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LAST UPDATED: November 14th, 2022

Intro to Compassionate Finance

Compassionate Finance was founded to service those who need assistance with medical expenses but do not have the financial ability to do so when the concern arises. With a personal loan from Compassionate Finance, patients can receive the medical attention they need without having to pay the bill immediately. There are qualifications that need to be met on behalf of the individual prior to receiving a personal loan through Compassionate Finance, but the process prior to enrollment is kept relatively simple. 

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The Good

  • Affordable payments
  • Common procedures

Affordable Payments

Compassionate Finance is a lender that provides simple and flexible financing solutions to help patients overcome the financial burdens of healthcare. Through affordable monthly payments, Compassionate Finance makes it easy for individuals to receive the care they need without having to stress the immediate effects of healthcare expenses. If you are looking for medical loans but are worried that you will not qualify because you have a bad credit score, Compassionate Finance is a great place for you.  The only strict requirement that exists according to advertiser disclosure is the existence of an active bank account.  A borrower only needs to prove the existence of such an account and medical expenses will then be eligible for funding.

Health Insurance will not always cover procedures which is where Compassionate Finance comes into play. Whether necessary or aesthetic, Compassionate Finance may be able to cover the qualified procedure.

Some payment plan amounts are determined by the specific procedure or treatment that you receive from your healthcare provider.  The interest rate given to each customer and other fees included are unique to each customer. Financing options are offered for individuals in any circumstance.  Currently Compassionate Finance does not advertise origination fees. 

Compassionate Finance claims to have no hidden fees. This should help reduce the costs of medical bills and make medical loans more manageable. The process of approval should take between 30 seconds and one minute.   Once approved, repayment terms are negotiable before the personal loan is given.   

Common Procedures

While Compassionate Finance will look at each individual case, there are common procedures that are typically funded and covered. These procedures include:

  • Cosmetic - procedures typically funded include reconstructive surgery, breast augmentation, liposuction, laser hair removal, and hair transplants. There are other cosmetic surgeries available for financing, but it will require additional consultation.
  • Dental - for those who do not have dental insurance, or do not have enough, a personal loan is a great way that a loan servicer can help. Typical procedures that are financed include braces and other orthodontic work, veneers, implants, dentures, and root canals.
  • Hearing - the costs associated with innovative hearing aid technology can add up quickly. Compassionate Finance will fund hearing solutions such as: behind the ear, in-the-ear (ITE), in-the-canal (ITC), and completely in-the-canal (CIC).
  • Medical Weight Loss - weight loss procedures typically covered include laparoscopic gastric bypass and laparoscopic gastric banding (Lab Band). These costs are typically not necessary costs, but for those that are seeking help with the payment, Compassionate Finance can be useful. 
  • Vision - not everyone has vision coverage in their health insurance plan, but procedures can still be financed. Common vision procedure costs that can be covered include: LASIK, conductive keratoplasty, orthokeratology, and cataract surgery.

There still may be other health procedures that result in large medical bills that Compassionate Finance can help cover. Listed above are strictly common procedures that are financed on a regular basis. To find out if a health procedure can be covered by Compassionate Finance, the individual/patient will need to consult loan servicer directly.



The Bad

  • Lack of information
  • Limited providers

Lack of Information

Since each case is analyzed on an individual basis, Compassionate Finance does not disclose typical or average interest rates or additional costs of repayment. A number of factors will go into determining aspects of the loan amounts and loan term.  A few of them are: the Annual Percentage Rate, credit score, credit history, and loan amounts requested.

Limited Providers

Those who decide to get a personal loan from Compassionate Finance to fund their medical expenses will need to use a doctor or dentist that accepts the company's terms. That means an individual cannot go to just any medical providers, they will need to use a provider found within the Compassionate Finance network. Identifying medical providers is simple, but it can be limiting since the patient will only be able to select from pre-approved doctors or dentists. 


The Bottom Line

Qualification and application for a personal loan through Compassionate Finance is a quick and straight-forward process. Each individual will need to complete the following process before Compassionate Finance will fund their medical procedure:

  1. Identify a Compassionate Finance affiliated doctor or dentist: Compassionate Finance regularly adds new medical providers. Patients will need to use their doctor search tool to find the right provider for their situation.
  2. Submit approval form: After identifying the provider, an individual will need to work with that provider to submit a short application prior to approval. This confidential approval form will be approved (if qualifications are met) within minutes.
  3. Treatment: As soon as a patient is approved, scheduling for the procedure can immediately take place.

After receiving treatment, the patient will then need to start making monthly payments to pay back the loan. This payment plan will be based on a repayment plan established by loan servicers and medical providers in conjunction with the patient. 


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Margaret Milford, NE

Compassion has always been accommodating. I appreciate their prompted request to my e-mails. Eritrea Relayed her empathy for my current situation.

6 years ago

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Betsi Drayman Las Vegas, NV

They helped me when no other company would. Dental work is a necessity. Thank you.

6 years ago