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LAST UPDATED: January 21st, 2022

Bright HealthCare offers several types of health plans in 13 states. Depending on your state, you can find employer-sponsored plans, Medicare Advantage plans, and individual and family health plans.

The primary advantage of choosing Bright HealthCare is the assistance you can receive with enrollment. You can visit one of its Authorized Enrollment Centers and work with Individual & Family Health Insurance Marketplace navigators.

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The Good

  • Competitive Health Plans
  • Helpful Enrollment Assistance
  • Member Benefits

Competitive Health Plans

Bright HealthCare offers Medicare Advantage plans, employer-sponsored health plans, and health plans for individuals and families.

Both plans include access to a network of care providers, which Bright HealthCare refers to as Care Partners. Most health plans have provider networks, though Bright HealthCare's Care Partner terminology is unique.

Bright HealthCare offers off-exchange health plans that meet Affordable Care Act guidelines. With these plans, you can benefit from telehealth services through Doctor on Demand. Access to telehealth services is becoming a more common offering from health insurers.

The company's Medicare Advantage plans don't have copays for specialist and generalist doctors. They also don't have copays for commonly prescribed Tier 1 Preferred Generic and Tier 6 Select Maintenance medications.

Additional benefits of these plans include coverage for preventive dental care, routine eye and hearing exams, fitness programs, and meal delivery after a hospital stay.

Employers can find small group coverage that's compliant with the Affordable Care Act. Bright HealthCare offers a nationwide network option that is beneficial for employers with remote employees throughout the United States.

Helpful Enrollment Assistance

Another advantage of working with Bright HealthCare is the range of enrollment assistance available. Many health insurance companies have insurance agents available to assist. However, Bright HealthCare stands out for its Authorized Enrollment Centers where you can receive answers to questions and help enrolling in a plan.

Bright HealthCare also offers access to Individual & Family Health Insurance Marketplace navigators who are trained to offer unbiased enrollment assistance.

With Medicare, you can also benefit from assistance through these Authorized Enrollment Centers. Beyond this in-person assistance, you can find virtual events to learn more about Medicare Advantage plans.

Member Benefits

Whatever plan you have, you can benefit from online policy management and an online directory for finding an in-network provider. With the company's individual and family plans, you can get cash rewards for doing things like choosing a primary care doctor.

Medicare plan members can benefit from Bright HealthCare's Medication Management Program for assistance with prescriptions.

If you're switching from a prescription drug plan to a Medicare Advantage plan, Bright HealthCare offers a program to help with the transition if one of your typical prescriptions won't be covered by your new Medicare Advantage plan.

You can also see if you qualify for financial assistance with Medicare from Bright HealthCare's site.


The Bad

  • Limited Customer Service Hours
  • Not All Prescriptions May Be Covered
  • Limited Availability
  • Low Number of Customer Reviews

Limited Customer Service Hours

Bright HealthCare offers customer service by phone from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. Although some members may prefer 24/7 customer service, these customer service hours aren't limited to business hours.

With these hours Bright HealthCare strikes a good balance between meeting member needs and caring for employees.

Not All Prescriptions May Be Covered

Check your plan's formulary to make sure that your medications are covered. Most health plans have drug formularies that list which drugs are covered by the plan. Although it can be frustrating if a plan doesn't cover your medications, formularies are a common practice for Medicare plans and health insurance.

Limited Availability

Bright HealthCare is not available in every state. If you're not in one of the 13 states it serves, you'll need to find another health insurance company.

Low Number of Customer Reviews

Best Company has not received many Bright HealthCare customer reviews, so insight on the customer experience is not available.


The Bottom Line

Although more customer insight would be helpful, Bright HealthCare is worth considering for its competitive health plans and member benefits. The insurer's Medicare Advantage plan features like meal delivery after a hospital stay and coverage for preventive dental care are also competitive for the industry.

Employers with remote employees throughout the United States can benefit from the insurer's Nationwide Network option.

Bright HealthCare goes above and beyond with enrollment assistance. From unbiased Individual & Family Health Insurance Marketplace navigators and Authorized Enrollment Centers to virtual information sessions on Medicare, you can be confident when you're enrolling in health insurance.

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FlowerPower Mesa, AZ

3 years with them and the I regret I didn't switch to a different company. The last 2 years were the most costly health insurance years for my family, not because of illness thank god, but because Bright Health is really bad. On top I feel that some fishy things are going on. Never signed up for auto pay, yet, at some point they started to take the money from my account without permission. Billed me for things they didn't need, and worst, I spent hours with them and customer service is pretty lame, supervisors are mean and heartless, and will not try to help at all!!! Just will let you know that this is how it is, and there is nothing they can do. This is definitely the last year with Bright Health. I wish Kaiser will come to Arizona, this is how health insurance should be.

3 days ago

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Henry Goldberg New York, NY

Medicare advantage plan - Since I live in Manhattan I can access many providers within the Mount Sinai system - BUT the insurance websites frequently fail and there is no IT department to call - they probably call a plumber to fix their technology. I had a bill that took ME 2 1/2 years to resolve and their customer service was NEVER able to directly intercede for me - nice people, but useless system. They seem to be unhappy with every drug plan they have as the part D component. Forget the dental benefits - the worst inexperienced and money grubbing dental groups cannot compare with highly experienced dentists we have all over New York City. It's a waste of my Medicare dollars on this extra service. I should get a rebate on my part B social security deductions. I should be offered a free hearing aid if I need it. And what is the company doing with all the hundreds of millions those investors put in the company?

3 months ago

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Chariti F Brandon, FL

I do not recommend this company. I could waste an hour writing about how they have failed me in so many ways. However, I have already wasted hours trying to get medical care with them blocking me from getting it, so I don't have the time to tell you anything other than to go elsewhere for medical insurance if you can.

1 month ago

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Lisa Gies Tucson, AZ

Not only have I been disappointed, but the physician offices also tell me it's a horrible plan and to pick another one next time. It is a cheap plan where the patient gets billed for things they never did before. My mammograms are usually covered but I was sent a bill for the radiologist who read the image.

1 year ago