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LAST UPDATED: May 26th, 2022

Upstate Alarm has provided security solutions to residential and commercial properties in the upstate New York area since 2016. The leadership at Upstate Alarm has over 25 years of experience in the home security industry and they have worked to ensure that Upstate Alarm customers have access to the latest security equipment and monitoring tools on the market.

Upstate Alarm offers services and products including: burglary alarm, commercial fire alarm, video surveillance, access control, medical alert, and intercom. The company particularly excels and specializes in mobile security which ultimately allows customers to monitor home and offices through smart phone, tablet, or computer devices.

Upstate Alarm is a locally owned and operated home security company and is not just a dealer of a larger conglomerate. The company’s services and offerings are strictly its own, and Upstate Alarm prides itself on offering high quality customer care.

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The Good

  • Full Range Security Solutions
  • Rate Lock Guarantee
  • Professional Installation and Training
  • Customer Service

Full Range Security Solutions

The Upstate Alarm team prides itself on offering a full range of security solutions to homeowners and commercial properties. Additionally, Upstate Alarm customers have the ability to pick and choose what home security features are needed for their specific property. Here is how the Upstate Alarm security solutions breakdown:

  • Residential
  • Home security
  • Fire, flood, and CO detection
  • Home automation
  • Home video surveillance
  • Commercial
  • Intrusion detection
  • Business video surveillance
  • Access control
  • Fleet and asset tracking

Both residential and commercial customers will also have access to mobile monitoring as that is one of the Upstart Alarm specialties. While many home security companies offer full range security solutions to customers, not all of them allow the customer to decide what forms of security are wanted/needed, providing complete autonomy to the customer. 

Rate Lock Guarantee

There is not much known about the Upstate Alarm contract conditions, but the company has made it clear that it offers a “Rate Lock Guarantee.” This guarantee ensures that an Upstate Alarm customer’s monthly monitoring fee will never increase as long as they are serviced by the company.

Additionally, Upstate Alarm customers do not have to worry about repair or service costs either. Upstate Alarm does not charge either of those fees. This is a rare and unique offering of the Upstate Alarm service. Many large home security providers will lock in a price for a period of time, but after the contract expires, monthly monitoring rates sometimes increase.

Professional Installation and Training

While many home security providers are turning to DIY and professional installation, Upstate Alarm remains a strictly professionally installed product. This is because the Upstate Alarm team specializes in mobile monitoring and ensures that all products are set up to operate properly while maximizing monitoring area.

The Upstate Alarm tech specialist will ensure that customers have a complete knowledge and understanding of how to operate the system. The Upstate Alarm team also makes sure that any and all features can be easily accessed by the customer and no questions are left unanswered. With a DIY system, often those questions can become problems that go unaddressed. 

Customer Service

One of the biggest draws to the Upstate Alarm service is the personal and dedicated customer service. Clients of Upstate Alarm have raved about the attention to detail and immediate responsiveness of the Upstate Alarm team. Since the company is locally owned and operated, it has a vested interest in the community and customer base.

As a result, Upstate Alarm’s customer services has received nothing short of praise for its customer service dealings. This is not typical of many home security companies operating within the industry. In fact, poor customer service is often the main complaint of home security customers. Upstate Alarm customers will most likely not have to deal with long holding periods or weeks without service because the team at Upstate Alarm is ready to help at a moment’s notice.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Cancellation and Contract Information
  • Limited Service Area

Undisclosed Cancellation and Contract Information

It is unclear whether or not Upstate Alarm requires any sort of contract term or cancellation penalties. While the company has a rate lock guarantee, it is not known whether or not that rate lock comes as a result of a locked-in contract.

Since there is no information made public about Upstate Alarm’s contract terms, there is also no information on cancellation penalties or fees as a result of canceling the company’s services. Most home security companies make contract terms and cancellation penalties public, allowing prospective clients to fully understand what is at stake when signing up for home security services. 

Limited Service Area

While operating as a locally owned home security company has its personal advantages for customers, it drastically reduces the number of potential home security clients Upstate Alarm can manage. As of right now, Upstate Alarm services only what the company name entails — the upstate New York area, specifically Rochester, New York.

Customers outside of this service area will not be able to use the Upstate Alarm service. Many home security providers offer service on a national level and are able to accommodate customers from all 50 states, but Upstate Alarm is not one of them.


The Bottom Line

As a locally owned and operated enterprise, Upstate Alarm works diligently to provide top of the line security solutions to its customers. With a rate lock guarantee, Upstate Alarm customers can rest assured that both their wallet and safety are always in check.

While Upstate Alarm would be a worthwhile home security provider for residents and business owners in the upstate New York area, it is not viable for any prospective home security customers outside of that service area.

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