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LAST UPDATED: October 30th, 2023

The full name of this health insurance company is Horizon BlueCross BlueShield of New Jersey. Evident in its name, Horizon is a subsidiary of BlueCross BlueShield. It was founded in 1932. It serves millions members in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

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The Good

  • Health Plan Options
  • Member Resources
  • Health Support Programs and Rewards
  • Helpful App
  • Customer Service
  • Time in Business

Health Plan Options

If you're shopping for health insurance coverage, Horizon has a big selection of health plans to choose from. To begin, it has Medicare and Medicaid options. Horizon offers Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplement, and prescription drug plans. It also offers a Dual Special Needs Plan (D-SNP) for people who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid called Horizon NJ TotalCare.

It also offers HMO plans (Health Maintenance Organization), PPO plans (Preferred Provider Organization), EPO plans (Exclusive Provider Organization), traditional indemnity, and Consumer-Directed Health Plans (CDHPs).

Horizon's Consumer-Directed Health Plans are called Horizon MyWay and come in FSAs, HRAs, and HSAs.

Before you enroll in a health insurance plan, be sure to review the premium amount, out-of-pocket costs (e.g. coinsurance, deductible, etc.), coverage, and network-type.

Dental and vision coverage are available through Horizon as well. There's an entire website devoted to dental plans, which also has a Find a Dentist tool and descriptions of each insurance plan. These include family and individual plans, small group plans, and plans for groups of more than 50 people. There are even pediatric dental plans, such as the Horizon Young Grins.

Vision insurance is covered through Davis Vision.

Member Resources

As a health insurance customer, you want to be able to easily make payments, view your benefits, check claims, and connect with health care professionals. Horizon makes all of these tasks — and more — convenient and easy to find. There have tools to find doctors and pharmacies in your network, as well as viewing member benefits and claim statuses.

It's also easy to find forms you need to download, to make payments on premiums, and to manage other aspects of your account.

Horizon MyWay® is the name for the member services. There is a member-dedicated phone number to call, as well as 24/7 access to a nurse if medical concerns come up. Customer service phone numbers themselves are not available 24/7 though.

Health Support Programs and Rewards

Horizon makes it clear that it wants members to be healthy. It encourages healthy living with lots of different programs for members. For example, if you have a chronic illness, it can be hard on your body, not to mention being emotionally and mentally taxing. There's a Chronic Care Program offered through Horizon that gives you a health coach and access to other healthcare professionals who can help you learn to better manage this condition and develop the healthiest lifestyle possible so your condition doesn't have so much control over you.

Horizon also offers case management programs for certain cases. It also offers a cancer program. Through this program, members can receive health counseling and one-on-one education from registered nurses.

There are also programs to support people who struggle with behavioral health, mental health issues, and maternity.

Blue365® is the insurance company's main rewards program, functioning through BCBS, that offers members discounts on healthy products such as gym memberships, as well as advice for healthier meals to make and other everyday topics. Even if you don't want to get involved with a program, but you could use some health advice, there is a section of the company's website devoted to educating members about their rights in health insurance, about understanding their health insurance plan benefits and financing, and broader insurance terms. Blue365 is available with employer-sponsored group plans and may not be available with other Horizon health plans.

Helpful App

The Horizon Blue App is a great resource, too, for managing your account. It allows members to view their ID card, benefits, claims, authorizations and referrals, and overall account activity.

Customer Service

Upfront, you know that this company has its customers' best interests at heart.

Health insurance is a tough topic, full of stress and anxiety for so many people. Customer service is crucial to your experience with a company. Horizon knows that and has devoted plans to cater to New Jersey residents. Horizon offers many tools to contact a representative, including a 24/7 nurse line, 24/7 claim access, customer service phone numbers, and helpful upfront information about its health plans.

Time in Business

This insurance company was founded in the early 1930s, which means it has plenty of health insurance experience! With a long company history comes in-depth experience with customer satisfaction and solid business practices.

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The Bad

  • Limited Customer Reviews
  • Small Service Area
  • No Short Term Plans

Limited Customer Reviews

Horizon does not have many customer reviews on Best Company. This lack of reviews means that no conclusions can be drawn regarding the customer experience. 

However, Horizon is affiliated with BlueCross BlueShield, which has earned high ratings from customers on Best Company.com.

Small Service Area

Horizon primarily serves members in New Jersey. Its plans are also available in Delaware, New York, and Pennsylvania. While it's a benefit for residents of those states, it makes Horizon irrelevant for all other customers. If Horizon isn't available in your area, you'll want to consider another insurer. You may be able to find a plan from another BlueCross BlueShield subsidiary.

No Short Term Plans

Horizon offers a wide variety of health plans, but they make no mention of having short term health insurance. For people in between jobs or waiting for insurance to come through, short term coverage can be a lifesaver, but it's not an option here.


The Bottom Line

Horizon BlueCross BlueShield is only an option for customers living in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The other limitations that this company has been not deal breakers though. As long as you live in this service area, Horizon is worth investigating further. Its member resources are sure to please, as it makes many member tasks easy to accomplish.

Although no recommendation can be made based on the customer experience, Horizon is a longstanding insurance company with a variety of insurance plans and expertise in the field it serves. Any customer who chooses Horizon will likely enjoy its extra features, plan flexibility, and convenient member tools.

