, I do not receive constant emails that market new services, which I find refreshing. I opened another credit card and received an alert on the day I made the transaction. The information was succinct with enough to ensure the transaction was legitimate. I can renew for $9.95/month or $99.95/year, which is competitive with the other agencies in this review. However, I agree with other comments re the pricing for scores, more so than reports. I believe the service should INCLUDE a one-time free report of Credit Scores from all three major credit bureaus. They can follow-up with a discounted fee for the actual report. Some of my credit card companies provide a free Credit Score service on a monthly basis, so that is not much of an issue for me. Hence, the 9, instead of 10 rating.



December 31st, 2014 Coralville, IA

I too received this service after the Target breach. I have never had any issues signing into my account, and am considering staying with them because they are offering a renewal rate of $9.95. It is too bad that you can't get your credit score but for me personally I don't think that is reason not to stay with them.


Dixie Duncan

December 4th, 2014 Camarillo, CA

I received ProtectMyID via the Target Data breach. It is completely worthless. They tell you to review your Experian credit report, but they want to charge you for the report. The service was supposed to be free from Target and it isn't. I logged in and there is no useful information at all. Don't bother.



November 18th, 2014 Laurel, MD

I received this via the Target data breach. When an alert came it, they gave me no additional details other than the name of a company that put a collections notice on my report and then tried to sell me a credit report to give more information. I shouldn't have to pay in order to know who is damaging my credit. They wanted me to call the random company and give them my information to find out but I will not give out my PII to a random company just so they can mine my PII further.


kevin texas

September 27th, 2014 Mesquite, TX

EXPERIAN The $1.00 7 days trial credit report ended up costing me $29.95 so far, I cancelled but who knows if they really did it.



August 28th, 2014 Studio City, CA

I agree with the terrible reviews below. I was provided access by target and went to check it one day. I couldn't log in and twice waited 30 minutes to speak with their reps. Then they claimed there was a data entry error in the account creation process. Because of this management refused to give me any service. Thankfully I called Target and got a new activation code, however, not impressed with the service itself either. They charge you to even get a credit score!



August 24th, 2014 Wallingford, CT

This place is such a scam! I never signed for Protect my ID. NEVER! I did have a FreeCredit report.com account which they are associated with. 3 months ago ProtectMyID.com charged my bank account someone $.01. The following month they charged me $15.95. The following month they charged me the $15.95 again. I then realized they were charging me. I always missed it when looking through my transactions. I called them to see what was going on. They would not cancel my acct without me GIVING them my CREDIT card #! I said NO WAY. Just look up my name, address and phone # to find the account. They said they cannot do that. How can they not do that if they are charging me every month?? The rep got very defensive. I hung up and called back. First time I got through right away. This time I was on hold for about 30 mins. I hung up and called from a different #. Guess what, they picked up immediately. Clearly they were screening the phone #s as well! The second rep gave me the same run around and WOULD NOT transfer me to a manager. She said "They will not be able to help you anymore then I can" I am not giving this company my CC acct info. If they are charging it monthly. They should be able to find it by my name. Now I have to go to my credit union and cancel my current card and get a new # because of this scam website!!!!!


Leman L. Lucas

August 8th, 2014 Killeen, TX

I am an 82 year old U.S. Navy Retiree, and I am in the hospital with a cracked pelvis / dementia. My son Michael has a very difficult time with Experian / Protect My I.D. Supervisors and Abusive Customer Service Reps. Trying to validate, and confirm information. Very unprofessional, loud call center noise, being put on hold for up to an hour, given false assurances, and having been felt like smoke blown in my face, I went with Credit Karma to get my credit score and research credit information. I am very disappointed with Experian / Protect My I.D. It's not worth the hassle and throwing money away on a bunch of unprofessional people.



August 6th, 2014 Chicago, IL

They saved my bacon. Someone hacked into one of my Visa accounts, changed the address and ran a $1000 charge through under my name. ProtectMyID sent me a change of address alert, and I shut those criminals down before too much damage took place. My suggestion is that if you don't get ProtectMyID, then GET SOMETHING. Its a nasty world out there.


Marie Jenkins

August 4th, 2014 Lawrenceville, GA

Worst company experience ever! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!



July 24th, 2014 Portland, OR

I activated this service for free, thanks to the Target data breach of Dec 2013. I was impressed by protectmyid when I received an alert. A new credit card had been opened with my name. It turned out to be legitimate (my wife had mentioned that she got a new mileage card), but I'm thankful for the notification. It was easy to set up my account.



