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LAST UPDATED: March 1st, 2023

Health Net offers its members helpful wellness tools and a good selection of health insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.

While Health Net offers good health insurance products, you should consider customer reviews before enrolling in a Health Net plan. While Health Net's total number of reviews on Best Company is low compared to others, it has not received many positive ones.

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In 1979 Health Net, Inc. was founded and has since then operated under the underlying goal to make people feel comfortable, healthy, and secure.

Health Net has served over five million customers. As of 2015, the company was secured by the Centene Corporation and continues to run under its operation.


The Good

  • Types of Plans Offered
  • Group Insurance Available
  • Member Resources
  • Unique Features

Types of Plans Offered

Here is one of Health Net's obvious strengths. This company doesn't limit itself to just one type of health plan. On the contrary, customers get to pick from various PPO plans (Preferred Provider Organization), HSPs (Health Care Service Plans), and HMO plans (Health Maintenance Organization).

The differences between HMO and PPO plans are the network coverage available. A PPO network offers better coverage for seeing an in-network provider but still offers some coverage for treatment received from out-of-network providers. If you want more provider organization flexibility, a PPO plan gives you more choice when choosing doctors to visit.

An HMO network has more limitations because it only offers coverage for in-network providers. HSP networks work similarly to PPO networks. Be sure that you understand the terms of your health insurance policy. Some plans require prior authorization for certain health care services or referrals to specialists. Understand these requirements before you enroll in a plan in case prior authorization is needed for a recommended procedure or medication.

Plans also have different premium costs and cost-sharing models. Pay attention to the premium, deductible, and out-of-pocket limit as you assess whether a plan is a good fit for your financial situation. Just because the premium is low does not mean that it's low-cost health insurance. Low premiums usually indicate higher out-of-pocket expenses.

Both Medicaid and Medicare are available, too. The insurance company offers Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement plans (Medigap). Its Medicare Advantage plans are available in California, Oregon, and Washington. Health Net's Medicaid options are primarily available in California. These offerings mean that Health Net remains an option for you no matter your age, income, or family status.

The details of your benefits for any of these health plans are largely determined by your state, your health history, and your age. But the wonderful thing about shopping for a plan online is that, once you disclose your location, Health Net pulls up an easy-to-read list of available plans for you, complete with the prices for deductibles, coinsurance, office visits, prescriptions, and maternity care if it applies.

Group Insurance Available

Health Net offers plans for large and small groups. These plans may not be available in every area Health Net serves, so be sure to check the website to see if Health Net is an option for your business.

If you're looking for small group health plans in Arizona, California, Oregon, or Washington, Health Net has some nice options. As an example, we'll look at what's available in California. You can choose an HMO or a PPO network. There are even HSP options and plans that include coverage for children's dentistry. Employers can also choose between two packages to offer their employees more choices when it comes to choosing a health plan. These packages have employee participation and employer contribution requirements.

Large group health plans are also available in Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington. Insurance policy options vary by state; however, you can find HMO and PPO networks. In some areas, you can tailor the network you offer with your plan. You can also offer plans with a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). These accounts can help your employees with out-of-pocket expenses for medical care they receive.

Group dental, vision, and acupuncture insurance coverage are also available from Health Net for both large and small groups.

Member Resources

Health Net provides its members with a member portal to monitor their claims and Health Net's Wellness Center. The Wellness Center is a customizable resource to support members' wellness.

Another resource that Health Net has is the member blog called Member Pulse. With a subscription to this, you can read articles about health and nutrition, the changing healthcare laws, how to maximize your member resources and more.

Members at Health Net can contact the company's customer service at any time of day, and there is a dedicated member phone number for their convenience. Between this, the member portal, and the mobile app (Health Net Mobile), Health Net members have more convenience and security in their health plans.

Unique Features

Even though Health Net has only been a subsidiary of the Centene Corporation since 2015, the company brings decades of experience to the table. Health Net is accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. It has several features that make it stand out among the crowd of companies asking for your insurance business.

One of these features is the Decision Power® Health and Wellness tool. This is a collection of resources that give members discounts on health products, connections with healthy living programs, and more. Members also have round-the-clock access to a nurse hotline. You can either call or live chat this nurse for medical questions that pop up about your health or your medical plan along the way.

The wellness tools also include health coaching, a Quit for Life® program (if you're trying to stop smoking), and savings on weight loss programs. You can use the Wellness Center on your member portal to track your personal health as well.

Health Net provides a mobile app and a tool to find a provider in the network to members as well. All of these perks are Health Net's customized way of helping customers feel healthier and more secure.

