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LAST UPDATED: August 13th, 2021

Simplx Security provides Indiana homeowners with state-of-the-art security panels that not only protect their homes but communicate with a variety of smart home devices. 

Simplx Security is locally owned and operates throughout Northern and Central Indiana.

The company offers its services to both residential and commercial customers with a variety of security products. Simplx also installs/services fire systems, access control, home automation devices, and audio-video appliances.

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The Good

  • One-Stop Shop
  • Pet-Immune Motion Detection
  • Camera Setups

One-Stop Shop

The variety of services that Simplx Security offers is great for homeowners (and businesses) that want to work with one company for all their security and safety needs. Not only can Simplx Security install a state-of-the-art security system, the company also offers products that can transform your home into a "smart" home.  

Pet-Immune Motion Detection

Simplx Security's technicians are sure to discreetly place all door/window sensors throughout your home (making sure you have maximum security coverage). 

Additionally, Simplx Security's sensors are perfect for pet owners. The company states that its pet-immune sensors won't go off if your cat decides to jump up next to the window. Just keep in mind that the sensors are "immune" up to 40 pounds; if your pet is larger than that, you may need to consider another option. 

Camera Setups

When shopping for a security camera with Simplx Security, consumers can choose between a wireless setup and a hard-wired system. 

Both have pros and cons; with wireless, the camera is quickly and easily connected to your alarm system and automatically records if the alarm is triggered. Consumers can also view the video feed directly from an app. 

Wired cameras systems are known for the best video quality. The hard-wired camera systems are typically a stand-alone service and separate from your monitored alarm system. The secure connection ensures that you receive the best quality video, no matter how far away you are from your DVR.


The Bad

  • Missing Pertinent Information on Website

Missing Pertinent Information on Website

Unfortunately, consumers may shy away from Simplx Security due to the lack of detailed information on the website. 

Most other security companies will include monthly payments, contract lengths, money-back guarantees, equipment warranty information, installation turnaround times, etc. 

While we are confident that if you work with the company, Simplx Security will give you this information, it would be nice for consumers comparing companies to have this information disclosed upfront. 

Even if Simplx Security provided some of this information on a Frequently Asked Questions page, consumers would know what to expect when working with Simplx Security. 


The Bottom Line

Voted the #1 security company in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Simplx Security is a locally owned and operated security system provider. 

The company got its start in 2008 and has garnered a solid amount of industry experience and a loyal clientele. Simplx Security offers a variety of home security and other services to both residential and commercial customers, so it's a perfect solution for those who need a security company for their business needs. 

Remember that the website isn't the most upfront with equipment, payment, or warranty information. So you'll want to ask about it during your free estimate or whenever you speak with a company representative. 

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