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LAST UPDATED: September 22nd, 2023

Amarr was established in 1951, and is focused on manufacturing and distribution of sectional doors for residential garages, condominiums, commercial buildings, shopping malls, warehouses and other industrial applications. Amarr products are distributed throughout 85 Door Centers in the United States, Mexico, and Canada to more than 3,000 independent garage door dealers. Amarr garage doors also are sold by America’s leading retailers, including Costco Warehouses, and, under private label, at Sears and Lowe’s Home Improvement.

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The Good

  • Garage Door Openers and Accessories
  • Wind Load Garage Doors 
  • Mobile App for Door Openers 

Garage Door Openers and Accessories 

Amarr offers a large variety of garage door openers and accessories that will fit the taste and style of each of their customers. Customers can choose from the a dozen of advanced garage openers, sensor guards, roll-out garage floors, air screens, and more. 

Wind Load Garage Doors 

Amarr is dedicated to providing safety to their customers. They believe that to be safe you don't have to compromise style for preparedness. Practically every door that Amarr offers is available with a wind load reinforcement system to withstand high-wind conditions. Amarr Wind Load garage doors look identical from the outside and are engineered to meet local building codes on the inside. Simply choose the door style that is right for you and Amarr's authorized garage door dealers/installers will handle the rest. 

Mobile App for Door Openers 

Amarr offers a mobile app to automatically control your garage doors. This app will notify you when the garage door is open, and even when it half open, to ensure your awareness and safety. Use your smartphone or tablet to download and install the Entrematic application. On initial use you’ll be asked to register and create an account; once complete, sign in with your new account information and sync your garage doors with your new application. It simple, smart and safe. 


The Bad

  • New App

New App 

Since the Amarr Garage Door Controller app is relatively new, there have been some issues that are to be expected in the beginning stages of an app's release. Timeouts, crashes, and bugs have been experienced on both andriod and iOS devices.


The Bottom Line

Amarr Company has been offering its products and services since 1951. Over the last 65 years they have been able able to create a brand that is trusted by their customers. Currently they are serving customer in United States, Canada, and internationally. Customers enjoy their large selections of garage door styles, door openers, and accessories. Additionally, Amarr is focused on the safety of their customers by offering wind load garage doors, as well as the mobile app that notifies customers when something suspicious is happening in their garage. However, Amarr's app could be more functional than it currently is. 

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Roger Ellison

Doors started fading in within 30 months. Started rusting within 3 years. Now I’ve noticed the seal around windows are cracking. I talked to a representative and wanted to fix the windows. It’s seems like they are just wanting to put lipstick on a pig and thinks it will look just fine. I will never use them again warranty saids 25 years on the paint, but trust me it’s not. Even the rust is my fault and there’s never been work on the doors until now. STAY AWAY. Roger E

2 months ago

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Bessie B Gilbert, AZ

We are in the process of putting in a garage door and we have checked into at least 5 vendors. At this point we are most likely to go with Amarr although we haven't yet signed the deal. They explained costs and service in great detail so you know what you are getting and how much you are paying. They have quality products and good selection. The saleperson we have been working with has been very patient in answering questions.

2 years ago

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Camie Schultz Webb City, MO

DO NOT BUY!!! We purchased 4 full-view garage doors and 2 RV garage doors to be installed in our shop that is being built. Each door has 8 windows. Amarr told us they needed 20-24 weeks lead time so we ordered in February, with expected delivery in late summer. This lead time was perfect because our shop wouldn't be ready for doors until then. Positive 1: The doors were done and delivered to our installer in May, who held onto all the doors until our shop was ready. Problem 1: Our installer came in August to install the doors and after opening the boxes noticed the description on the order and boxes said “full-view” but the doors didn’t look full-view to them. After consulting with us, we confirmed it isn’t what we ordered. Amarr’s website shows a completely different “full-view” picture than what had been delivered to us. Amarr insisted the item numbers were correct and it is what we ordered, even though they clearly didn't match. Problem 2: There are several large dents on the exterior of the doors. Amarr will not replace the dented panels, saying too much time had passed between the date we ordered and August, even though that's well within the time they told us they needed to complete the doors. As per their recommendation, order early, but now they won’t honor their product. Problem 3: EVERY interior panel on the 4 garage doors has a 4-inch dent under EVERY window. 8 windows per door x4 doors = 32 dents! The dents are all in the same place and at the same angle under the windows, clearly put there during the manufacturing and/or assembly process. Again, Amarr won't replace them because there was too much time between the order date and the installation date. Problem 4: Several windows leak when it rains. Some leaks are a trickle and some are like water being poured down the door. According to a statement issued by Amarr, they will not be issuing any warranty as this is expected from their product. Problem 5: All of the windows are tinted but several came with scratches gouged in the tint/window film. Problem 6: Most of the windows have a 4-inch vertical white/silver mark on the exterior next to the windows. Again, all at the same angle and same spot on the door and were clearly made in manufacturing. The silver marks stand out on the black doors! We will be purchasing 4 additional garage doors when we build our house but we will NOT be ordering from Amarr!

1 year ago

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Peter Z Bristol, CT

Expect to be gouged by distributors. Bought a home with an Amarr door. A critter chewed one of the vinyl window inserts. Tried to order replacement from the factory; they don’t sell direct. Went to numerous distributors and either they wanted an exorbitant price or would not ship it to you. Many required that they install it! The insert is like putting the cap on a tube of toothpaste! Utterly disgusted with factory support. Sent many emails to no avail.

3 years ago

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Kc Pocahontas, AR

I bought this garage door and had it installed and noticed that the interior insulation had 2 dents in it. I contacted the Amarr company to see what could be done to fix the problem. Instead of trying to make the customer happy and send a replacement insulation panel, they wanted to charge me $350 for the panel and that’s the best they could do. Be wary of this company and do your research before you buy from them

4 years ago


Review Source

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Christopher Milke Olney, MD

Quality doors with multiple options. Were the best fit for our home and budget.

2 years ago