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The Bad

  • Poor Customer Reviews
  • Customer Service
  • Locations
  • Location-Based Information

Poor Customer Reviews

Health Net has recieved several negative reviews on Best Company. Reviewers mention difficulty having claims paid and conflicting information about coverage from customer service. Read Health Net reviews before purchasing insurance from this company.

Customer Service

Health Net points out that it takes customer service very seriously. Customers can contact the company via phone (including a member dedicated phone line), or by email. There's also a contact form you can fill out to ask a question or present a concern or comment. These are typical communication lines.

Health Net provides various phone numbers, business hours for these numbers, addresses, and a way to report fraud. But it doesn't spend much time inviting customers to its site. In some ways, you have to go looking to find a live chat tool, for example, and the company's view of customer service is mentioned in a long list of reasons to choose Health Net online. In these ways, the company is not so customer-focused, but the resources it offers members does suggest that Health Net wants customers to feel secure and healthy.


Possibly the biggest limiting factor here is the fact that Health Net is only available in three states — Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and California. Some plans like Medigap and Medicaid may only be available in California. If you live in one of these states, this company is an option for health insurance.

If not, then you'll need to find health care coverage from another insurance provider. This limits the company's customer base and network. If a Health Net plan is not available in your area, you'll need to consider other health insurers.

Potential clients from Arizona should be aware that Health Net offers health insurance coverage through Ambetter in Arizona. It's a good idea to research Ambetter more before enrolling in one of its health plans.

Location-Based Information

On a minor note, you might find the company website frustrating to navigate unless you allow it to detect your location. Until you disclose you zip code, with every new web page on the company's website will come to a pop-up box asking you to give your location. Why? Because the plans offered by Health Net vary with each state. This is an understandable factor for health plans, but it would be nice if you could access some universal information about these health plans without specifying your location.


The Bottom Line

Because it has such a wide selection of health plans, and because it has decades of experience and lots of member resources, Health Net is a recommended company for health insurance. These benefits are major appeals for lots of customers, and the member resources and wellness tools provided by the company continually work toward customer satisfaction.

That being said, Health Net obviously has a big flaw, and that's location. If you don't live in one of the four states it caters to, then enrollment in one of its plans is not possible. If you do, however, Health Net has lots of options for you.

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PT Chino Hills, CA

In beginning, compare with others insurance companies, Healthnet looks well until you start to use the services. I was moved to Healthnet through my employer. It's terrible nightmare starting. I paid for a platinum membership with terrible services, especially for pharmacy prescriptions from doctors. I have to call customer service for hours to know why prescriptions were denied by my insurance. I got the same prescriptions for a few years that was from a prior insurance company with no issues. But Healthnet just denied from doctors sent to pharmacist. I spent hours and hours finding out just to know what was happening and waste my time to save a few dollors for my medications covered.

3 weeks ago

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Eva Marieville Concord, CA

The last 2 years have been a nightmare with Health Net. It took them 8 months of back and forth between them and my doctor regarding billing for services. Despite many attempts to change my primary care physician who retired they would not switch me to my newly referred doctor. After two grievances and a complaint filed with the Department of Managed Health they "magically" realized their mistake and we were finally reimbursed over 1K of medical fees. The call center always gives conflicting information and has even denied to send me proof of coverage. I HATE Health Net. Please go with anyone else.

6 months ago

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Jess Dunlap Los Angeles, CA

Absolutely awful company. Extremely suspicious behavior. They told me I reached my out-of-pocket maximum mid-year. I saw more doctors knowing they'd be covered fully by Health Net. Now I'm receiving bills from those providers because Health Net isn't paying them. Health Net now says I never met my out-of-pocket maximum! There is clearly some nefarious and misleading practices going on. Considering bringing a lawsuit. Avoid this company at all costs.

10 months ago

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Eve Vargas

If there was the option of zero stars I would pick that. The sales people are great initially but once you’ve signed on they never call you back. I dealt with someone later who was helpful so clearly some departments are better than others. What I hate the most about this company and there’s a lot to hate, is that once you are a member, they will give you no assistance and they make things as hard as possible. I moved to another carrier for 2022 and apparently there is no communication between the different companies alerting them to the fact that you have changed carriers. So I continued to receive bills from Healthnet . When I brought this to their attention they said there was a form I needed to fill out to end my account with them. They sent me the form and told me I could fax it back. You’d think a company this big would have an electronic way of doing that but no, it had to be faxed or mailed. I spent an entire day trying to fax and the line was always busy so eventually I mailed it in. I’m still getting bills so today I tried to call the number on the statement saying I owe them $122 to speak to someone about it. Their phone system is a nightmare where you never have the option of speaking to an operator . I would recommend going with any other company besides this one. It has been nothing but a headache.

