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LAST UPDATED: November 9th, 2023

PacificSource is a not-for-profit health insurer that offers health insurance in parts of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. It has several subsidiaries: PacificSource Medicare, PacificSource Community Solutions, and PacificSource Administrators. It also works with IPN, which is the largest provider network in Idaho.


The Good

  • Simplified Plan Options
  • Great Member Benefits
  • Employer-Sponsored Group Health Plans

Simplified Plan Options

PacificSource offers traditional health insurance plans, catastrophic health plans, and Consumer-Directed Health Plans (CDHPs) with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).

These plans come in different network-types. PacificSource offers Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans called Voyager. It also offers coordinated care plans called Navigator and SmartChoice.

PacificSource also offers Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans. To see what’s available in your area, enter your zip code on PacificSource’s website.

Great Member Benefits

PacifcSource includes great features and benefits with their plans:

  • Teladoc ® telemedicine
  • Health education reimbursements
  • Prenatal program
  • Quit for Life ®
  • Prescription discounts for uncovered prescriptions
  • Weight Watchers ® reimbursement
  • Jenny Craig ® discounts
  • Active&FitTM gym membership program
  • Case and care management support

PacificSource also makes it easy to find in-network providers online and track claims.

Employer-Sponsored Group Health Plans

PacificSource offers group plans to small and large businesses in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Some plans can include Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs).

PacificSource will also work with employers to implement wellness programs in their workplace.

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The Bad

  • Limited Availability

Limited Availability

PacificSource only offers plans in parts of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Plan offerings also vary by location. For more information on what’s available in your area, visit PacificSource’s website.

If PacificSource is not available in your area, you’ll need to consider other health insurance providers.


The Bottom Line

PacificSource offers a good plan selection and great benefits to members. If PacificSource health insurance is available in your area, it’s a great option to consider. Be sure that you understand a plan’s costs and coverage before enrolling to make sure you have a plan that will meet your needs.

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Joshua Tschirgi Oregon City, OR

PacificSource Health Plans was not a good insurance company for our family. I won't point out all of the flaws with the coverage, navigating their plans, finding a PCP actually taking new patients, denial of claims, etc. Those flaws are already well documented in other reviews. PacificSource Health Plans contacted us by mail admitting they made an error and paid a claim after we had left their insurance. The insurance company demanded our family reimburse the claim and resubmit to our current insurance company. Before we could get to all of this work caused by their error, PacificSource Health Plans sent us to collections. Holy batman. Summary: PacificSource Health Plans makes mistake, makes demands the customer fix it by jumping through a bunch of hoops, then puts customer in collections to try and fix their mistake.

3 months ago

star star star star star

Debra Magby Seattle, WA

Taking care of several covid patients I came down with covid also was unable to leave to go to the hospital these people are fabulous lady named April was so kind and help me out with so much information so that I was able to get care and so thankful for my Pacific source employee she was so kind and so informative and also had covid well helping me you rock April

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Bob Stover Walla Walla, WA

Honestly the worst insurance company I have had in my life. They really don't care about you, just the dollars. If you are in constant pain, grab some pain killers and booze. It will be 14 BUSINESS days before they will review your request. They are too busy enjoying their own lives and to hell with you.

4 months ago

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M n M Portland, OR

I've had PacificSource for two years and the experience, customer service, and coverage had been mostly positive. In the last month that changed significantly. I searched for and found a specialty provider on their website. I called PacificSource to confirm that the provider was in network for me. When I spoke with the provider, they also informed me that they called to confirm network coverage. The customer rep had both of these calls documented. Found out a week ago that I am not in network and the only way I can avoid paying the just over $1000 fee to the provider is to file an appeal. I asked a manager if I have to spend my time doing that considering that PacSource made the mistake (which they sort of admitted). It's the only way I can avoid paying the provider so I have no choice. Bottom line: You can't trust what customer reps tell you and can wind up owing money even if you practice due diligence.

2 years ago

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Meghan Wagner Monument, CO

I chose a dentist specifically from the list they provided for me and then denied $1200 claim because that dentist was out of network

1 year ago

star star star star star_border

Daughter of customer

They make decisions quickly and pay claims quickly.

5 years ago