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LAST UPDATED: May 21st, 2021

For more than 150 years, American Express has been providing customers with services to meet their financial needs.

Although the company has evolved over the years to be primarily focused on providing credit card services, it also offers a credit monitoring and identity monitoring product called CreditSecure, which monitors customers' credit reports and histories for unauthorized and/or fraudulent activity.

Those interested in CreditSecure can request to do a $1, 30-day trial membership period. 

Keep reading to learn more about American Express CreditSecure's identity monitoring service. 

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The Good

  • Tri-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • 30-Day Trial Membership
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Customer Service Availability

Tri-Bureau Credit Monitoring

American Express CreditSecure offers comprehensive daily credit report monitoring for all three major credit bureaus - Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. In addition, those who sign up for the company's credit monitoring service will also have unlimited access to their FICO credit scores.

Many services that provide credit monitoring services, especially free credit monitoring services, do not offer tri-bureau monitoring, 30-day refresh rate, or FICO scores. 

30-Day Trial Membership

As previously mentioned, American Express offers consumers a 30-day trial membership for its CreditSecure product. Consumers can pay $1 for this trial period. After the first 30 days of service, the company will begin to charge a recurring monthly fee of $16.99, which is lower than what some other services charge.  

Real-Time Alerts

If American Express notices any unusual or suspicious activity on a customer's credit report, the company will immediately send a fraud alert notification to the customer to verify the action. If the action is determined to be fraudulent, the necessary steps will be taken to rectify the situation

Customers who have CreditSecure identity theft protection services can obtain dark web monitoring alerts, child monitoring services, social security number monitoring, alerts for personal information and personal data fraud, as well as lost or stolen wallet assistance. 

CreditSecure also gives customers access to fraud assistance agents. 

Customer Service Availability

Unlike some other companies in the industry, American Express' customer service department is available 24/7, which means that customers may contact the company at any time for help or support.


The Bad

  • Lack of Other Monitoring Services
  • Limited Website Information

Lack of Other Monitoring Services

While American Express does offer a credit monitoring service, the company does not monitor bank account information or tax information. This leaves several vulnerable places where identity theft could occur. Those who want this type of additional identity protection may have to look elsewhere. 

Limited Website Information

Although American Express offers some information on its website about its CreditSecure product, there is limited information regarding identity protection services and plans, identity theft insurance, etc. Those who are interested in these details will need to contact a CreditSecure representative. 


The Bottom Line

American Express CreditSecure is a fairly comprehensive product as it provides consumers with both identity and credit monitoring in one service. 

CreditSecure gives consumers daily credit monitoring for all three major bureaus, as well as fraud alerts in the event that suspicious activity is detected.

First-time customers can try out the company's CreditSecure product for 30-days for the cost of $1.

With CreditSecure, customers can get FICO score tracking and alerts, credit report refreshes every 30 days, credit limit and credit utilization alerts, and identity theft protection services including dark web monitoring, child monitoring, social security number monitoring, and lost or stolen wallet assistance. Customers will also have around-the-clock access to dedicated fraud assistance agents.

Unfortunately, the company does not offer certain monitoring services like bank account or tax monitoring and lacks some important information on its website. It is unclear as to whether or not the company offers identity theft insurance or a variety of plan options. Additionally, the company has a 30-day refresh rate while some other companies in the industry offer weekly or daily refreshes. 

If you are searching for basic credit monitoring and identity theft protection services in one place, American Express CreditSecure can be a good option for you. However, if you are looking for a service that provides hefty identity theft insurance, more robust identity restoration services, etc., we recommend that you take the time to consider other options. 

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Ben Leff Houston, TX

I have to respectfully disagree with the review of the Credit Secure service. First, as the name implies, it only protects and monitors your credit and not your identity, which allows them to keep an extremely competitive price point of $14.99/month. I switched over from one of the major Identity/Credit monitoring services because of their poor customer service and $24.99 monthly rate. Amex Credif Secure gives me two full credit reports each month, and I can easily submit fraudulent activity claims through American Express with certainty that the Credit Secure department will cover me. My most recent case was someone charging $250 on one of my Amex cards... Within minutes of calling Amex fraud, they had me on the line with Credif Secure and we set up fraudulent charge alerts for specific cards. All three bureaus were notified and I even received letters in the mail from them. I could not be happier with the service, and as far as billing goes, it has been $14.99/month each month with no hidden fees or up-charges.