1 year ago

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KCS Los Angeles, CA

RUN AWAY FAST - this company is the WORST. Customer service is BEYOND ABYSMAL. Overseas so NO ONE SPEAKS ENGLISH WELL OR CAN EVEN HELP SO THE MOST BASIC TASK - like change a Primary care Physician. God help you if you need to correct a billing issue or get coverage questions answered. If you email and file a grievance thought the online portal (that works 50% of the time) or request a PCP change there - well..... I have waited a week and SEVEN EMAILS LATER - NO REPLY. Bottom line is RUN. CHOSE ANYONE OTHER THAN THESE HORRIBLE CROOKS!!!!!!! Not sure what I pay over $600 for out of pocket but this insurance company is GARBAGE.

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

shaz wunder

This insurance company is a pure scam. They are taking peoples money and providing nothing. None of their online/app interfaces work, the people on their 1 800 number have no clue what they're doing. If you call a Dr and mention Health Net you'll get hostile responses, I guess no one wants to deal with them. My husband broke his arm, Health Net told my husband to get a referral from Urgent Care to see an Orthopedic Dr because our primary Dr had no appointments. The Urgent Care place they sent him to had a lunatic Dr who yelled at him and threw his paperwork at him because "how the hell am I supposed to make money like this!?". Got the referral from the lunatic and called the list of Orthopedic Drs Health Net gave us, all of them exept one wouldn't accept Health Net and the one that did wouldn't accept the referral from the lunatic Dr Health Net sent us to and we paid $50 for. So my husband has a broken arm and no one will help him. We may as well be living in a third world country.

1 year ago

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laura indira Tujunga, CA

HNet is horrendous. The reps have never once been able to answer any of my questions. The wait for the rep is 40 minute to an hour . After that, the reps, have to be prodded to find a supervisor or higher person to help, since they can't answer the question. That is another 40 minutes. Then they say, there is no one available and they say you will get a call back and you never do. Then you file a grievance, which takes a month, and maybe you might get a call back after a month or two has gone by. So from start to finish its over a month to get an answer to a question. They are incompetent at every level from rep to grievance coordinator, to supervisor, to case manager. I do not for a second believe any review that has given them four stars. They do not contract with enough specialists and if they do..many that I was sent to, are near skid row. The waits for appointments are months away though legally they cannot do this, but they do. No one seems to know what is going at every level. When I do get a supervisor, they tell me the issue is the IPAs responsibility. Than when I call the IPA, they say I need to call HNet. Its a million times worse than dealing with your phone co or cable co. I have missed surgeries because the transportation did not show up. Often I go to the pharmacy for meds and I am told I need to pay out of pocket because my insurance was changed. I pay out of pocket and a month later find out Hnet accidentally switched insurances on me. They switch me back and do not reimburse me for my medication though it was their fault. they did this to me twice already this year. It was a disaster. My health is deteriorating since I have been on Health Net due to the psychological, emotional and physical toll of their gas lighting and lack of care and availablitiy at every turn. Right now I am trying to get chiropractic for my cervical/lumbar radiculopathies, nerve plexus injuries,muscular and ligamentous injuries, and Intervertebral disc injuries. My doctor put in an urgent request 5 months ago for chiropratic for me and each week they told me to 'wait another week." I lay in bed most of the week. Yesterday I was told, after 5 months, that I am not allowed to get chiropractic unless I switch doctorsand all my specialists and go to one of their 7 impoverished clinics . So they want me to leave in the middle of dealing with upcoming surgeries, they want me to leave my primary doctor who has been treating me for 3 years, my 7 surgeons, my 6 specialists, etc and go to a junky clinic to see a new person I don't know , to start over, only so that maybe I might be referred to one of their chiropractors. This is the only way I can get to see a chiropractor under Hnet. If I leave all my medical care and go to a poor clinic. After having Health Net tell me on the phone for months and months and months to be patient while they try to approve my doctors request for me to see a 5 months later they tell me that I cannot see one unless I leave all my medical care behind. that makes no sense. But that is the way of Health Net. I have to fight for every single thing. I am on the phone every day for hours trying to get help. In my opinion, it is one of the worst health insurances around. It is horrendous. a nightmare

1 year ago

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Dan Lucerne Valley, CA

This company totally sucks, I advise you stay away from them at all cost, even if it means going without insurance. It is almost impossible to pay your bill online, I constantly get locked out of my account, I enter my member ID as it is on my card and it doesn't work, I take two numbers off and it works. Tried to pay by credit card and because my billing ID isn't the same as my mailing ID, the transaction doesn't go through. Then I have to wait on the phone for half an hour to talk to somebody. This company is horrible, the premiums are super expensive, it's almost impossible to see a doctor, they tell me to go to urgent care. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

