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LAST UPDATED: March 24th, 2020

The IHC Group offers several types of insurance, including short term health insurance, hospital and surgical indemnity, and telemedicine plans. It also offers group plans that employers can offer employees, including dental insurance, scheduled benefits, and gap insurance.

The IHC Group is made of several highly rated insurers. These insurers include Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York, Madison National Life Insurance Company, Inc., and Independence American Insurance Company. These companies operate throughout most of the United States.

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The Good

  • Range of Products for Individuals
  • Range of Products for Employers
  • Purchase Online

Range of Products for Individuals

The IHC Group offers a range of insurance products through its companies to individuals, including the following:

  • Short term health insurance
  • Gap plans
  • Hospital and surgical indemnity
  • Telemedicine
  • Rx pay cards
  • Dental insurance

Short term health insurance is nice coverage to have while you wait for a more comprehensive plan to start. Premiums are cheaper than plans with comprehensive coverage. However, the coverage offered by these plans are limited. They do not cover pre-existing conditions and can have other exclusions.

Gap plans help cover the deductible and out-of-pocket expenses from health plans. If you want help with your health plan's out-of-pocket costs, a gap plan can be beneficial.

Hospital and surgical indemnity plans offer benefits for hospitalizations and surgeries.

Telemedicine plans give you access to video chats with a doctor. These appointments can be cheaper than office visits, which is nice. The plans also include help dealing with expensive claims. Plan members also receive American Hearing Benefits discounts.

The IHC Group's Rx pay cards are limited to a network of pharmacies. Fortunately, the network of pharmacies is fairly large. Keep in mind that these pay cards aren't prescription drug insurance.

Range of Products for Employers

The IHC Group also offers a nice selection of products for employers. These include:

  • Group scheduled benefits plans
  • Group gap insurance
  • Group life insurance
  • Group disability insurance
  • Occupational accident and employer liability
  • Dental insurance

For many of these plans, employers need to contact The IHC Group for more information.

Purchase Online

Many of The IHC Group's insurance products for individuals can be purchased online through healthedeals.com. Links on The IHC Group's webpage lead to this site. Once on healthedeals.com, you can view plans available in your area with their costs and buy a policy online.


The Bad

  • No Comprehensive Health Insurance

No Comprehensive Health Insurance

The IHC Group does not offer comprehensive health insurance. If you need a comprehensive plan that follows the Affordable Care Act guidelines, you'll need to consider other insurers. 

If one of The IHC Group's products is a good fit for you, it's a good organization to consider.


The Bottom Line

If you're looking for a comprehensive health plan, you'll want to look at another company.

However, if you're interested in short term health insurance, gap insurance, telemedicine plans, or another offering, The IHC Group is a great choice. It has a nice selection of supplemental health plans and discount plans. Most of its products for individuals can be purchased online.

Employers can also find good insurance options from The IHC Group. Though its health insurance offerings for employers are limited, it does offer additional insurance products that employers may need.

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