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LAST UPDATED: September 16th, 2022

While Target Corporation, the eighth-largest retailer in the United States, was founded in 1902, the first Target Optical store didn’t open until 1995. This new service made visiting the optometrist at existing Target stores relatively easy, and the Target Optical online service started in 2010. Target Optical is currently owned by the Luxottica, an Italian eyewear company that also owns several other eyeglass brands and retailers.

At Target Optical, consumers can purchase a variety of name-brand prescription contact lenses, eyeglasses, and sunglasses for kids and adults. Popular frames are available from the following brands:

  • Ray-Ban
  • Coach
  • Oakley
  • Vogue
  • Versace

The retailer has more than 500 eyeglass frames to choose from (400 from leading brands and 100 Target-exclusive options).

A variety of lens options are available including single vision and progressive lenses, plastic, polycarbonate, photochromic, and hi-index lenses. You can even get special Ray-Ban branded lenses.

At, customers can shop by brand, style, face shape, and fit (standard, large, small, and kids). They can also locate the nearest store with an optical center and schedule an eye exam with an eye doctor. A current prescription and pupillary distance measurement are needed to place an order. Customers without a current prescription will have to visit a doctor for an annual eye exam before shopping.

You can choose plastic or polycarbonate lenses, single vision or progressive, and special choices like IntelliBlue for computer screens, and light-sensitive transitions options.

Keep reading for pros and cons of buying glasses online from Target Optical.


The Good

  • Free Shipping
  • Customer Service
  • 90-Day Scratch Policy
  • 90-Day Return Policy
  • Protection Plan Available
  • Insurance and FSA/HSA Accepted

Free Shipping

When you place your order, it can take up to seven business days for processing and three for standard shipping, which is free for Target Optical customers. If you want to get your glasses sooner, you can pay to upgrade shipping, but remember, that won’t speed up the processing time.

Customer Service

Because Target Optical is supported by a huge national retailer, customer service is available via phone, Monday–Friday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern and Saturday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern. Customers can also email or chat online with customer service agents.

90-Day Scratch Policy

If your lenses get scratched within 90 days of purchase, you can get a free replacement. This is a great policy, especially if you are shopping for children.

90-Day Return Policy

Target has one of the longest standard return policies of any online eyeglass provider, covering 90 days. It is also a free return, for any reason. Just contact the company for a free prepaid return label.

Protection Plan Available

A $35 Worry Free Protection Plan is available. This covers replacements for damaged lenses and/or frames for a $50 copay. It lasts for one year, starting after the initial 90-day return and replacement policy.

Customers should be advised that the Protection Plan doesn’t cover lost or stolen glasses and isn’t available to shoppers in California.

Insurance and FSA/HSA Accepted

Target Optical accepts these popular vision insurance plans:

  • EyeMed Vision
  • Blue View Vision
  • Anthem
  • Aetna Vision Preferred
  • Humana Vision
  • And more

FSA and HSA card payments are accepted at Target Optical, even with online purchases. This is really helpful, especially for people who have a use-it-or-lose-it policy on their funds.

Because this is a well-known retail chain, you are likely to see promotional pricing, even on glasses.

However, users should know that promotional offers cannot be used when you are paying with insurance benefits. However, Target won’t force you to use your insurance if it is more expensive. The store will give you the lower price, with the promo or the insurance price. For example, a current promotion gives $99 frames plus standard lenses. This may end up being cheaper than going with your vision insurance coverage.

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The Bad

  • Bifocals Not Online
  • At Home Try On
  • Frames and Lenses
  • Not the Cheapest


Customers aren’t able to purchase lined bifocals online from the Optical department. If you are someone who can’t use progressive lenses, bifocals are available, but only in-store.

At-Home Try-On

While previously available, Target doesn’t have a fancy at-home try on option any more. However, it does have a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, so you have time to return them if they don’t work out, for any reason.

However, keep in mind that there are more than 1,000 Target Optical locations in the United States, and if you don’t like your glasses, there is a hassle-free 90-day return policy. Just contact customer service for a prepaid shipping label.

