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LAST UPDATED: May 27th, 2022

Select Security, powered by, is a home security system and home automation company, that has been serving home and business owners across 14 states since its founding in 2003. The home security company provides integrated systems that include security, fire alarm, access control, video camera surveillance, life safety, and more. In 2014, Select Security was named the "Installer of the Year" by Security, Sales & Integration magazine, and also made the INC 5,000 list for fastest growing companies.

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The Good

  • No Installation Fees
  • Home Security and Smart Home Equipment
  • Professional Monitoring

No Installation Fees

Although customers will need to pay for their home security and smart home equipment upfront, they'll be happy to know that Select Security does not charge any installation fees for any of the system components. Considering the company's expert team of home security technicians conduct a thorough walkthrough and professional installation, the lack of installation fees is a great deal!

The company provides a 90-day service and installation guarantee, meaning if the security system does not meet customer standard's within the first three months, they can get their money back.

Home Security and Smart Home Equipment

Select Security provides a full suite of home security and automation equipment to help keep homes and businesses safe:

  • Indoor Camera — 1080p; view live feeds from your mobile device; HD night vision; pan-and-tilt
  • Smart Thermostat — optimize heating/cooling costs; adjust temperature remotely
  • Flood Sensor — instant text alerts and notifications
  • Smart Lights — wirelessly control light bulbs from anywhere
  • IQ Panel — built-in disarm camera; color touchscreen
  • Appliance Controller — manage outlet use from a smartphone or mobile device
  • Doorbell Camera — two-way voice communication; video analytics; mobile app compatible
  • Smart Lock — keyless technology; remote access control
  • Glass Break Sensor — monitors the sound of breaking glass within 20 feet; tamper-proof
  • Smoke/Heat Detector — 24/7 monitoring; email and text alerts
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector — 24/7 monitoring; email and text alerts
  • Pet Immune Motion Sensor — pet immune up to 40 pounds; infrared heat sensor; home automation
  • compatible
  • Window/Door Sensor — comes in a pack of three; wireless design
  • Outdoor Camera — live streaming security camera; cloud storage; video alerts; high-definition recording
  • Remote Access Keyfob — arm/disarm the home security system remotely
  • Mobile Panic Button — on-the-go medical alert

Proessional Monitoring

Select Security owns four UL-listed, CSAA Five Diamond Certified professionally monitoring centers. For a monthly fee of $42.99, these stations provide responsive, redundant support, meaning if one station goes down, the others will pick up the slack.


The Bad

  • Lengthy Service Contract
  • No DIY Installation Option

Lengthy Service Contract

Per verified Select Security reviews on Best Company, Select Security attaches a hefty, five-year contract to its security systems. Although this long contract term is common to the home security industry, it's considered to be on the high end. Leading home security providers sign customers up for as little as one to three years — some even provide month-to-month terms. Something else customers need to be aware of is contracts with Select Security will auto-renew after five years.

No DIY Installation Option

Although the company does not apply installation fees to its professionally installed systems, neither does it appear to provide a DIY installation option for customers interested in assembling and building their home security system themselves.


The Bottom Line

As with any home security company, customers are encouraged to read their service contract thoroughly before signing up for security and smart home services from Select Security. That said, the company   has a credible partner in and provides a full array of industry-leading equipment and monitoring services. No installation fees, and an average monthly fee for professional monitoring make the company a good candidate for customers living within its 14-state service area.

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betty cusson

Thanks to andy. Our alarm is working Great. You did your job from the start and the final . You are a professional in your job. Thanks so much or a great job!again thanks betty cusson and I think you should go great in your profession.

6 years ago

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kathleen montgomery Philadelphia, PA

the only problems I have is when their equipment goes haywire and you need someone to come out to look at it .50.00 service call. I have had it for 15 years. it was ADP then Select took over and used the same equipment. I know I can get better service but don't have the time. So I will be keeping it until then. Their notifications are not at all very good!!