David Plummer

I SUGGEST BESTCOMPANY NOTE THAT THE SAME COMPANY APPEARS ON THEIR SITE IN MULTIPLE FORMS. AS BESTCOMPANY OBJECTS TO USER POSTING SIMILAR REMARKS THROUGH THE INDUSTRY, BESTCOMPANY SHOULD NOTE ALL THE DUPLICATIONS OF THE COMPANIES. AMBETTER, HEALTHNET, AND CENTENE ARE ALL THE SAME COMPANY!!!!! I have posted a similar review on Ambetter Insurance due to the many name changes this company has engaged in recently. The parent corporation, Centene Corp., is deliberately hiding behind all the different names. Since they make it a point to keep changing names and none of the trade names match the parent corporation, one can determine this is deliberate! Because of the obvious collusion in the health insurance industry, Ambetter from HealthNet was the only Health Exchange insurance provider in Maricopa County, Arizona for 2018. This company isn't worth ink it takes to print their name. With completely incompetent customer service, completely incompetent IT services, completely incompetent billing processes, completely incompetent claims processing, the only thing they have going for them is that ACA didn't have a 100% PUBLIC OPTION! If I could arrange it, I would drive this company into insolvency and force their liquidation and put all their executives in jail. I have been forced to file multiple complaints to regulators in the states of Washington and Arizona and the Federal Government in Washington, DC. Attempting to call them was a total waste of time and also indicated that they have a widespread customer service problem as I was on hold for 30 minutes before finally giving up with their call center. So I called their corporate office at 314-725-4477 to escalate the issue to their executive offices. Given the pattern and history with this company, I would encourage EVERYONE to skip calling the call centers and start calling the executive office. Further, if so inclined, skip calling altogether and just start submitting every complaint, no matter how big or small, to your state's Insurance Commission and Attorney General. Make this company answer for their incompetency to government lawyers. As of December 2018, I have 4 outstanding claims that have all been denied repeatedly with a false basis for denial. The PCP that they paid in several claims in the middle of year, remains unpaid for claims in the early and late parts of the year. It appears that being in-network is associated with some random number generator as there is no consistent response from this fraudulent company. Claims being denied 5 and even 7 times is not a failure of the provider but a failure of the insurance company. CONSUMER WARNING: Retain Ambetter at your own risk!

4 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

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Ron Enna Happy Valley, OR

On February 19, 2018, I was hospitalized in Mexico with Dehydration and lower intestinal issues. They would not accept my HealthNet Med. Advantage coverage and I had to pay out of pocket. On February 26, I first started requesting reimbursement for my expenses. I have talked to no fewer than 10 service representatives and specifically with the Resolutions Department. Supposedly, the Claims Supervisor was requested to expedite my claim. It is now June 12 and I am no closer to having this resolved. Something is serious wrong here. I can imagine other members with much larger expenses suffering a financial crisis. I am very disappointed with HealthNet of Oregon. Ron Enna Portland Oregon

4 years ago

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Marie Simpson San Francisco, CA

Health Net will go to any length to avoid authorization and payment of claims. Health Net has a history of delaying tactics In 2017, I had a reoccurrence of Stage 4 ovarian cancer. I received all my medical care at Stanford Women’s Cancer Center. In April 2017, I was prescribed a newly FDA approved drug, Zejula. Health Net did everything possible to deny coverage. The medical team at Stanford spent endless hours providing medical documentation regarding the appropriateness and urgency of getting this medication. (Stanford said Health Net was the ONLY company that engaged in these delaying tactics). After two months and threats of lawsuits, HealthNet finally agreed to pay for this life saving medication. HealthNet plays a waiting game hoping the patient will die, thus avoiding paying for the prescribed therapy. As a business owner, we cancelled HealthNet as an option for our employees. BOTTOM LINE: STAY AWAY FROM HEALTHNET-THEY HAVE A LONG HISTORY OF SUCH DISPICABLE DELAYING PRACTICES.

5 years ago

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Scott Sederholm Costa Mesa, CA

I had a stem cell transplant in 2015, because I have multiple myeloma. I had to travel to Scottsdale, AZ to get the transplant. (I live in Tucson.) I was told by my transplant coordinator Stephen Dahlstrom that I was pre-approved for up to $3000 for food, lodging and travel for the transplant. I had to stay in a hotel for a month, and that alone cost more than the $3000. It is now June 9th of 2017, and I have sent in copies of my receipts over and over, have called them on the phone, have faxed them several times, and just today, after calling for probably the 20th time, I found out that they denied my claim because they "don't cover lodging expenses" . What a load of crap! Why was I told they did in the first place? I am very very disappointed in the level of service with Health Net.