July 23rd, 2014 Clark, NJ

They claim A Monthly "All Clear" email will be sent when no key changes have been posted to any of your three national credit reports in the past month. Its in the FAQ section. Under alerts . I never get any they said they are working on it. That was last year. When I call they give the same run around. On top of that I opened an account that never showed up as an alert. So pointless service. .


Katharine Winters

July 16th, 2014 Quakertown, PA

I am very disappointed in ProtectMyId and their lack of service. I have not been able to access my account for months. 1- They appear unable for their customers to use AOL to log in. 2. After repeated logging in with no results, I was assured that a tech team would be right back to me. That was June 28th. This is July 16. No one got back to me. When I contacted them again this AM the whole negative experience was repeated. I have been unable to find a mailing address. I would like to write to the president of the company, share my highly unsatisfactory experience, But that information does not appear on their website.


Hersel Ahdout

June 19th, 2014 Los Angeles, CA

This is not a protection at all. A couple of weekends ago, with my knowledge, a company ran a credit report on me and I signed for a mortgage. However, I did not receive any notice from PROTECTMYID. I checked my protection site and there is no referebce to it. When I asked them, they say they only monitor Experian and none of the other ones. Here is for a peace of mind.



June 8th, 2014 Okatie, SC

Since November when I join, I have had difficulty with online sign in. This matter has yet to be resolved and is complicated in that now the site does not recognize me as a customer although I have paid a total of $ 171.83 for this service. I have been promised emails, phone calls, free credit reports- none materialized. Today, June 8, I finally spoke to a supervisor who was not at all helpful or nice. I suggest you not use this company.



May 2nd, 2014 Chicago, IL

Love that I can viuw and monitor my credit scores. Interface isn't that pretty to look at though



May 2nd, 2014 Annapolis, MD

Why a 0? Because after receiving free credit monitoring with Experian after a data breach of my employer I have NEVER been able to log into my account more than two months after having signed up. Supposedly IT is working on it. Sure. I have never been notified by the company of the progress with my problem and every time I call they are completely unhelpful.



April 27th, 2014 Chicago, IL

I'm a bit confused if Protect My ID is a separate company from Experian, or if it's the same. I hope its the same, but I just sign up today got my scores, and feel better already!



March 13th, 2014 Centreville, VA

I have a subscription running out March 16th thru a data breach at a college. Coincidentally I was also caught up in the Target breach and they offered a year of free membership. I signed on for this end of Jan 2014 assuming Protect My ID would reconcile the 2 accounts so that I wasn't receiving the unnecessary double coverage. I continued to get warning emails that my account was expiring and asked why they didn't know about my new agreement from Target. I feel they are more interested in their bottom line than the actual consumer. If their systems cannot identify customers and avoid double coverage I have concerns about how they monitor credit. They have been reluctant to start my new service after the older one expires, great customer service. Would not pay for this service. Just my thoughts.



February 24th, 2014 Alameda, CA

My information was stolen in a breach of hospital records last year and I was offered a free year of Protect My ID. I find it completely useless. There have been over 7 attempts to use my identity by thieves in less than a year and either I discovered the fraudulent activity or the vendor or credit card company contacted me about the activity. When I've called Protect My ID to ask about this or tell them about it, they've been tremendously unhelpful. I have this service until June for free, but am thinking about switching to Life Lock and canceling this worthless service. Even for free, it's not worth it!


A. F. K

January 17th, 2014 Oakland, CA

Target offed a free year of this service because of their security leak. I signed up and thought why not. It is completely useless and has no real information on it. They are now sending me alerts every day for something garbage I think in hopes I upgrade or pay for something else that they are selling. The site is set up to make you feel like that important info you need in in that "other" box you must pay for now. The whole thing is a NON SERVICE pile of spamming garbage and is annoying and useless.


Rocky Road

January 16th, 2014 Espanola, NM

My ProtectMyID account locked up a week ago. Still not fixed. I continue to get alerts but cannot login to my account until web page is fixed. IS THAT PROTECTION REALLY? And for $15+ dollars a month. Don't get this product!!!!


Ron Mueller

January 9th, 2014

See my previous comments. I forgot to score ProtectMyID. They certainly don't rate a 10!


Ron Mueller

January 9th, 2014

I was using ProtectMyID until I received an alert and could not access my page on-line to find out what the alert was about. I called their customer service and they initiated a trouble ticket. A week later they called to tell me due to security reasons my account was cancelled and that they would pro-rate a refund. No further explanation was given. What poor service! I also use LifeLock and have never had an issue with them. My advice is to avoid ProtectMyID and use LifeLock.