Not the Cheapest

While Target’s prescription glasses options are far from the cheapest (some online retailers start at $6.00 for frames), they are all high-quality designer frames like Ray-Ban, and have a 90-day policy for returns and scratch fixes.

Frames and Lenses

When you are shopping online, be aware that the pricing you see is for the frames. Lens pricing is only added after you select your lens and lens treatments, depending on the frames you choose.

It can be a little confusing because some online glasses shops show base pricing with the frame and lenses, then you upgrade, and some just show pricing for the frames, then add in more for the lenses. Just take care when you are shopping.


The Bottom Line

Target Optical is backed by the eight-largest U.S. retailer and it already has a large and positive brand recognition.

When it comes to online eyeglasses, Target’s Optical shop isn’t the most expensive or the least expensive, but it does offer a selection of over 500 frames, popular brands, options for single vision, progressive, sunglasses, and specialty lenses. It works with most insurance companies, but you don’t need vision insurance to shop here.

Customers get free shipping and returns, 90 days to decide, and free scratches fixed in the first 90 days.

Have you purchased glasses online from Target Optical? Let us know about your shopping experience with a quick review below.

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Randy Norman

One star was way to many but I had no other option to continue .getting replacement lenses has been over 3 months and I still have not received them .I will never do business with them again I hope the target in seekonk mass does not reflect on all of them .I am thinking about calling the BBB to report them

1 week ago

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Linda Olathe, KS

I would give zero stars if I could. After struggling to see for several months with my new glasses I had the prescription read at a different optical shop and discovered the right lens was made wrong. The measurement wasn't even close which would explain the difficulties I was experiencing. After having this information confirmed with the Target employee, the "manager" indicated I should have told them of this seeing issue before now. These defective poorly made glasses are not Targets problem so they have zero responsibility. I actually had THREE pairs made and cannot see clearly out of any of them. Save your time and money and have your glasses made at a reputable facility as Targets are junk and they don't stand behind them.

1 month ago

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Corina Pena Bakersfield, CA

Target Optical online has been a nightmare! Tried ordering contacts for my upcoming vacation and my orders kept getting cancelled for one reason or another! They do not communicate with you. I received no call, no email, nothing to let me know that my order was being cancelled. After waiting 10 days (I paid for 2 day shipping) I gave them a call to find out that they had cancelled my order. I placed an order again... they cancelled it again! Apparently I couldn't order my contacts with my husbands contacts on the same order... even though it allowed me to upload each prescription to each different brand of contacts! Again, never called, emailed, nothing. Website does not update when tracking. I called them and they cancelled my order because of the two prescriptions!

2 months ago

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Displeased Arizona San Francisco, CA

My story start back in early Dec 2021 when I order my prescription progressive sun glasses. Using my. Insurance. It took them almost 3 week to finally fix it and send it out They keep saying send in your prescription. When I had uploaded at least 4x Even sent my eye dr contact to confirm just to get another email send in your prescription. They do. Not respond to email. They cancel my order….. I started calling them. They finally said it was ready and sending out. Mind you they where progressive prescription. When I received the glasses. They were single vision sunglasses distant only. Call got a return. Sent them back. I sent what was wrong. I sent a copy of my prescription. Jan 18 or so they received the return. Then I get a email. Refunding the difference I had to pay. To my credit card. Waited a few days thinking they were fixing it Then call on Feb 2nd to see the status. They had canceled the order and had not proceed to exchange and had not notified me they Just canceled it…. So I told them that this was suppose to be an exchange . I was on the phone for 52 min with a rep. After they finely agree this was a exchange. She reorder my glasses , I ask her over and over at least 3-4 time. Are these progressive, Are they distant and readers, Are they the same design I previously order. She keep saying. I got you I am going to make this right. I am putting everything thing in your notes. She gave me a new order number. And I ask one more time ….these are replacement And progressive. She said yes. I have everything in the notes. WELL. Upon waking up on Feb 3rd. I have an email. Ms….Mj I see you have a prescription For progressive Lens……. But here is what took me over the top The email went on and said. Do you want. Readers. Or distant We had to cancel this order … so you can reorder the correct lenses. I just lost it….Ineptness. I just had to hold my tongue. When I call back. The rep looked at the notes and tried to repeat the email. I told her THEY were progressive. She put me on hold a supervisor came on line no apology no nothing. Still saying we had to cancel. I said leave it cancel and hung up…. Now here I am. I lost my eye insurances from 2021 no glasses because of this online target ineptness. I had to find a place and order a cheaper pair for now. So I can save my insurance when I go to my eye dr to re adjust my prescription. This was a worst experience up to this time in my life of a company showing This level of ineptness’s it was sad. And I left out so much. All I can say is. NOT GOOD.