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Dave C. Princeton Junction, NJ

Awful. While a member, my doctor's office always had to call them because their automated system is filled with mistakes. After cancelling my policy and getting paper mail confirmation, I received an email a week later saying I would be billed for the next month. Calling the number in the email, the number on my old card, or several other Horizon BCBS numbers on google all resulted in being redirected to a "Medical Alert Center" which tried to sell me the "I've fallen and I can't get up" device. Despite an hour of trying, I was unable to reach a human associated with Horizon BCBS. If they continue to charge, I will simply report any such charges as fraud. This company is terrible.

4 months ago

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Towanda Gwen Underdue-Thomas

1 star I am let down and stressed out everyday by Horizon. I have no more medication for my Multiple Sclerosis (MS)-related fatigue, thanks to this mega company! Horizon paid for my energy-boosting Modafinil drug for years, when I was in Horizon's NJ Health Medicaid program. But now that I'm in Horizon's dual Medicare-Medicaid program - Horizon NJ Total Care HMO D-SNP - I have an empty Modafinil bottle that dates back to April! I joined Horizon Total Care on May 1st, since Horizon's literature claims Modafinil and my other drugs are covered. But nope, Modafinil is NOT covered, as Total Care jerks my doctors and me around! And my unfunded medication is not my only daily problem with Horizon! This huge, extremely rich company, does not pay all of my doctors' bills, as it is supposed to do, according to my contract with Horizon! So, I have three bills now from my mental health therapist and my MS doctor. And when I call Horizon, agents say they'll research the unpaid bills, and will get back to me in 30 days. Baloney! It's June 23rd now. And I have NO resolution notices from this huge, well-known, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, mega company !

8 months ago

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Michael Chadwick

We applied for coverage for our employees through Horizon Blue Cross. We didn't get any communication from them until suddenly we were informed that our coverage was being cancelled for non-payment. Turns out, they had completely ignored the mailing address on our application and were sending documents to an incorrect address the whole time. No one had their insurance cards, no one knew what was going on. Yet somehow they were able to get ahold of us to let us know they were cancelling the policy. Well, we worked out immediate payment to keep the account current, and when I found out that they had the wrong address, I brought it to their attention. Their answer? "We only communicate through the mail" even though they actually confirmed on the phone that they had the wrong address on file, AND that they had the correct address on the application! Okay, so they won't communicate except through the mail, but they can't reach us by mail. Incompetent. We finally got that straightened out, then they back-charged a new employee addition by two months even though they never sent her a card or any indication that her coverage had been started. When I went to ask what the "adjustment" was on the one bill that their web site conveniently had errors in loading, I was told by their call center "We can't tell you what's on the bill." They went through all of the verification questions to ensure I wasn't just some random person. I'm the plan administrator. Yet, they still couldn't tell me what was on the bill that their web site was having an error displaying? I have had nothing but problems with this company. God forbid someone actually calls in with a claim. I can only imagine the infuriating process that must be. I would not trust their call center staff to successfully navigate putting on eyeglasses in the right direction.

8 months ago

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Britt Sondreal-McLaughlin Trenton, NJ

We have had Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ for about three years now. Had I been writing this review last year, I would have given it four stars. However, in the past six months their customer service has really taken a turn for the worse. To be completely fair, several of the mix-ups and confusion we've had with our plans over the past few months have been the fault of the health care marketplace and not Horizon. However, Horizon has also made a few pretty serious errors in our coverage, the last resulting in the termination of dental coverage without prior notification (due to an incorrectly entered bank account number in the automated system). We've had some very positive experiences with their customer service as well, and, until recently, had been quite happy with them as a provider. Let's hope they iron out the kinks in their system, become more proactive about notifying customers of problems with their accounts, and turn their customer service ship around. Thankfully, we are moving out of state and on to a new insurance company! Much as I hate to say this, I would steer clear of Horizon for now.

4 years ago

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Mbrowne Irvington, NJ

I thought I had found a really good dental insurance plan with Horizon. However, I received a letter and refund check from Horizon stating they were cancelling coverage since they did not receive my initial payment. Ironically, I made my initial payment through Healthcare.gov website and when I spoke to Horizon’s customer service rep I also sent proof via email of my payment expressing my frustration. I was then advised to wait for a letter from Horizon to start up my services again. To my amazement, I received a letter from Horizon terminating my coverage and providing a refund for the other prior months paid as if I made such request. They even had the nerve to state in WRITING “receipt of your written request . . . By you. . . “ This is absurd and now I will not be able to see the dentist this year due to this nonsense, whether it be system error and/or human error, my email to Horizon never expressed termination of service. I will not be using Horizon again. This is very sad because I thought they offered great service and I never had issue with them in the past.

1 year ago

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AnRe Toms River, NJ

Pre-authorization for MRI of left foot for possible fracture of my sesmoid bone and ligament and tendon tears has now been denied 2 times. I have been in a walking boot for 3 weeks now and have no clue how much longer I will be wearing it because my dr cannot give me proper treatment or even a diagnosis! I have spent hours on the phone pleading for help. This is just so frustrating and ridiculous! I pay for insurance that won’t even cover a medical procedure that is clearly needed. I cannot put any weight whatsoever on my foot and I fear more issues will arise if this is not taken care of properly soon!

1 year ago

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Dovid and Elisheva Schreiber Brooklyn, NY

Horizon issues pre-approval for services but does not actually pay the claims. I have claims for over 2 years that are continuously being denied even though I had approval and was clearly eligible for the services. Their team is very difficult to work with and is not knowledgeable about policies. Payout per claim is also very low compared to other providers. Would not recommend them.

1 year ago

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Holly Nelson Universal City, TX

Good policies but whatever customer service

5 years ago