5 years ago


Review Source

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janalee sanders Valley Center, CA

we are able to have this service through our AmEx cards. it is comforting to know that when we travel or when Am Ex sees a charge that is unusual, they contact us to make sure it is us that made the charge. I feel like it is a service worth having.

2 years ago

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Janet Selmer, TN

I have had credit secure for a few years and it was good in the past, but this year I had a car accident and I didn't really think about it but I hadn't heard or received any texts messages in some time and just noted that my credit has suffered and although I have to take credit for my part, I am so disappointed that I was never notified with changes with texts like in the past. I will change to another vendor to assure I get information in a timely manner. Otherwise, it is of no use.

2 years ago

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Hasnaa Rkhami New York, NY

Stay away from this service. The information they provide is pretty much useless, and when you run into an issue, expect no help. Last year, I experienced an issue. Since Credit Secure were not able to be of any assistance, which they claim they would, I requested to cancel my account over the phone with a representative. They kept charging my account, and when I requested a refund, they claimed that they couldn't find the phone call where I asked the representative to cancel my account.

2 years ago

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Timothy Sheehan Cheyenne, WY

Like others I have subscribed to Credit Secure for many years. Recently the program change and not only were services reduced the price increased. Additionally since the change over I have not been able to consistently login to Credit Secure, I either receive an error stating subscriber id doesn't exist or that I have been logged out. Credit Secure has not been able to resolve this issue.

3 years ago

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SG Dallas, TX

I have been calling for 2 weeks on hold hours at a time with no resolve. I get an error message saying my subscriber id doesn't exist and American Express has been no help but the are charging my card for the service. I have been on hold for over an hour tonight. They finally picked up and asked same questions with no resolve. They are taking no responsibility at all. Brenda with Credit Secure just put me on hold again 1 hour minutes so far

3 years ago

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Michael BestCo Savas Frederick, MD

Appalling customer service. Was unable to talk to anyone to get guidance on Equifax breach, completely inadequate responses by email, 30 minute wait times on phone, cancelled my subscription without notifying me that my credit card information had expired. Its shameful that AmEx tolerates this sub-par quality, given their brand as a premium card company.

3 years ago

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Erin Thomas Pittsburgh, PA

Don't Do It! Predatory business practices. $1 promotion for first time customers only (with no way of checking to see if you had previously enrolled). Ended up paying $17 for an "approximation" of my credit score when I could have received the ACTUAL scores from the 3 major companies for the same price. Terrible product, terrible customer service, terrible experience all around.

5 years ago

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Johanna Lessinger Brooklyn, NY

CreditSecure keeps cancelling my account, claiming there is missing information from one of the big 3 reporting agencies. CreditSecure won't say WHAT information is missing. When I call the reporting agency they are bewildered--as far as they know no data is missing and my credit is excellent. Have been through this multiple times--a major hassle and time waster. What are we paying them for?

5 years ago

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MaryLynne LaMantia Westminster, CA

I had CreditSecure for several years but then they raised the price and decreased the coverage. After I cancelled, I was rebilled for the increased amount. It took me 2 hours on hold and chatting with AmEx to finally get the charge disputed. I still do not know if the charge will be removed. CreditSecure has THE WORST customer service.

3 years ago

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Carl Manson Lithonia, GA

I received an email that my account was being cancelled because my amx card did not work. When I attempted to call, I was advised that it would be a two hour wait to speak to someone. I called amx to determine if there was a problem with my card and was transferred back credit secure. Very poor customer service.

3 years ago

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Banquo New York, NY

Extremely long wait time to speak with Credit Secure Customer Service (over 40 minutes) but otherwise a good product .

3 years ago

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John P Gloucester, MA

Service does not work. I had a score drop they missed then I could not get an updated credit score.

3 years ago

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