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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Midwest Alarm Services was founded in 1950 as Reliable Life Safety Systems. Over time, the company grew and in 1964 was named a full line Notifier distributor. By 1994, Midwest Alarm Systems became a Notifier Engineered Systems Company (NESCO) distributor, which is the highest level of distributorship available. 

Security companies took notice of Midwest Alarm Services and by 1998, the company was acquired by Per Mar Security Services. This allowed the Iowa-based company the opportunity to expand and grow the business. By 2001, the Midwest Alarm Services was able to move into five other states.

There are over 400 worldwide NESCO distributors, and in 2003 Midwest Alarm Services was named the top performing supplier of Notifier equipment. The company provides fire protection, life safety, and security solutions to commercial-grade properties. 

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The Good

  • Security Solutions
  • Service Area
  • Fire Protection

Security Solutions

The Midwest Alarm Services security solutions are designed to compliment the comprehensive fire protection services the company offers. Midwest Alarm security systems are designed to protect buildings from intrusion and other threats through electronic security systems. The security systems are integrated with the fire protection services offered and include the following:

  • Business Security Systems — These serve as the first line of defense against intruders for round-the-clock protection.
  • Video Surveillance Systems —  HD video surveillance systems with video monitoring and video verification services offer unmatched 24/7 business security.
  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring —  Offers the quickest response times when emergencies occur.
  • Access Control Systems —  Increases safety for employees, patients and students by allowing specific access via electronic key cards. Also known as access control, this system integrates with both burglar alarm and video surveillance nicely.

While many security companies are able to offer these levels of security to commercial clients, not all companies specifically cater the system to the property to ensure complete protection. 

Service Area

When Midwest Alarm Services was acquired by Per Mar Security, the company was able to immediately begin expansion into other areas. Prior to the acquisition, Midwest Alarm only serviced the state of Iowa. Within a matter of years, Midwest Alarm expanded its service into five other states, including:

  • Iowa
  • Illinois
  • Wisconsin
  • Nebraska
  • Kansas
  • Missouri

This is important to note because most security companies have relatively limited geographical service areas. Only a few companies within the security industry are able to offer security services beyond state lines, and Midwest Alarm Services is one of those companies.

Fire Protection

Fire protection is the main focus of Midwest Alarm Services. An average of 80,000 commercial fires take place across the United States each year. To combat these threats, Midwest Alarm Services offers comprehensive fire protection. Each Midwest Alarm Services fire system is specifically designed to prevent loss of life and reduce property damage.

Fire services offered by Midwest Alarm Services include the following:

  • Design and engineering
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Inspections

Not every security company takes into consideration the threat fire can pose, but Midwest Alarm Services equips each property with everything it needs to be protected from fires.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Contract Information
  • No Pricing Information
  • Commercial Grade Services Only

Undisclosed Contract Information

Contracts are relatively standard within the security industry. Equipment and installation takes time and costs money, so security companies prefer to lock in customers for a period of time. Contracts usually range anywhere from 12 to 48 months, and the terms of each contract outline early termination fees and moving policies.

However, Midwest Alarm Services has not made any contract information public, making it difficult to understand the terms and restraints of the service.

No Pricing Information

Every security and fire system that Midwest Alarm Services installs is specifically designed to protect the individual property. Since each property will require varying types of equipment and have different monitoring needs, prices are unique to each client.

Because of this customization, Midwest Alarm Services is unable to provide firm monthly monitoring costs thus making pricing information impossible to know until the consultation is complete.

Many security companies offer basic security solutions with professional monitoring prices set in stone throughout the duration of the contract. That is not the case with Midwest Alarm Services.

Commercial Grade Services Only

Since its founding, Midwest Alarm Services has worked to provide commercial-grade properties with the protection needed to keep everyone on the premises safe.

However, the company only provides security and fire services to commercial properties. Homeowners will need to look elsewhere for security solutions. Most security companies service both residential and commercial properties, but Midwest Alarm Services only works with commercial customers.

Access control systems can be designed and installed by Midwest Alarm Services on the following properties:

  • Commercial and industrial businesses
  • K-12 schools
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Detention centers
  • Colleges and universities 

The Bottom Line

Midwest Alarm Services provides comprehensive security and fire protection services to several midwest cities and states. The company is a top-performing distributor for Notifier, equipment that is made by top security manufacturer Honeywell. Midwest Alarm Services has equipped commercial and industrial businesses with the protection needed to ensure the complete safety of employees.

There are some questions surrounding the Midwest Alarm Services platform, however. No monthly monitoring pricing or contract terms are specified publicly, so prospective customers will have to reach out to the Midwest Alarm team directly. That is not necessarily uncommon in the commercial security industry as each property’s equipment and monitoring needs vary.

The partnership with Notifier along with the experience in the security industry qualifies Midwest Alarm Services to supply high-level commercial security. The service is highly recommended for commercial properties, but prospective home security customers will need to go elsewhere for protection services. 

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