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LAST UPDATED: July 16th, 2020

Tempo is a free-standing at-home fitness studio with a large screen, an array of exercise equipment, and built-in equipment storage. Tempo members can access live and on-demand fitness classes through the Tempo Studio, which broadcasts the classes and corrects participants’ form via the screen.

The studio takes up about three square feet of space. It weighs 100 pounds and stands at six-feet tall, two-feet and two-inches wide, and a foot and four-inches deep. It requires five feet of empty space in front of it for workouts. The physical Tempo Studio costs $1,995, and the Tempo membership costs an additional $39 per month.

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The Good

  • Premium Equipment
  • Built-In Storage
  • Small Footprint
  • Return Policy and Warranty

Premium Equipment

The Tempo Studio comes with 32 pieces of exercise equipment:

  • 7.5-pound stainless steel dumbbells (two)
  • 25-pound stainless steel barbell (one)
  • Collars (six)
  • 10-pound rubber-coated plates (four)
  • 5-pound rubber-coated plates (four)
  • 2.5-pound rubber-coated plates (four)
  • 1.25-pound rubber-coated plates (four)
  • Heart rate monitor (one)
  • Workout mat (one)
  • Recovery roller (one)

Each Tempo weight is rubber-coated and bumper-padded for stability and noise reduction. Each dumbbell and barbell is made of stainless steel, with smooth sleeves to make it easy to load weights onto it, and knurled shafts to make gripping the equipment easier.

Built-In Storage

In addition to 32 pieces of exercise equipment, the Tempo Studio includes built-in storage for each of those pieces. The stainless steel barbells attach to the back of the studio, while the plates and collars fit inside the cabinet on the front of the studio. The heart rate monitor, workout mat, and recovery roller fit inside. No additional storage is needed to organize the equipment that comes with the Tempo Studio.

Small Footprint

The Tempo Studio fits within about three square feet of space. The studio is about six-feet tall, two-feet wide, and a foot deep. The Tempo Studio needs five feet of space in front of it to allow room for workouts, which means it requires about the same amount of space or less as many other large pieces of workout equipment. 

Return Policy and Warranty

The Tempo Studio is covered under a three-year limited warranty. The length of the warranty means the studio will be covered under warranty for at least as long as it takes to pay off the up-front cost of the equipment.

Furthermore, Tempo offers a full refund, minus the cost of shipping, for any studio that’s returned within 30 days.


The Bad

  • Price
  • Only One Product Available


The Tempo Studio itself costs $1,995, and the company provides several financing options for that amount, spreading monthly payments out over 12, 24, or 36 months. Spread over 36-monthly payments, the Tempo Studio alone costs $55 per month. 

Those who purchase the Tempo Studio can use the equipment without a membership, which costs $39 per month and requires a minimum commitment of one year. However, without the membership, even those who own a Tempo Studio won’t be able to access any of Tempo’s live or on-demand classes, or its personalized training technology, which is only available during classes.

By comparison, buying a mid-range set of the same 32 pieces of equipment online would cost roughly $600 to $800. 

Only One Product Available

Those who are interested in Tempo can’t purchase equipment a la carte. The only option is to purchase the entire workout studio, with its 32 pieces of exercise equipment, for $1,995, or about $62 per piece. It’s possible to split that cost up over a maximum of 36 months, which would bring the cost down to $55 per month, or less than $2 per piece of equipment on a monthly basis over three years.


The Bottom Line

Tempo offers 32 pieces of premium exercise equipment — including two dumbbells, one barbell, six collars, 20 rubber-coated plates, one heart rate monitor, one workout mat, and one recovery roller — all contained in the Tempo Studio. The Tempo Studio takes up only three square feet of space and requires only five feet of empty space for workouts, ensuring it can fit in many home gym setups. 

But Tempo is much more than simply exercise equipment and storage — through the Tempo Studio, you can access live and on-demand HIIT, mobility, cardio, strength, and recovery classes taught by experienced, certified personal trainers. Additionally, the Tempo Studio’s 3D motion capture and artificial intelligence system can provide continual feedback as you work out, correcting your form and suggesting which weights to use. 

However, the up-front cost of the Tempo Studio can be prohibitive, even for users who plan to take advantage of all it can offer. At $1,995 for the equipment and an additional $39 per month for access to classes and personalized training, the Tempo Studio is probably a good deal for someone considering hiring a personal trainer or purchasing passes to expensive workout classes. 

On the other hand, for those looking to simply purchase equipment, the Tempo Studio is probably not worth the cost. At a minimum of $55 per month for the first three years for only the studio itself, or $94 per month to also gain access to fitness classes, there are many gym membership options that offer more equipment and more flexibility in the length of the contract.

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