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LAST UPDATED: June 18th, 2021

Dixon Security was founded in 2006 in California. Since then, it has expanded to Orange County and San Francisco, California, as well as the Salt Lake City, Utah area. The company specializes in business security cameras but also does home security, with over 50 different cameras and systems to choose from. The company won Best of State in Utah for best maintenance in 2015 and 2018. Customers who use Dixon Security talk of the team’s extreme attention to detail and friendly, prompt, and excellent service.

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The Good

  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Professional or DIY Installation
  • Interactive App
  • Spy Shop

1-Year Warranty

Dixon Security offers a protected one-year warranty for customers with accounts paid in full, who live within the range of service, and with cameras that have not undergone tampering. If a customer lives outside the range of service, the team will still offer a maintenance check; however, a travel fee will be charged. A one-year warranty is typical in the home security camera field and is a sign of a company that trusts its products and cares for its customers.

Professional or DIY Installation

Dixon Security offers professional installation on all cameras and camera systems. Its team of highly trained professionals can ensure that installation happens correctly and that the customer is most satisfied with the system. During installment, Dixon Security’s team will address camera focus, camera range, and make sure there are enough cameras to cover the area of interest. 

If customers would prefer to instal the cameras by themselves, Dixon Security does allow for DIY installation and provides extensive resources to do so. While DIY installation is always an option, Dixon Security highly encourages customers to allow its team of experts to install in order to ensure the best experience.

Interactive App

Dixon Security cameras come with a fully-equipped app, making it easy for customers to watch live-footage from their cameras from anywhere 24/7. For customers who would like this feature, a Wi-Fi plan must be selected. Customers can also store video footage or photos directly to their phone, making it easy to return to specific dates for video surveillance. 

Dixon Security’s app also allows you to zoom in and out of video footage. This feature is helpful for identifying details like license plate numbers or faces and is not always offered in business or home security systems. 

Spy Shop

One of Dixon Security’s most unique characteristics is its Spy Shop. Dedicated to the best quality cameras, the Spy Shop is stocked with over 10 small, discrete mini cameras, including a tie camera, pen camera, watch camera, and sunglasses camera. For customers who want a particular surveillance for a small space or who just want a little fun, you can find many options at Dixon Security’s Spy Shop.


The Bad

  • Chunky Design
  • No Pricing Information on the Website
  • Limited Service Area

Chunky Design

Focused on industrial or large businesses, Dixon Security’s cameras tend to be chunky and bulky. This is great for those looking to make a statement and let potential intruders, shoplifters, etc. know that they are being recorded, however homeowners may not find the design as appealing. Dixon Security can hide cameras, but if the visual appearance of the camera is desired, homeowners may find more sleek, discrete options elsewhere.

No Pricing Information on Website

Dixon Security displays over 50 different cameras, recorders, and HDTVI systems on its website but displays no pricing information or specific details for any of its products. The company does promise that all cameras use 1080p HD Quality (a good quality standard for security cameras), but customers should request a free estimate and research each camera, including system pricing and storage plans, before purchasing. 

Limited Service Area

Currently, Dixon Security is only available in the Salt Lake City, Utah area; Orange County, California; and San Diego, California.


The Bottom Line

Dixon Security Cameras is a great option for Utah or California businesses who are in need of a security system. The company offers over 50 different cameras, recorders, and HDTVI systems, all backed by a one-year warranty, allowing businesses the flexibility to select what they most need. 
When choosing to purchase from Dixon Security Systems, customers should thoroughly research pricing options and plans, given that there is no information provided about these things on the website. Customers should be aware of the camera and system’s price as well as a storage plan for accessing recordings either through the camera or on the app. 

Homeowners may also want to steer clear of Dixon Security’s Cameras, given that this business-focused company’s cameras are more chunky and bulky. For homeowners looking for a more discrete or sleek look, other companies may have more suitable options.

Overall, Dixon Security Cameras offers excellent customer service and a wide variety of camera security systems. With thorough pricing research, Dixon Security Cameras can be a viable option. 

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