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LAST UPDATED: July 26th, 2022

With over 140 years of experience, York introduced a revolutionary practice into the HVAC industry through its “air washing” system in 1914. Its new air washing system later evolved and became known, in modern times, as air conditioning. Soince becoming a brand of Johnson Controls, York has led efforts in research and development into new HVAC technologies.

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The Good

  • Energy-Efficient
  • Warranty
  • Experience
  • Client-Focused


York has been in the business of innovation from the beginning, wiht its revolutionary “air washing” system was a precursor to the modern-day air conditioning system. Today, York maintains a strong focus on energy efficiency as the world begins to realize the importance of creating sustainable, energy-efficient HVAC systems.


York offers potential customers a 10-year warranty. Because many companies in the industry are not as transparent with warranty information, customers will find York’s upfront warranty information a relief when searching for good HVAC companies.


York got its start as a manufacturing company in 1874 and began by making ice machines to replace the need to ship ice from the Great Lakes. This tendency for innovative, industry-changing methods makes York a unique company in the HVAC industry.


So many of the bigger HVAC companies focus on the expensive, high-end systems that can be sold for more money. It can be frustrating for customers with smaller homes to find a/c and heating systems that fit the size of their houses. York offers attractive designs and space-efficient systems, making its services indispensable for every type of customer.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Information
  • Customer Support

Undisclosed Information

It is extremely difficult to determine pricing information from York’s website. Additionally, there is no information regarding fees. Some companies offer discounts and specials on products or services on their websites, but York does not offer any special incentives from what can be determined on its website.


Customer Support

The website does not include a 24/7 service or an online chat option. York does provide a contact form for customers who are willing to wait for a response. Customers may also call in to find out more information.


The Bottom Line

Even though York doesn’t have much information about pricing and fees, the same is true of most companies in the HVAC industry. York more than makes up for its lack of information with a straightforward warranty and years of expertise in the industry. We recommend that customers consider adding York to their list of possible HVAC providers.

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