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LAST UPDATED: April 2nd, 2024

Alter is the world’s first at-home fitness system that combines your DNA, biometrics, and personal health and fitness goals to create a personalized fitness plan. Alter analyzes your DNA via a cheek swab with the Alter DNA Kit, providing you with a DNA-driven approach to your health and wellness.

Your DNA results are augmented by the Alter System, which includes Alter Signal, a biometric device that can be worn on the wrist, and Alter Screen, an AI-powered mirror that can guide you through your personalized workouts. Both Alter’s Signal and Screen devices are supported by the Alter app, through which you can track your fitness progress, receive personalized health and wellness insights, and chat with elite professional coaches. The Alter System, including your DNA kit, Alter Signal, and Alter Screen, is bundled into one plan with one price that includes Alter membership.

Alter’s services are supported by its Performance Council, a group of experts that provide professional insight in genetics, technology, human health and performance, and more.

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The Good

  • Alter System and Membership
  • Alter App
  • 30-Day Home Trial
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • AlterPay Financing
  • Health and Fitness Rewards

Alter System and Membership

The Alter System includes the following products:

  • Alter DNA/Genetic Trait Report — Includes an at-home oral swab and an Alter DNA report, providing a personalized approach to fitness, wellness, and stress management. Your Alter DNA report also includes a free report walkthrough with an Alter senior wellness advisor.
  • Alter Signal — A wearable biometric device that tracks sleep, stress, activity, and heart rate. The device pairs with the Alter Screen and Alter App.
  • Alter Screen — An AI-powered mirror that offers workouts for all fitness levels, as well as AI form correction, allowing you to exercise in a safer and smarter manner.
  • Alter Accessories — Additional accessories include a foam roller, yoga mat, and strength bands.

When you purchase an Alter system, your membership is included. Alter membership includes access to a variety of content and coaching only available to members. Currently, the Alter System and membership is priced at $2,995 (reduced from $3,199).

Alter App

The Alter App pairs with your Alter Signal and Alter Screen devices and allows you to track your health and wellness goals. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

30-Day Home Trial

If you aren’t satisfied with your Alter System, you can receive a full refund within 30 days of delivery. You will need to return the system in its original condition and in its original box to activate your refund.

One Year Limited Warranty

The Alter System is protected by a one year limited warranty that covers the Alter Signal and Alter Screen devices — both devices are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery.

AlterPay Financing

The upfront cost of an Alter system and membership is currently $2,995. The company understands that this may be a significant upfront investment for some customers; thus, Alter offers zero percent APR financing through its AlterPay financing program. 

Eligibility restrictions may apply, but the majority of customers will be approved, no matter their credit score or financial history. AlterPay financing offers monthly payments as low as $79.95 per month with no extra fees; your down payment can be customized based on your needs.

Health and Fitness Rewards

To encourage Alter members to meet their health and fitness goals, Alter will cover your monthly membership fee if you complete your Alter plan each week.


The Bad

  • Alter System and Membership Cost
  • Devices and Membership Not Sold Separately

Alter System and Membership Cost

The Alter System, including membership, currently costs $2,995 (reduced from $3,199). For some customers, this may be a daunting price tag. However, it is important to keep in mind that this price includes your DNA kit, the Alter Signal biometric wearable device, the Alter Screen, additional accessories, and your membership. To assist in making Alter’s services available to a wider audience, Alter offers financing through its AlterPay program. AlterPay allows you to make monthly payments of $99 with zero percent APR, providing a simple alternative to paying the full upfront cost out of pocket.

Devices and Membership Not Sold Separately

Alter System devices and Alter membership are not sold separately; they are currently only available in a bundled plan with one price. Thus, if you would just like to, for example, purchase the Alter Screen to augment your current workouts, you will have to purchase the complete Alter System and membership.

However, it is important to note that the Alter System and membership is designed to provide you with a well-rounded approach to your health and wellness based on your DNA, and all devices support one another in helping you reach your goals.


The Bottom Line

Alter is the world’s first at-home fitness system that combines your DNA and biometrics with state-of-the-art technology, allowing you to personalize your fitness, health, and wellness goals to your specific biological makeup. The Alter team is made up of an elite group of professionals that provide expert insight on human performance, sports psychology, sports medicine, and more.

The Alter System includes two devices: the Alter Signal and the Alter Screen. The Alter Signal is a wearable biometric device that tracks your activity, including sleep and stress. The Alter Screen is an AI-powered mirror that offers personalized and real-time workouts and form correction, ensuring that your workouts are safe and effective. The Alter System is a bundled plan including both devices, and the system also includes your initial DNA cheek swab kit and Alter membership, which gives you access to special content and resources. The Alter System pairs with the Alter App, allowing you to track your health and wellness goals and progress.

The upfront cost for the Alter System may be a large investment, but Alter offers financing to help make the system more affordable for more customers. In addition, if you complete all your weekly goals in your personalized wellness plan, and track your progress on the Alter app, Alter will cover your monthly membership fee.

If you’re looking for a new and personalized system to help you reach your fitness, health, and wellness goals, Alter could be a good option for you. Read Alter reviews below to see what people are saying about the Alter System.

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From the moment I started using Alter, I was impressed by the level of customization and attention to detail that went into creating my personalized fitness plan. By analyzing my DNA and biometric data, Alter was able to identify my unique strengths and weaknesses, as well as any potential risk factors that I needed to be aware of. This information gave me a deeper understanding of my body and allowed me to tailor my workouts and nutrition plan to maximize my results.

1 week ago