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LAST UPDATED: March 7th, 2023

Well-known for its commercials, Progressive is a helpful tool for finding home insurance quotes. It also offers common discounts for the industry that can help lower your insurance cost, despite not mentioning a claims-free discount.

Beyond discounts, policyholders can benefit from Progressive's contractor network, which can make it easier to find someone to repair damage to your home.

While Progressive has many positive characteristics, there is limited customer insight and whether its high financial strength ratings apply to home insurance policies is unclear.

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The Good

  • Online Quote Comparison
  • Helpful Savings Opportunities
  • Educational Information

Online Quote Comparison

Progressive makes it easy to compare policies from multiple insurers through its HomeQuote Explorer® tool. Once you submit the necessary information, you'll be able to view homeowners policy options and compare coverage offered alongside insurance premium rates.

This tool makes it easier to find a coverage option that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Helpful Savings Opportunities

Progressive offers many ways to save with discounts and helpful features. Progressive offers discounts on the premium for getting a quote in advance, home safety features, buying a new home, paying the 12-month policy at once, going paperless, and new construction on your home.

These discount offerings are common for a homeowners insurance company. However, other insurers offer discounts for being claims-free for a certain amount of time, and Progressive's list doesn't mention a similar discount.

In addition to the above discounts, Progressive also offers a discount for bundling home and car insurance.  

Another advantage of bundling is that if you file a claim that applies to both policies, you only have to pay one deductible. This feature helps you save money on out-of-pocket costs when you use your policy.

Progressive also recommends contractors in the event of a claim. In some cases, using these recommended contractors can help you get better prices for repairs.

Educational Information

Progressive offers helpful information on its site about home insurance including different types of coverage and which perils are covered. You can also get information on the details necessary for viewing quotes on insurance rates.


The Bad

  • Insufficient Customer Insight
  • Unclear Financial Strength
  • Limited Discounts

Insufficient Customer Insight

Progressive home insurance reviews are few on, so conclusions about the customer experience are limited. However, it's promising that reviews are largely positive.

Unclear Financial Strength

High financial strength ratings show that an insurance provider is financially stable and likely to be able to meet its claims obligations. Progressive mentions its high financial strength ratings for auto insurance, but it's uncertain whether these high ratings would apply to its home insurance policies.

Even if you buy home insurance from another carrier, you'll want to double check the financial strength ratings before making a purchase.

Limited Discounts

Progressive offers many savings opportunities on home insurance coverage. However, many home insurance companies offer claims-free discounts for policyholders. Progressive's website doesn't mention this discount. If you're interested in receiving this kind of discount, you may need to consider another home insurance company.


The Bottom Line

A Progressive home insurance policy is worth investigating further, particularly if you have a Progressive auto insurance policy. The bundling discount and the ability to only pay one deductible if you make a claim that applies to both policies are advantageous.

If you're looking for the best deal, you can benefit from Progressive's HomeQuote Explorer tool that makes it easy to compare insurance coverage and pricing.

Before you purchase a homeowners insurance policy through Progressive or another insurer, check the financial strength ratings to ensure you're choosing a reliable company.

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Bionic Raptor San Luis Obispo, CA

Website is a disaster, can’t ever find me as a customer when I try and log in. Will let me pay the bill without logging in but not after I log in. Always polite on the phone but can’t fix anything when it comes to billing problems.

4 months ago


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Monique Snow Sterling, CT

I initially loved the fact that my rate was very affordable. However, year 2 came and the rate went way up. I have never had to file a claim. I keep the company just for the convenience of it. My auto policies are also with progressive, so I get a multi policy discount.

3 months ago


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Sean Zernickow Monument, CO

Great rates on insurance. We had them for auto and renters insurance. Appreciate the flexibility they have. Appreciate the relationship with them just moved from renting a home to owning, and their cost on homeowners insurance did not align with our objectives!

5 months ago Edited October 14, 2022


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Henry Lebensbaum Andover, MA

i have all my insurance with this company. Customer service is very good. The prices are less than some others, like Omaha's. Keeping in contact with me is not as good as i would like that caused my umbrella to lapse. i am generally satified,

6 months ago


Review Source

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charles shaw Naples, FL

Very reasonable rates but had to switch because they don’t cover solar panels from wind damage or lanai’s in Florida

5 months ago


Review Source

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Sideeq H. Muhammad Cincinnati, OH

I don't like their offers but they don't seem very passionate

3 months ago Edited December 14, 2022