7 months ago

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Ann Flaherty Dorchester, MA

Aweful!! They kept sending me emails saying we need your prescription. I sent it to them Three times. Then they had to verify the Dr? We can not find them on the listing for your eye center? Give me a break! You can not get anyone on the phone and have to chat online with someone. Very painful experience, ended up canceling the order. I am going to Pearl Vision

7 months ago


Review Source

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Heather Schmid Phoenix, AZ

Horrible experience for 2 years- so frustrated it is one of the only places my insurance will use. They are incompetent, take up to two weeks to answer a question and therefore wait until rx has expired and still won’t help. Shipped only half my order and cancelled the other half, I have hated them for two years and at this point would rather be blind than use them again. Everyone from chat to supervisor to customer service just waits for you to get frustrated and want to hang up. They shipped half my order and then I found out they put a claim in to insurance for complete order. If I hadn’t done the leg work I would have been screwed. They are awful. Please avoid and do yourself a favor.

9 months ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Dana Shelton Acworth, GA

My name is Dana Shelton. I have been a faithful customer of Target for many years. I trusted Target Optical to care for my vision needs but they have failed me more than once. I purchased prescription eyewear from your company twice. Each time the glare protective coating peels off and causes permanent damage to my lenses. A few years ago when my first prescription lenses had this problem I brought them back into your store. I was told the lenses would be replaced free of charge due to the protection plan I purchased. I was asked a series of questions to determine what was causing the problem. They explained that it could be due to my face wash, face moisturizer or simply the products I’m using to clear the lenses ( in which I purchase from Target). I proceeded to discontinue use of my facial products. After the first repair the coating peeled off again. When I brought the frames back in I was told my protection plan had expired and there was nothing that could be done to help with the issue because it was part of the prescription and it simply could not be removed from the lenses. But I decided when it was time to get new glasses I would give Target another try. I told them I did not want the glare coating on my glasses because of what happened before. They insisted that I should get it as that was probably some weird mishap the first time around. Within a number of weeks after purchasing my new glasses on 05/13/21, I begin having the same issue. I took them back in and they immediately sent off for new lenses explaining they had no ideal why this is happening to me only. They further stated that no customer has never had as many problems with their frames. I'm having this issue again. I took my classes in yesterday and this time my experience was met with rudeness. The tech rubbed her fingers across the outside of the frames and then on the inside. She explained it was weird that the damage was only on the inside. She asked what was I cleaning the frames with several times and then proceeded to make me feel as if I was negligent in some way. She continued to inform me that the first time that were fixed free of charge because it was only several weeks after the purchase. She said I could use my protection plan only this one time but going forward I would be charged $25 copay if this happens again. I told her I've had to change all face products to all natural solutions her response was “Good for you”. This type of customer service/feedback should be a disgrace as it does not serve Targets reputation well. I told her my son just purchased his first pair of lenses and is having the same problem. He will be bringing his frames back in. She stated that was fine and she would call me when my new lenses come in. It's not fair that I, the customer, should have to spend more money in the event that this keeps occuring. My time and my money is as valuable as any. Target Optical should be held responsible for my problem. I would like someone to step forward and finally resolve my issue. I want new lenses without this protective coating period. I feel Target should have offered this from the very beginning. Any reputable Optometrist would have done the same. When a company has a faulty product there should be some resolve for the consumer. If I don't hear back I will contact the BBB and I will take this matter as far as it could reach. I am determined to get this resolved in a professional manner and hope to hear from someone soon before this escalates.

