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LAST UPDATED: September 13th, 2022

Molina Healthcare stands out among health insurance companies because of its focus. From the beginning Molina Healthcare has been a dedicated healthcare provider for underserved populations, low-income families, and those receiving government assistance. Its goal is to provide quality, affordable care to its patients.

Molina has grown from serving communities in California to serving communities in 14 states and Puerto Rico.

While Molina Healthcare has a great mission, it hasn't received many positive reviews on As you consider buying a Molina Healthcare plan, keep reviewer concerns in mind.

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Molina Healthcare was founded in 1980 by Dr. C. David Molina. He wanted to create a place where underserved individuals and families could receive affordable, quality health care services instead of going to the emergency room for general health care services.


The Good

  • Health Plans
  • Dedicated Service
  • Additional Support

Health Plans

Molina Healthcare offers several kinds of health insurance plans, including Marketplace plans, Medicare, Medicaid services, and integrated plans for those who are eligible.

One unique feature of Molina Healthcare's Medicaid health plans is their flexibility. If your Medicaid eligibility changes, Molina Healthcare's plans make the transition from Medicaid to Affordable Care Act plans easier.

As you transition from being Medicaid members to buying plans from the Health Insurance Marketplace, these Medicaid plans help with the change. They allow you to keep your regular health care providers and medical clinics while keeping medical expenses low.

Molina Healthcare's primary Medicare health plan is a Medicare Advantage plan. Molina Healthcare also offers dual plans or integrated Medicaid and Medicare plans. These plans help meet specific needs of some Molina Healthcare members.

The cost and benefits of its health care plans varies depending on the plan selected. Some plans may require prior authorization or referrals for some medical services, like specialist visits.

For more detailed information about coverage and cost (premiums, deductible, copays, and out-of-pocket limit), interested people should contact Molina Healthcare directly.

Dedicated Service

Molina Healthcare employees are dedicated to providing friendly and quality service. The Molina Healthcare website offers helpful enrollment and member information in seven languages.

The company’s website is very informative with FAQ sections, more information on health plan offerings, and links to useful resources.

Each physician in Molina Healthcare’s network is committed to treating their patients like family and providing quality care.

Additional Support

Molina Healthcare has a Broker Support Unit that assists people as they enroll in health insurance. The company also offers a member portal called My Molina where members can set-up payments, print or request ID cards, and change their doctor.

It is easy to reach Molina Healthcare offices via phone calls. The website provides a list of phone numbers specific to the regional offices. Some of these phone numbers are toll free.

Molina Healthcare operates independent health clinics in several of the states it operates in. At a health clinic, a patient can receive general health care services, including maternal care, shots, and primary care. Molina Healthcare clinics also have bilingual healthcare providers that can provide assistance to English language learners.

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The Bad

  • Negative Customer Reviews
  • Limited Availability

Negative Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, Molina Healthcare has recieved mostly negative reivews on Although Molina Healthcare has fewer reviews than other health insurers listed on and negative reviews are common for the industry, Molina's negative reviews are concerning.

Reviewers mention difficulty with finding in-network providers, billing, and getting services covered.

Limited Availability

Molina Healthcare is available in California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin. If you do not live in these states, Molina Healthcare may not be an option for you. Available plans may also vary state to state.

Molina Healthcare is dedicated to serving people who qualify for Medicaid and Medicare, people who are uninsured, and those who may not speak English. If you are not interested in a Marketplace plan or do not qualify for government assistance, Molina Healthcare may not be available to you.


The Bottom Line

Molina Healthcare is different from other health insurers because of its dedication to providing quality services and creating comfortable environments for its customers. It also provides health care information on the company's website in seven languages. Molina also operates health clinics with bilingual staff, doctors, and primary care physicians that provide accessible health care to patients.

Molina Healthcare focuses on offering Medicaid and Medicare Advantage insurance plans. It stands out for offering plans specifically for people transitioning between Medicaid and Marketplace health plans.

Although Molina has good offerings, its negative reviews on are concerning. Keep these reviews in mind as you learn more about what Molina Healthcare offers in your area.

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Mike C. ,

The best thing to say about their marketplace plans is that they are the least expensive options. However, that is largely because they are basically catastrophic health plans that are being sold as comprehensive ones. Deductibles are at maximum allowed levels, at Bronze level and not much better at higher grades, It is extremely difficult to use the coverage due to the small number of doctors and facilities taking the plan, a fact which is hard to determine due to the way the system forces you to search for physicians. Instead of telling you who is in network, you have to ask about each doctor you are interested in and have them tell you one by one, assuming the results are accurate or up to date. As others have noted, they frequently are not. This is difficult to do under the best circumstances and My Molina web interface works so erratically but it is never the best of circumstances. In my experience I found that 60-80% or more of the time every request failed due to "an unexpected error." Not surprisingly the payment system was more reliable, but even there I periodically had problems getting the system to let me pay my bill. The pharmacy benefits are questionable, with frequent gaps where therapeutically non-equivalent drugs were treated as equivalent in order to minimize formulary. I found that I usually got a better price using a free prescription discount card than using my pharmacy benefits. In addition, Molina would try to demand preauthorization for medications that they did not cover, for which they paid not one cent towards. In other words demanding control over whether you got medication you had to pay full price, for which they covered nothing. i can't comment on frequent denials of care because it was so hard to use it and network was so limited, I never was able to get to the point of having them deny care, only trying to control my medications. I have already dumped them for a more expensive plan that at least has a reasonable network.

1 year ago

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Angela Seattle, WA

Terrible. I had Regence and Premera previously. Molina is so much worse than either. Molina requires "physician's approval" or "physician's authorization" (PA) before filling any of the prescriptions I had on an ongoing basis from previous year. Neither Premera or Regence did that. That PA process took time, delaying me getting one prescription in particular so I'm almost out. But now, Molina says I can't get it filled at my regular neighborhood pharmacy, they've deemed it a 'specialty drug' so I have to get it from CVS Specialty. It's going to take a week for this to get set up and delivered, so I'll be without the meds for a week!! Trying to talk to Molina about this, I just get this pushback, "We can't fill that thru your regular pharmacy," like it's a law or a regulation, rather than a stupid rule they set up to save themselves money. They don't care I'll be out of the meds for a week. They just care about their bottom line. (With both Premera and Regence, I had no trouble getting this drug from two different pharmacies, drug stores I chose, not the insurance company!!) I followed the advice of my broker choosing Molina this year. I should've looked at online reviews and talked to my local pharmacy, who told me (after I'd already started attempting to use Molina) that they've seen the hassles their customers using Molina have had. It's only mid Feb but I want out NOW. Molina's given me such run-around for getting this one simple prescription filled. What's going to happen when I have a bigger claim?

3 years ago

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mijhsan Fairfield, OH

Phone support is friendly and capable, but chronically understaffed. Wait times typically are in the 10s of minutes. This was the case before Covid. Billing is chaotic. I received multiple bills over time that were erroneous. Once, the amounts on a statement sent to me made no mathematical sense. I had to wait 40 minutes on the phone to hear them say I could ignore it. I'm looking at a bill now that says I owe money I paid 30 days ago. I'm on hold right now after hearing that I actually am owed money by Molina.

1 year ago