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LAST UPDATED: November 2nd, 2023

Pivot Health focuses on short-term health insurance plans. Through its online platform, you can view quotes and compare plans. You'll need to provide your contact information before accessing these features. 

The short-term plans are flexible, so you can adjust the deductible, out-of-pocket expenses, and coverage period.

There are limited Pivot Health reviews, which makes it difficult to understand what customers like and dislike about the company. However, its convenient features make the company worth exploring further if you don't need comprehensive coverage and want lower premiums.

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The Good

  • Powered by HealthCare.com
  • Emphasis on Data
  • Specialization in Short-Term Health Plans
  • Additional Insurance Offerings

Powered by HealthCare.com

Pivot Health is powered by HealthCare.com, another site focused on helping people compare health insurance options online. Pivot Health is different for its specialization in short-term health insurance.

Emphasis on Data

Through Pivot Health, you can view quotes, apply for a plan, and get coverage (if approved) in one sitting.

Pivot Health uses data analysis to help you find a short-term plan that meets your needs. You can also compare plans through its platform, which makes it easier to find a good deal.

Specialization in Short-Term Health Plans

Pivot Health's specialty is short-term health insurance. If you're looking for an inexpensive health insurance option, short-term health insurance offers low premiums. Keep in mind, however, that short-term plans don't offer robust coverage. Generally, short-term plans cover doctor visits and emergency care.

Before you buy a short-term health plan, be sure to understand the coverage you're getting.

When you work with Pivot Health, you can find network-based plans and PPO plans that offer more flexibility when choosing a provider. You can also adjust your deductible, copays, and length of your coverage. Most of the plans listed on Pivot Health also include telemedicine access that costs $49 per visit.

Pivot Health promotes short-term health plans designed for people ages 60–64. These Bridge to Medicare plans include access to telemedicine and the ability to keep your doctors. These plans can help save on premium costs, but they may not be the best option for people with pre-existing conditions.

Additional Insurance Offerings

Beyond short-term health insurance, you can find fixed indemnity plans, Medigap (Medicare supplement insurance), dental insurance, vision insurance, and supplemental insurance policies. Supplemental insurance policies generally offer set payouts for certain situations like cancer or an accident. If you have a high deductible health plan and can't afford your deductible, a supplemental insurance policy can be helpful.

  • Supplemental insurance policies — helpful to pair with HDHPs, covers the deductible, plans usually focus on specific kinds of instances (e.g. cancer, or accidents), ,often include telemedicine access and discount prescriptions, no pre-authorization required
  • Bridge to Medicare — cut health insurance premiums prior to moving to Medicare, hold onto retirement savings, plans include unlimited access to telehealth, open network so you don't have to switch doctors, a type of short-term health plan, max term: 3 years

The Bad

  • Insufficient Customer Insight
  • Limited Health Coverage
  • Variability by State
  • Contact Information Required for Quote

Insufficient Customer Insight

Best Company has not received many reviews for Pivot Health, so conclusions about the customer experience are not available.

Limited Health Coverage

Pivot Health specializes in short-term health plans. These plans are quite limited in the coverage offered. For example, they do not cover pre-existing conditions. Preventive care isn't usually covered either.

If you need medical attention for a pre-existing condition, you may want to find another option. You'll also want to review coverage carefully before purchasing a plan.

Variability by State

Plan features and availability can vary by state. This variability is common with health plans. However, it's worth keeping in mind.

Contact Information Required for Quote

Before you can start comparing plans and pricing, you have to answer a few questions and provide contact information. If you're just interested in looking and aren't ready to make a purchase decision, this requirement can be frustrating.


The Bottom Line

Pivot Health is a great option to consider if you're interested in short-term health coverage and are interested in comparing plans before making a purchase. As you consider plans, keep in mind that they offer limited coverage.

Short-term health plans can be a budget-friendly option and offer nice flexibility with deductible amounts, out-of-pocket payments, and coverage length. Many short-term health plans available through Pivot Health include telemedicine access for $49 per visit.

Although there are some advantages to using Pivot Health, there isn't enough insight from customers about their experiences for a full recommendation. Short-term health insurance also isn't a good fit for everyone.

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lili wells Fairfield, IA

Giving them 1 star is being generous. They messed up big time with our insurance coverage. We paid for my husband and my son's and turns out they only had my husband in the policy. They also charged us more on our monthly rate because we were being charged for the wrong zip code! The third mess up was that they changed our policy to a higher deductible when we didn't ask for it. We called them numerous times, and still nothing has been resolved for the mistakes they have done! Won't recommend Pivot Health to anyone.

8 months ago

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Cody Martin Lisle, IL

Customer policies, communication and service is horrible. Their policy and claim process is completely different from most healthcare providers, which makes it nearly impossible to get a claim taken care of. We've been waiting for months for Pivot to take care of some simple claims, and because of their consistent delays and changed requests for what they need from us, we ended up paying full price of our medical bills. DON'T USE THEM.

1 year ago