9 months ago

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jen hadley Madison, WI

First time I tried to order contacts online, I uploaded the prescription and a week later they sent me a notice asking me to upload the prescription. I thought maybe I had messed it up? Uploaded the prescription again. Same thing happened. Got another notice a week later asking me to upload it again. I called them and they told me it's sometimes glitchy and gave me an email address to send the prescription to. So I did. I check again a week later, and it says "payment processing" and so it's not progressing. I'd already paid with a CC. So I call AGAIN and they tell me there is no prescription and maybe I should call my doctor and ask him to fax it. I ask why would I do that, since I had emailed it directly to them before? I cancel my order to go to ContactsDirect instead (where, it so happens, they're $50 cheaper!) . Never going to Target Optical again.

9 months ago

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D Dan Euclid, OH

I purchase glasses in September of 2021 and when I picked them up, they were way off as I have the graduated lenses. I was told over and over to just get used to them. Now I'm tols that they only adjust glasses within the first 90 days, after that I'm on my own. They told me that everyone in the business is like that. NO, they are not!!!!!1

6 months ago

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Sandi Soyring Pinellas Park, FL

Disappointed in the quality of lenses. I’ve worn glasses my whole life, never had issues with the top layer of lenses peeling off. I brought back to show only one lense was clear, the other defective. It was past 90 days, rep said you need to take better care of them, you should have bought protection plan. I will never go back. She said I can schedule another appointment and pay out of pocket for new lenses, my insurance won’t cover. I’ve never had my lenses peel, clearly a defect in the lense. Very disappointing.

9 months ago

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Viktoriia Kotsiuba Palm Harbor, FL

I'm frustrated and disappointed with their service and attitude. We ordered the most expensive two pairs of glasses for my daughter after their medical exam. The doctor who examined my kid gave us the referral bc of my kid's astigmatism and they figured out that the prescribed lenses were incorrect and could be even harmful to my daughter. In order to fix that, Target optical MUST redo it. They agreed to remake the glasses according to the new prescription however, they started to make up the facts, never called back, reschedule picking up numerous times with no reason. My kid waiting for new glasses for more than a month bc of their unprofessional behavior. Do NOT recommend ever.

1 year ago

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adrian avram Tampa, FL

target optical is affiliated with Luxotica and they run a customer scam like that: Promote a discount eye exam, to lure in customers -during exam the optometrist pressure customer to order glasses from target(luxotica) and if customer refuse bc the online other co are 4x less expensive at same quality, the optometrist alter the correct prescription and hand the customer wrong numbers to discredit the competition them make the glasses and if customer complain the say only target glasses are correct all other are wrong. Incredible? Happen to me. Target optometrist at Gainesville FL give me an intentionally 2 number higher reading prescription (+5) when I refused to order target glasses for $400 and explained that Zenni-optical online has it for $70 I always had reading prescription +2.5/3--and target prescription at 5 was absurde--Complained on the spot but he said "it is what I say it is" -and "if you order glasses from us it will be correct"

1 year ago

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shanshan cui Fairfax, VA

I went to the Target optical store today (oct. 19, 2020). I had the worst experience ever. First, no one wants to go out for a pair of eye glasses unless he has to during this pandemic. I did my research online and find the kind of frame I like, but I do want to try it before I place the order. So I went to the store (the one on New Guinea Rd, in Fairfax VA). The young lady there was chatting on the phone happily. Even though the store is in an open space, but I didn't go in and waited outside. I respect that there may be new policies due to COVID 19. I was the only customer there. Finally, she was off the phone and asked me "what was wrong?" in a very unfriendly tone. She was not the same person on the phone any more. I told her that I need a new pair of glasses. She started to say "you can only touch 5 frames and put them in the ..." in a very bad attitude. She made it very clear that she didn't want me there. I got the message and left immediately. Please don't go there because she didn't want your business and will treat you very poorly. I wish I can give negative stars.

