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LAST UPDATED: June 3rd, 2021

HealthMarkets is an insurance agency that provides health insurance quotes from over 200 health insurers. Through HealthMarkets, consumers can compare health insurance plans and products on the market in their area online. HealthMarkets users can also receive assistance from a licensed insurance agent.

HealthMarkets offers quotes and assistance throughout the United States. HealthMarkets is a convenient tool because it allows consumers to view all of their health plan options at any time, which makes it easier to find affordable health insurance coverage.

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The Good

  • Health Plans Available
  • FitScoreTM
  • Plans for Small Businesses
  • Online Convenience
  • Work with Independent Agents
  • Additional Insurance Quotes

Health Plans Available

HealthMarkets provides quotes and compares the following kinds of medical insurance plans:

  • Individual and Family plans
  • Catastrophic plans
  • Short Term plans
  • Medicare
  • Medigap (Medicare supplemental insurance)

With such a broad range of plan-types, most consumers will be able to find the kind of policy they are looking for. Health insurance offers access to discounted rates and cost sharing for health services and prescription drugs. These features make health insurance an important part of finding affordable care.

The ability to view insurance policy options from hundreds of insurance companies is one of the greatest advantages of using HealthMarkets.

The ability to compare cost and health coverage offered by different insurance companies makes it easier to find an affordable health insurance that offers good coverage for health services.


FitScoreTM makes it easy for you to find health plans that best meet your needs, by taking into account what coverage you need and what your priorities are. FitScoreTM takes into account your current doctors, pharmacies, and prescriptions.

Each plan's FitScoreTM is scored between 0 and 100. FitScoreTM can make it easier to find and evaluate a health plan without having to do all the analysis yourself. 2019 is the first year HealthMarkets has offered FitScoreTM, so it's a good idea to carefully review a plan's details yourself before enrolling.

Plans for Small Businesses

HealthMarkets also allows small business owners to view employer-offered health insurance plans that they can offer their employees as part of a benefits package.

In addition to health insurance plans, business owners can view costs and comparisons of dental, vision, and life insurance voluntary benefits. This array of insurance policies makes HealthMarkets a great way for small business owners to find insurance solutions that keep employees and meet their budget requirements.

Online Convenience

Customers can view health insurance plans and pricing available in their area after completing a brief online form.

This aspect of HealthMarkets is far more convenient and quicker than filling out separate questionnaires on multiple health insurer's websites and then comparing quotes and health benefits across plans and health insurance companies.

Work with Independent Agents

While customers can view health insurance plans online at their convenience, they can also work with a licensed agent over the phone or in-person to understand their health insurance options and make the best choice for themselves. The ability to meet with a licensed, local HealthMarkets agent is especially nice for clients who prefer in-person meetings.

Access to licensed insurance agents demonstrates HealthMarket's commitment to quality customer service and care.

It's great that the agents are not dedicated to any particular insurance provider because that means that their purpose is to assist the customer, not make sales for a specific insurance company.

Additional Insurance Quotes

Consumers can also find insurance quotes for life insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance through HealthMarkets. For people seeking additional kinds of private insurance, these additional quote offerings can make purchasing insurance even more convenient.


The Bad

  • Limited Customer Insight
  • No Medicaid

Limited Customer Insight

Best Company has not received many HealthMarkets reviews, so conclusions on the customer experience are not available.

No Medicaid

HealthMarkets does not provide quotes for Medicaid plans. Consumers interested in Medicaid will not be able to find assistance through HealthMarkets.


The Bottom Line

While HealthMarkets does not offer quotes or comparisons for Medicaid insurance plans, the company does have many positive aspects, including the ability to view and compare a wide range of health insurance plans and their monthly premium estimates.

Whether during open enrollment or a special enrollment period, many clients will be able to find the kind of health insurance plan they want through HealthMarkets and be able to compare plans across suppliers. Those seeking Medicare coverage will also benefit from using HealthMarkets's platform.

Its search tool and licensed agents allow individuals and small business owners to have a simplified and hassle-free experience shopping for health insurance.

HealthMarkets offers a variety of products and services. Insurance shoppers can find quotes for dental, vision, life and health insurance.

HealthMarkets is a great tool to use during a health insurance enrollment period because it helps consumers find the best coverage at the best price.

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