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LAST UPDATED: March 21st, 2023

Founded in 2003 and based in Westlake, Texas, Goosehead Insurance offers insurance from more than 80 carriers on its platform for home, auto, umbrella, flood, and specialty insurance. Goosehead Insurance aims to bring a fresh approach to purchasing insurance with evolving technology and agents that care more about the client than the carrier. 

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The Good

  • Over 80 Carrier Options
  • Independent Agents 

Over 80 Carrier Options 

When you work with Goosehead, you have access to home insurance coverage options from many carriers rather than just a handful. 

Goosehead Insurance carriers include well-known national brands as well as lesser-known brands that may provide enhanced local coverage. The many carrier options available include the following: 

  • AIG
  • Chubb
  • CSE
  • Encompass
  • The Hartford
  • Hippo
  • Kemper
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Mercury Insurance
  • Metlife
  • National General 
  • Progressive 
  • Pure
  • Travelers
  • Wellington 

Independent Agents 

Goosehead agents are independent, which means they’re not locked into rules dictated by one particular carrier as is the case with captive agents. Therefore, agents can focus on representing clients without as much pressure to meet sales quotas for a particular carrier.


The Bad

  • Traditional Sales Process  
  • Variable Discounts

Traditional Sales Process  

While Goosehead does utilize innovative technology and back-office support to agents and clients, there is still a traditional aspect of insurance sales involved rather than a completely online experience. You do need to speak directly with a licensed representative at some point to confirm your purchase. 

Variable Discounts

Additionally, home insurance discounts vary by state and insurance providers.


The Bottom Line

Goosehead Insurance aims to provide national coverage with local representation, and it seems to meet those aims impressively. With more than 80 carriers to choose from, you’re likely to find a home insurance option that meets your needs and budget.

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Kevin Rymes St. Petersburg, FL

Started out wonderful after agent Nick V helped us secure a HO policy on our home we purchased in a historic district. About a month or so later we received a notice of cancellation from the insurer with their citing the home’s historic nature and evidence of a crawlspace foundation as their reasoning. I realize this may be more a fault of the insurer, but why are the agents not asking these questions beforehand if there’s the potential for reasoning of this sort for basis of cancellation or non-insurance positions? Furthermore, I reached out to Mr. V immediately upon receipt of the cancellation notice and it was like pulling teeth for well over a week to get a committed response from him. I was asking him to move mountains - just a simple, “Yes, we received your information and cancellation notice and we are working on ensuring you’ll be safe and secure prior to cancellation taking effect.” Something to that effect was absolutely warranted and we did not receive anything of the sort from him. I left a few text messages, a few emails and a voicemail and was getting nowhere. Mr. V finally reached out to me after I had abandoned any hope of hearing back from him at that point. I had already secured a new policy with a separate insurer from a different local agent who gave me wonderful customer service. I proceeded to explain my position to Mr. V at which point he became a little argumentative with me and stated he had informed me he had received my info and had notified me he was working on it. I did not recall this, but I took him at his word, apologized for my error if that indeed was the case but then told him it still in my mind didn’t excuse the fact that I had repeatedly reached out to him asking him kindly to simply let me know where we stood and I got nothing. I then got a response from him stating something to the effect of, “I have hundreds of clients and lots of cancellations. You had to wait your turn in line and I told you I would get to you.” I’m certainly no customer service guru but I used to work in the service industry for a long time and I’m pretty sure “the customer is always right” still applies in cases such as these. We ended up coming to an understanding and allowed bygones to be bygones and Mr. V did end up providing me with a new quote, but it was too late at that point as we were within a few days of our cancellation and my anxiety was through the roof and we had already settled with a new policy.

3 days ago

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Lora shoemaker Covington, TX

Don’t use this company. I am furious. I made a payment to Goosehead for my flood insurance policy in Aug 2022(due date). On Oct 4th I received a cancellation notice from Progressive for non payment. I contacted Goosehead on Oct 5th and was told the payment would go out overnight express. On Oct 11 2022 I got another cancellation notice from Progressive regarding my flood ins policy. I today (Oct 12th) have been on hold with Progressive to speak with a Mgr for over 2 1/2 hours. The agent that keeps coming back on the line telling me she is trying to get a Mgr told me this happened with another customer of hers and my payment did not go out over night express it went out 5 -7 day mail. So they have had MY money for over a month(since Aug) and then lied to me about sending the payment overnight express. If this has happened to other customers what is this company doing with customers money while the customers are getting cancellation notices. I recommend finding another insurance agency to do business with. I am going to.

5 months ago

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A 1 Mesquite, TX

I had a great experience with Goosehead for my home insurance when purchasing my last home. I switched from them during Covid because because like so many companies, there was very little phone coverage when to take my calls when questions arose in 2020 and some of 2021. However, now that things are somewhat back to normal, I've received an even better quote than what I had previously and I decided to to return to them for my home AND auto insurance this time.

1 year ago Edited February 28, 2023

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joe woodchuck

Goosehead lied about a boarded up broken window which needed fixing or they would cancel our policy in two weeks. There's no such broken and boarded up window on our house. They also ignored two separate requests to discuss the matter.

5 months ago

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Rozain Casie-Chitty Elkridge, MD

I have a competitive quote on auto but have tried many times to get my goosehead agent Jennifer L to change an error in my rental insurance coverage to no avail. We have been paying for home insurance when it should have been apartment insurance all along.

6 months ago

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V B Pasadena, TX

There is not much to like about this company. They are great when you are BUYING insurance - they have millions of agents who will help you promptly and the process is pretty easy. From there, it's straight downhill. They do nothing to help you when you have a claim. The paper pushers who process your applications get very little correct and the process becomes a nightmare. When you try to cancel - forget about it. No one will do anything at that point. I was so fed up with not getting calls returned, etc., I tried to call the 1-800 number and heard that the wait time was in excess of 30 minutes. I find that completely unacceptable.

1 year ago