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LAST UPDATED: September 1st, 2021

Dazzle Cleaning is a home services cleaning company located in Seattle, Washington. First opening its doors six years ago, Dazzle Cleaning has cleaned over 1,000 homes, business, apartments, and offices. The company is focused on environmental conservation by using natural cleaning products when possible and is progressive in its employee diversity and company values. 

Dazzle Cleaning supports many local businesses through free cleaning services and donations. It also was selected as a top 10 cleaning business by Porch in 2020, is a member of the GSBA in Seattle, and is certified with EnviroStars — a company who recognizes other companies with green and eco-friendly initiatives.

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The Good

  • Licensed and Bonded 
  • Ad-hoc or Reocurring Cleanings
  • Emphasis on Natural Cleaners
  • Residential and Commercial Cleaning
  • Supports Local Organizations
  • Diverse Company
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Positive Reviews

Licensed and Bonded

Dazzle Cleaning is licensed and bonded, meaning that your belongings are protected from potential damage and each agent is protected in case of an injury on the  job. Being licensed and bonded is exceptionally important for companies in the cleaning industry since they are working very closely in private spaces with your personal belongings.  

Ad-hoc or Reocurring Cleanings

Dazzle Cleaning can be booked for ad-hoc or one-time events, or for recurring weekly or monthly cleanings. This flexibility is important in cleaning companies. 

Emphasis on Natural Cleaners

Whenever possible, Dazzle Cleaning opts for natural, homemade cleaner or cleaners that are eco-friendly. The website also features a video of the company founder, Logan, teaching vierews how to make their own natural cleaners at home. It is rare to find a cleaning company that is so environmentally focused.

Supports Local Organizations

Dazzle Cleaning supports local organizations, nonprofits, and businesses with social missions through complimentary cleanings or donations. The list is extensive, including many health based groups or the St. Francis of Assisi home for those experiencing homelessness.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning

Dazzle Cleaning offers residential and commercial cleaning. The company cleans homes, office spaces, apartments, work spaces, large buildings, and more.

Diverse Company

Dazzle Cleaning prides itself on being “the gayest cleaning company,” with a very diverse group of employees and customers. “Gay Pride” and diversity are core values of Dazzle Cleaning.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Dazzle Cleaning promises customers that they will be satisfied with the work performed. If not, Dazzle Cleaning will return within 24 hours of the initial service and fix the issue.

Positive Reviews

Dazzle Cleaning has received well over a thousand positive reviews from its cleaning services. Customers who previously had terrible experiences with other cleaning companies, or who were first-time users of a cleaning company all found Dazzle Cleaning to be incredible. Additionally, customers love the exceptional customer service and kindness of the employees.


The Bad

  • No Pricing Information on Website
  • Limited Service Area

No Pricing Information on Website

Dazzle Cleaning currently doesn't list any pricing information on its website. This can be common in the home services industry because of the uniqueness of each project; however, listing a ballpark price range may be helpful for potential customers. Additionally, it’s unclear if customers pay at the beginning or end of cleaning and which forms of payment the company accepts.

Limited Service Area

Currently, Dazzle Cleaning only serves those in the Seattle, Washington area.


The Bottom Line

Dazzle Cleaning lives up to its name to “dazzle” customers across the Seattle, Washington area. The company is highly recognized and accredited as an eco-friendly cleaning service for its natural products and cleaners, as well as houses a diverse employee population who proudly stand as “the gayest cleaning company.” The company also supports local businesses with free cleaning services or donations. 

Dazzle Cleaning company can clean any home, business, or apartment. From windows to counters to carpet, customers are secured by a “satisfaction guarantee” and by knowing the company is licensed and bonded. Thousands of customers have been satisfied with Dazzle Cleaning’s work and have left many positive reviews.

Customers can schedule ad-hoc or recurring cleanings with Dazzle Cleaning easily through the company website. When doing so, customers should be sure to ask about information like the price of the cleaning service, when the pay will be charged, and what forms of payment are accepted, as these things are not listed on the website.

Overall, we highly recommend Dazzle Cleaning to those in the Seattle, Washington area for high quality cleaning services that are sure to satisfy. 

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