5 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Laura Rangel

Had to hire a health care advocate to get my son's intensive care bills paid. It's going to be a year since my son's hospitalization and we are still dealing with loose ends. Also we wrote and faxed a letter saying we were no longer going to be with Health Net and of course according to them, they never received it. It's going to be a year since we faxed/wrote that cancellation letter and we were still fighting it. Just to get health net out of our lives, we finally just paid the one month that we were charged, though not our fault, they can't find anything. Don't get me started on that member service line.

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

E Badal San Marcos, CA

Avoid this organization (of crooks) at all costs! Our company's account was canceled because they claimed to have received a late payment. The payment was issued on time and I have no control over the speed of mail. The check was dated in accordance with the terms on the account. They then charged a $100 fee to reinstate our account. On top of all this, I had to spend the better part of a work day on the phone calling 6 different phone numbers and talking to 8 different people, all of whom were ornery and unpleasant. Combine this with the other reviews about how they won't pay bills, and you've got an organization more crooked than Congress.

6 years ago

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Seth Maxton Santee, CA

Absolutely the worst! Read the reviews on line prior to picking these guys. I won't write a book about my experience but I wish I had read the reviews about Healthnet prior to going with them. Long story short...they cancelled important surgeries literally hours before they were scheduled, no doctors want to go with them as they don't pay so your choices are limited, they won't get back to you if you try to find out why they cancelled your surgeries/procedures, etc. DON'T DO IT! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Jen cheese Crestline, CA

The unprofessional service I've received is horrible.I accidentally overpaid my premium,so I requested a refund.Its been 2 months and Healthnet has not refunded my money,$2404.55!I can't understand why I've been treated so poorly.I will take legal action!Healthnet hires non English language understanding employees.I am very disappointed with every aspect of this company.Health net doesn't care about their policy holders.They are stealing money from their customers.Its wrong,it's illegal and horrible!!!

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Mareesa Hoglund Oakley, CA

DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE IF CHOOSING HEALTHNET. Research their reviews and you will be validated in knowing that they are the worst health insurance company. They will deny paying even though you have coverage and pay a high premium and have for forever. Their customer service is awful, you wont get help from someone, your calls returned, questions answered etc. The worst part is they will try loop hole every way to not pay what you re eligible for.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Max Baker Sherwood, OR

Health net just won't cover what they claim to cover and are totally useless. Why pay a premium for nothing? My dentist bills them for exactly the amount they claim to pay and they reject it. Health Net refuses to pay for normal teeth care which consists of 2 cleanings, 1 exam, and 1 set of xrays per year while still accepting the premium payment. I discontinue with them on the next possible Monday.

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

ronald waddell Salem, OR

My experience with health net has been they deny coverage for everything the first time requested. I am a diabetic and recently got a scanner and sensors to monitor blood sugar. The company paid for the sensors but not the scanner. I know they know one is useless without the other. I paid for the scanner out of pocket because it is a good investment in my health care. Apparently, something health net doesn't seem to think is a worthwhile investment.

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Kurt Wilde Milton, FL

Their Customer Service is horrible. I've been calling repeatedly about the same claim and swear I'm getting the run around. One person tells me one thing, another tells me something altogether. On one occasion they swear a provider is under contract then another says it isn't. All they seem to be able to do is read random information off a computer screen.

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Maria Del villar Los Angeles, CA

HMO with health net is the worst insurance it’s like jumping through hoops. Just to get approval for prenatal care. It’s a basic service for pregnant women to get. Customer service horrible rude and unhelpful.

11 months ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Steve McGuffey Fontana, CA

Medicare plan. Confusing system. Give you a 4 inch book that is hard to read. Their online search for urgent care and hospitals is hard to use. Customer service is confused, saying I don't have a plan there, keeps transferring me over and over and over asking the same information every time. Do chose these people please.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Brandon Seattle, WA

Contacted the insurance company about coverage twice about a program and they said I was covered then when the bill came they retracted their statement and now I am stuck with the bill. The customer service is extraordinary shady and a bunch of liars

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Lorrie Anders Cembo, 00

Worst health insurance I ever had!! Customer service representative are useless and rude. Good luck finding a provider who will accept this insurance.

1 year ago Edited September 14, 2021

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

David Plummer

Poor customer service, but this company no longer stands on its own. Acquired by Centene Corp and renamed as Ambetter. Service is non-existent.

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Lynda Pesquera

Bad incorrect information, phones don't work

4 years ago