4 years ago

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Michael Otteson Mechanicsburg, PA

We were approached by a salesman knocking on doors. He sold us on some features that did not work, like remotely controlling our thermostat from a phone. He did not say how long the contract was. A phone call from the company told me it was 5 years. It appears they had a team of salesmen and installers going from state to state. This one was from Utah. The biggest complaint is that my credit card has changed numbers twice since that time. It is always a hassle. One time I gave them a new card number, they billed it but missed a month. Started getting over due notices etc. Contacting them was nearly impossible. Seems like one person does it all. Recently a battery needed to be replaced and we set off the fire alarm by mistake. THe button is unmarked and right next to the battery compartment. Called them and they said that they could not recall a fire alarm. Fireman cae, My 5 years is up thankfully. Terrible customer service.

5 years ago

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M. Moser Euless, TX

My security provider sold "my contract" to Select Security. In the past 13 days the Select monitoring staff have notified me during the day while I was at work the alarm was going off and asked if I wanted the police dispatched; which of course I did. The first time it occurred (13 days ago) I asked if someone would let me know if my home was breeched and was told yes. Unfortunately an hour later I had not received any follow-up information so I called them back. I was told they "think" everything was okay because the police did not notify them. I called my former provider and complained this is not "secure" security and received an apology and an assurance the supervisor of the monitoring company would be notified. Today I receive 2 calls 2 hours apart the system is alarming again. The earlier call, I agreed to dispatch the police. And as happened before, no one followed-up with me. THEN 2 hours later, it happened again. By now I realize I must have a malfunction in the sensor. So again I call my previous provider and learn my "contract" was sold to Select and they really can not help me. IN FACT, Al told me I can't cancel my service with Select and return to the previous provider due to a "conflict of interest." What he really meant was their contract has a non-compete agreement preventing my former company from taking back their former customers. At my request, Select is sending a service tech to look at the window to determine why the false alarms are going off and I will then cancel Select Security as soon as possible. The monitoring staff at Select are poorly trained, unprofessional, never offered to schedule a tech to come check out the system and clearly don't care whether the customer feels safe.

4 years ago

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Stay away from this company! I had service with Select Security for 7 years during which time I had multiple issues with their system such as the "trouble" light going on or the alarm going off for no reason. The police have been dispatched to our home at which time our neighbor had to let them into our house in order to clear it. There was no problem. What finally was the end for me was when my neighbor was contacted (neither my husband nor I received a call) by Select Security and called to tell me the police were being dispatched AGAIN to our home. WE WERE HOME. THE ALARM WAS NOT GOING OFF IN THE HOUSE, nor had it gone off, but for some unknown reason it was going off at the central station. Again, there was NO reason for the alarm to go off. I then had another company install a new service. When I called Select Security to cancel their service I was informed that my 5 year contract had AUTOMATICALLY renewed in 2017 and it had to pay the remainder of the 5 years, until 2022, to cancel their service. They do not notify you that your contract is going to renew and I do not recall ever being told about the 5 year automatic renewal. I was told it is written on the back of the contract I had signed 7 years earlier. I would have not changed security companies without good reason. My point is that I would think the system was working properly after being “fixed” by their tech and then there would be a problem again. I no longer felt secure or that the Select Security system was dependable and therefore breached their end of the deal. I should not have to worry about how my security system is going to behave and whether or not an alarm is valid or false. I now feel as though I am being robbed by Select Security and not a burglar.

4 years ago

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Karen davis Lewisville, TX

To expensive. When the sales person sold us the system we were told that repair service was included reason i was paying a premium. Original company sold my contract to select security and they charge for repairs. System stopped work door switches fell off door. Contract is up tgis month needless to say i will not renew. I also had a 5 yr contract.

5 years ago

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Mark Mentor, OH

Service bad prices went up. We used to be with another company until Select took them over. Prices went up and service went down. They say they can’t find techs. Very dishonest and immoral company.. I hope these smaller companies start fighting back. Select Security has to be stopped

4 years ago