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LAST UPDATED: April 24th, 2024

Compressed Air Services employs skilled, factory-trained technicians with extensive experience. The company offers 24-hour service, custom designs and installations, technical support, training, and preventive maintenance programs. They work with all major industrial compressor brands, including reciprocating, rotary screw, and rotary vane, as well as servicing dryers, in-line filters, and drains. Compressed Air Services is committed to delivering high-quality service efficiently and cost-effectively. Their advanced computer system enables them to track the history of customers' equipment and schedule any necessary services.

Compressed Air Services offers a comprehensive range of air compressor and pneumatic systems, as well as a full selection of related products such as lubricants, air dryers, receiver tanks, drain valves, and much more.

The "HPD" unit from Chicago Pneumatic saves floor space and reduces piping by combining a tank-mounted rotary screw compressor with an integrated refrigerated air dryer, coalescing filter, and automatic drain in one compact system.

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The Good

  • Services Offered
  • Products Offered
  • Manufacturers

Services Offered

Compressed Air Services is proud to offer a wide range of products, including:

  • Chicago Pneumatic rotary screw and reciprocating compressors
  • ALMiG/ALUP rotary screw compressors
  • Chicago Pneumatic oil-less scroll compressors
  • Pneumatech air dryers and filtration equipment
  • Bel-Air filtration equipment
  • Pneumatic ancillary products such as cylinders, valves, FRLs, tubing, and fittings
  • Jorc zero-loss drain valves

CAS specializes in variable frequency drive (VFD) and variable speed drive (VSD) rotary screw air compressors, which can help your company save 30-40% on electricity costs.

Products Offered

CAS provides a variety of products, including lubricants, air dryers, air filters, receiver tanks, pneumatic valves, and drain valves.

The company services all makes and models of equipment and offers consulting and engineering services for both new and existing compressed air and pneumatic systems.

Additionally, CAS conducts leak detection, energy audits, and maintenance programs to enhance system efficiency and boost overall performance.


"CAS" carries a wide selection of mineral and synthetic oil reciprocating, rotary screw, and rotary vane air compressors, as well as synthetic oil for blowers and vacuum pumps. The stock includes products from major manufacturers such as:

  • Atlas Copco
  • Champion
  • Chicago Pneumatic
  • Gardner Denver
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Kaeser
  • Quincy
  • Sullair
  • Sullivan-Palatek

For pricing and additional information on the complete product line, contact "The Airheads" by phone or email.


The Bad

  • Service Area
  • Company Limitations

Service Area

Depending on the company's geographic service area, clients outside the covered regions may face limitations in accessing services or may incur additional costs for travel and logistics. Currently the operation services a four-state area including the nation's capital:

  • Maryland
  • Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • Washington D.C.

The company does state that nationally and internationally Compressed Air Services maintains partnerships with the manufacturers it represents, ensuring that it can connect you to the services you need, no matter where you are. Although the company works with major manufacturers and brands, there might be occasional delays in obtaining specific parts or products, which could impact project timelines as well.

Company Limitations

While Compressed Air Services Inc offers a range of high-quality products and services, there may be some potential downsides to consider when working with the company:

  • Long-Term Maintenance: Compressed air systems require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance, which may involve ongoing costs and potential downtime.
  • Dependence on Technicians: Clients may need to rely heavily on the expertise and availability of the company's technicians for maintenance and troubleshooting. Delays in response or service could impact operational efficiency.
  • Technical Complexity: Compressed air systems can be complex, and clients may find it challenging to understand the technical aspects of the systems or services being offered. This might lead to miscommunication or a lack of clarity in expectations.
  • Cost: Compressed air systems and related equipment can be expensive, and the costs may vary depending on the complexity and scale of the project. Clients should be prepared for potential upfront expenses.

While these potential downsides exist, they can often be mitigated through clear communication and setting realistic expectations with the company. Clients should weigh these factors against the benefits offered by Compressed Air Services Inc to determine if the company is the right fit for their needs.


The Bottom Line

Compressed Air Services Inc is a company that specializes in providing compressed air and pneumatic solutions to a wide range of industries. The company offers a comprehensive selection of products, including air compressors, air dryers, filtration equipment, receiver tanks, and pneumatic valves, as well as lubricants and synthetic oils. Compressed Air Services works with major manufacturers such as Atlas Copco, Chicago Pneumatic, Gardner Denver, and Ingersoll Rand, ensuring that clients receive quality products and equipment.

In addition to providing equipment and products, Compressed Air Services also offers consulting and engineering services for both new and existing compressed air and pneumatic systems. The company specializes in variable frequency drive (VFD) and variable speed drive (VSD) rotary screw air compressors, which can help businesses achieve significant energy savings.

Furthermore, Compressed Air Services provides maintenance programs, leak detection, and energy audits to improve system efficiency and overall performance. With a team of skilled and factory-trained technicians, the company prioritizes delivering high-quality service promptly and cost-effectively to its clients.

In conclusion, Compressed Air Services Inc stands out as a reliable partner for all compressed air and pneumatic needs. The company offers a wide range of high-quality products and services, supported by skilled, factory-trained technicians and advanced equipment. Their focus on energy efficiency, system performance, and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the industry. Whether you're looking for new installations, maintenance, or consulting services, Compressed Air Services provides tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of each client. With their commitment to excellence and cost-effective service, clients can trust Compressed Air Services to deliver exceptional results.

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