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In 1977 Health Net, Inc. was founded and has since then operated under the underlying goal to make people feel comfortable, healthy, and secure. Health Neat has served over five million customers. As of 2015, the company was secured by the Centene Corporation and continues to run under its operation. 

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The Good

  • Types of Plans Offered
  • Member Resources
  • Unique Features

Types of Plans Offered

Here is one of Health Net's obvious strengths. This company doesn't limit itself to just one type of health plan. On the contrary, customers get to pick from various PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations), EPOs (Exclusive Provider Organizations), HMOs (Health Management Organizations), and HSAs (Health Savings Accounts). They offer all four metal types of plans (platinum, gold, silver, and bronze), giving you flexibility with the pricing. Both Medicaid and Medicare are available too. This means that Health Net remains an option for you no matter your age or your family status.

Supplemental insurance is another provision from Health Net. Primarily, they offer vision insurance, dental insurance, and chiropractic insurance: dental plans are typically HMOs, PPOs, or indemnity plans. Health Net's vision insurance is accepted at LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Target, JCPenney, and Sears (and at a few independent optometrists). The copayments and maximums differ with each chiropractic plan, but there is coverage for office visits, X-rays, and laboratory work. The details of your benefits for any of these health plans are largely determined by your state, your health history, and your age. But the wonderful thing about shopping for a plan online is that, once you disclose your location, Health Net pulls up an easy-to-read list of available plans for you, complete with the prices for deductibles, coinsurance, office visits, prescriptions, and maternity care if it applies.

Member Resources

The member portal is a great resource that Health Net provides. Once you log in to your account, you'll see five tabs at the top that say "My Plan," "My Plan Activity," "Provider Search," "Wellness Center," and "Member Support." Through these tabs, you can view details about your benefits, view your transaction history, find a provider in the network, and more. You can also track any claims you've filed through this portal, and 24/7 access is granted for that. Members also have access to download forms easily-whether these are explanatory forms about your plan, a claim form, or other plan-specific documents. Another resource that Health Net has is the member blog called Member Pulse. With a subscription to this, you can read articles about health and nutrition, the changing healthcare laws, how to maximize your member resources and more. Members at Health Net can contact the company's customer service at any time of day, and there is a dedicated member phone number for their convenience. Between this, the member portal, and the mobile app (Health Net Mobile), Health Net members have more convenience and security in their health plans.

Unique Features

Even though Health Net has only been a subsidiary of the Centene Corporation since 2015, the company brings decades of experience to the table. Health Net is accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. It has several features that make it stand out among the crowd of companies asking for your insurance business. One of these features is the Decision Power Health and Wellness tool. This is a collection of resources that give members discounts on health products, connections with healthy living programs, and more. Nurse24 is one of the provisions of this tool, and it essentially gives members round-the-clock access to a nurse. You can either call or live chat this nurse for medical questions that pop up about your health or your medical plan along the way. The wellness tools also includes health coaching, a Quit for Life program (if you're trying to stop smoking), and savings on weight loss programs. You can use the Wellness Center on your member portal to track your personal health as well. Another unique quality to this company is its program called Teen2Xtreme. This is an effort to reach out to teenagers (13-18 years old). At this time of life, some teens don't feel comfortable asking their doctors medical questions in person, so Teen2Extreme is meant to be a safe place where these teens can discuss questions they have online. Through it, they have access to health blogs, 24/7 access to chat with a nurse, and social networking resources. Health Net provides a mobile app, a tool to find a provider in the network, and supplemental chiropractic insurance to members as well. All of these perks are Health Net's customized way of helping customers feel healthier and more secure.