1 year ago

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Raja Iqbal Richardson, TX

I wish i could rate them below zero, after 4 visits and almost two months wait i have no choice but to get refund.(TARGET AT RICHARDSON SQ MALL STORE) I went for eye test from target affiliate optometrist and ordered glasses from target after two weeks i picked up glasses and were not clear , they said MARKING was wrong give us two more weeks, after two weeks 2nd trip same problem i was told make another appointment with doctor ,after two weeks and 3rd visit i have a new eye prescription and wait another two weeks this time we will do right, well after two weeks when i picked up they used same old prescription and new one is missing they refunded my money and have no copy of my new prescription Worst service i have seen in a reputable name like Target i will not recommend any one

2 years ago

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Jera Reno, NV

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT ORDER FROM TARGET OPTICAL ONLINE. They have the worst communication and customer service. I ordered glasses online on 3/10, initial email was a thank you for my order. Didn't receive any other confirmation. I had to call them to get an update. Called in, was on hold for more than 30 min, was informed my order was to ship the next day. A week later still hadn't received any email with an update and using their automated telephone system it was not finding my order number. Was on hold for another 45 min, when I finally spoke to someone they informed me my order was still pending. I requested my order be cancelled and requested a refund. Was informed she'll put the request in for me, but she's not sure if it'll be cancelled or not. I am to receive an email when they cancel my order. We shall see.

2 years ago

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Amy Louhela Chicago, IL

I received my glasses in march. The coating is peeling off. I also know better then to wipe them with only a lens cloth. I contacted them and they would not replace the glasses. They said they were under warrant. I showed them to my optometrist and told him I could barely read from these and he said that they barely gave me any bifocal at all. He said I'd have to tip them to read anything. The worst part about it all is I can't afford another pair of glasses so I am stuck not being able to see correctly and I am a photographer. So this is really impacting me.

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Girlwhomustnotbenamed Shakopee, MN

Attempting to get a copy of your prescription is like Nicolas Cage trying to find the hidden treasure in National Treasure. But in this case, you never find the treasure and come up empty handed, defeated and feeling like you’ve wasted your time. I love target but how can target optical be soo different :’( I will say scheduling an eye exam is rather easy.

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Jennifer Morris Crowley, TX

I would rate 0 stars if it would let me. I got my glasses at Target, but I did not use a Target Optical eye doctor. First of all, when I went to pick up my glasses, the employee did not adjust them correctly. I was not seeing well out of the glasses. I went back, and the employee adjusted them correctly. She said she checked the prescription and the glasses were made correctly. They were not. So. I was forced to take off work, and spend and hour and a half at the eye doctor, just to confirm the glasses were not made correctly. Target redid them for free. i will not go back.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Tricia Vadnais Prairieville, LA

Do NOT use Target Optical. I bought a pair of $400 glasses in June. The coating is peeling off and they only offer a 90 day guarantee. Poor workmanship and even terrible customer service. I will NOT be back!!

11 months ago


Review Source

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Monas Shahzad Orlando, FL

I had my eye exam today Aug 28th, 2021. Doctor rushed my exam. Absolutely not satisfied with my dilation eye exam. I was wondering that dilation is a part of thorough eye exam and it should be performed thoroughly but Dr. M. S did it literally in one minute! Poor quality!

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

LIN U S A Apple Valley, CA

Doctor rushed my exam. Glasses came Could not see through these lenses. They insisted I wear them 2 weeks. Went to an actual optometrist office for recheck . Prescription was incorrect. They did not give me the premium progressive lens I asked for. Returned for refund. Do not go here.

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Loren Ruffin Kannapolis, NC

Shipping took SO LONG only for my order to be wrong. I sent in my prescription sheet, with the numbers very visible and received my left contacts with the acid WAY off. When I reached out for a partial refund they told me no and that there was nothing they could do about the prescription coming out wrong. DO NOT USE!!

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

DMR Chicago, IL

Glasses arrived with finish peeling off. I tried to contact them a number of times and received to response. They also never sent a confirmation email telling me the glasses had shipped.

2 years ago