Arctic Spas was founded in 1994 by a unique group of guys from farms and small rural communities in western Canada. Their focus is on offering the most innovative designs, providing a wonderful hot tub experience, costing less to operate, and requiring the least amount of maintenance. Arctic Spas combine the most advanced spa technology with world-class construction techniques to ensure your enjoyment for years to come.

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The Good

  • Warranty Program
  • Products
  • Automated Spa Care 

Warranty Program 

Arctic Spas offers their customer lifetime warranty program. Customer can have confidence in the product that they have purchased when lifetime warranty if offered by a dealer. 


Arctic Spas offers a wide range of products to choose from. Arctic Spas offers more than just home spas. When you choose to do business with them you can choose from the following products: 

  • Hot tubs 
  • Swim spas 
  • Grillhouses 
  • Gazebos 
  • Additional Accessories 

Automated Spa Care

Arctic Spas offers an automated water care system called Spa Boy, which helps you to control your home spa from your mobile device. Rather than relying on inconvenient manual testing and addition of sanitizer to your spa, Spa Boy automatically senses and maintains ideal spa water conditions. No more test strips, or inaccurate manual dosing of spa water. Spa Boy simply, accurately, and effortlessly maintains perfect, clear, and safe spa water for you.

The Bad

  • Undisclosed Information 
  • Coverage 

Undisclosed Information 

Arctic Spas offers a lot of helpful information on their website. However, there is some important information that customers will not be able to find. When you decide to purchase spas from Arctic Spas you might not be able to find the cancellation or return policy. This is an important information for each customer to know incase they are not satisfied with the product they have purchased.


Arctic Spas only covers 20 out of 50 states. If you do not live in the state that is covered by Arctic Spas you might need to find a home spa dealer in your area.

The Bottom Line

Arctic Spas customers enjoy the wide variety of products that they can choose from, as well as having the option of controlling your home spas from your mobile device. However, undisclosed information of cancellation or return policy might be a reason to consider other hot tub providers.

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