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LAST UPDATED: September 26th, 2019

Sharx Security offers indoor and outdoor security cameras with both wireless and wired capabilities. They shoot high-definition picture and most have an impressive 118-degree field of vision, making them ideal for covering a full room and most of a yard space. Though the company is relatively new, they have been so far largely commended for the quality of their home security products.

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The Good

  • High Picture Quality
  • Field of View
  • Cost

High Picture Quality

The high picture quality is a great benefit that the Sharx Security cameras have over other brands. They consistently shoot crisp and detailed videos all at 1080p (full HD picture). If you're unsure of what that looks like, you can see a live stream from one of their cameras right on their website. The proof is right there in the smoothly streamed feed and high level of detail, and they make it easy for you to see it for yourself before you buy.

Field of View

The 118-degree field of view makes the outdoor camera very useful. If properly placed backed up in a corner or at the far end, the camera can cover most of an average-sized front or back yard. It can be hard to find this wide a lens on the home security market- this alone makes the outdoor Sharx Security camera an attractive option.


The cost of the wired/wireless outdoor security camera units is pretty low for what they can do. Even the indoor security cameras are fairly priced, some at a full $100 lower than the outdoor units. With such high quality video and the sleek look that both the indoor and outdoor bodies have, you would be hard pressed to find this kind of deal from other competing companies.


The Bad

  • Not Waterproof
  • Customer Support
  • Limited Storage

Not Waterproof

As convenient as the outdoor camera can be, Sharx Security has unfortunately not yet addressed one of its glaring flaws: the outdoor casing of the camera isn't waterproof. This makes it very vulnerable and dramatically reduces its usefulness as a sturdy and versatile outdoor unit. You will have to make an additional camera cover purchase if you'd like more flexibility in your camera placement.

Customer Support

Company support is minimal, especially on their website. It only offers a few outbound links, directing those interested in buying a camera away to do so on other websites. There are a few models you can get by pressing a simple "buy now" button, but that all goes through Paypal. Sharx Security also does not offer free shipping and limited support resources (despite all their installation being completely up to the user).

Limited Storage

In addition, the storage capabilities on Sharx Security cameras are very limited. You can only record video onto an SD card- there are no cloud storage options available at this time. Especially when it comes to the outdoor units, you may have trouble keeping a handle on all the video events you could easily access with other brands.


The Bottom Line

The Sharx Security camera systems are ideal for those who know what they're getting into. It's necessary to have some knowledge of SD storage and troubleshooting basic technical issues with the Sharx cameras, largely because support is minimal and there is no simple cloud storage interface available. If these issues won't be a problem, then it's a great video surveillance option for a wide variety of spaces.

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JJ77 Colorado Springs, CO

Have found their on line help is exceptional. They have answered questions even on weekends. Have one of their older cameras and have had no problems even in extreme weather conditions. Also have two of their newer cameras and their NVR and have been extremely happy with yard coverage, storage/replay and picture detail. Felt cost vs quality made this a very good system.

4 years ago