The Bad

  • Customer Service
  • Recent Merge with the Centene Corporation
  • Locations
  • Location-Based Information

Customer Service

Health Net points out that it takes customer service very seriously. Customers can contact the company via phone (including a member dedicated phone line), through live chatting, or by email. There's also a contact form you can fill out to ask a question or present a concern or comment. These are typical communication lines, however. Health Net also lets potential customers take a virtual tour of the member portal. Without even registering, you can see what this portal looks like, how you would view your transactions, etc. Essentially, you can see if this would be a good fit for you, and it educates you about how to use the portal if you want to become a member. Health Net doesn't go far past these resources for customer service. They provide various phone numbers, business hours for these numbers, addresses, and a way to report fraud. But they don't spend much time inviting customers to their site. In some ways, you have to go looking to find a live chat tool, for example, and the company's view of customer service is mentioned in a long list of reasons to choose Health Net online. In these ways, the company is not so customer-focused, but the resources they provide to members does suggest that they want their customers to feel, as they claim, secure and healthy.

Recent Merge with the Centene Corporation

It's not an automatic weakness for a company to be acquired by another, but the merger between Health Net and the Centene Corporation only just occurred in 2015. With any merger come changes and adaptations, so some customers might be wary of committing to a company that now takes orders from another.


Possibly the biggest limiting factor here is the fact that Health Net is only available in four states-Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and California. If you live in one of these states, this company is a definite option for health insurance, but if not, then Health Net can't help. This limits the company's customer base and network.

Location-based Information

On a minor note, you might find the company website frustrating to navigate unless you allow it to detect your location. Until you disclose you zip code, with every new web page on the company's website will come to a pop-up box asking you to give your location. Why? Because the plans offered by Health Net vary with each state. This is an understandable factor for health plans, but it would be nice if you could access some universal information about these health plans without specifying your location.

The Bottom Line

Because it has such a wide selection of health plans, and because it has decades of experience and lots of member resources, Health Net is a recommended company for health insurance. These benefits are major appeals for lots of customers, and the member resources and wellness tools provided by the company continually work toward customer satisfaction.

That being said, Health Net obviously has a big flaw, and that's location. If you don't live in one of the four states it caters to, then this is obviously not a recommended company. If you do, however, Health Net has lots of options for you.


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Scott Sederholm

June 9th, 2017 Costa Mesa, CA

I had a stem cell transplant in 2015, because I have multiple myeloma. I had to travel to Scottsdale, AZ to get the transplant. (I live in Tucson.) I was told by my transplant coordinator Stephen Dahlstrom that I was pre-approved for up to $3000 for food, lodging and travel for the transplant. I had to stay in a hotel for a month, and that alone cost more than the $3000. It is now June 9th of 2017, and I have sent in copies of my receipts over and over, have called them on the phone, have faxed them several times, and just today, after calling for probably the 20th time, I found out that they denied my claim because they "don't cover lodging expenses" . What a load of crap! Why was I told they did in the first place? I am very very disappointed in the level of service with Health Net.



Laura Rangel

December 14th, 2016

Had to hire a health care advocate to get my son's intensive care bills paid. It's going to be a year since my son's hospitalization and we are still dealing with loose ends. Also we wrote and faxed a letter saying we were no longer going to be with Health Net and of course according to them, they never received it. It's going to be a year since we faxed/wrote that cancellation letter and we were still fighting it. Just to get health net out of our lives, we finally just paid the one month that we were charged, though not our fault, they can't find anything. Don't get me started on that member service line.



E Badal

November 17th, 2016 San Marcos, CA

Avoid this organization (of crooks) at all costs! Our company's account was canceled because they claimed to have received a late payment. The payment was issued on time and I have no control over the speed of mail. The check was dated in accordance with the terms on the account. They then charged a $100 fee to reinstate our account. On top of all this, I had to spend the better part of a work day on the phone calling 6 different phone numbers and talking to 8 different people, all of whom were ornery and unpleasant. Combine this with the other reviews about how they won't pay bills, and you've got an organization more crooked than Congress.



Kurt Wilde

October 4th, 2016 Milton, FL

Their Customer Service is horrible. I've been calling repeatedly about the same claim and swear I'm getting the run around. One person tells me one thing, another tells me something altogether. On one occasion they swear a provider is under contract then another says it isn't. All they seem to be able to do is read random information off a computer screen.