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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

United Chargers Inc. is the parent company and manufacturer of the Grizzl-E electric vehicle charger. In 2019 United Chargers redirected its focus to research of the electric vehicle industry and more specifically charging stations. The Grizzl-E Level 2 EVSE was released in 2020 and was the most affordable and strongest charger marketed for home use at the time.

United Chargers’ goal for Grizzl-E’s product line is to make electric vehicles more affordable for everyone. Grizzle-E has grown and released fie additional products since 2021.

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The Good

  • Easy Installation
  • Affordability
  • Customer Service
  • Display

Easy Installation

Installation costs can vary and should be considered when purchasing EV charging equipment. Grizzl-E needs a 14-50R outlet and customers may need to hire an electrician to come to do the job. Grizzl-E comes with a mounting kit, EV plug holster, charging box, and 24’ cable.

If you have some electrical knowledge and are comfortable installing outlets, an electrician's services may not be necessary as the Grizzl-E has a step-by-step guide for homeowner installation. 


The Grizzl-E is well made and UL certified, with options for colder climates and longer cables. Compared to the price of other EVSE units with similar features, the Grizzl-E is reasonably priced. If consumers are looking to exclusively use their chargers outdoors, getting a unit that will function in any weather is important and worth the extra cost. 

Customer Service

Grizzl-E customers rave about the company's customer service. Grizzl-E's website includes many reviews about customer experiences where the compay's support team made a great effort to help consumers get set up and maintain their units. Grizzl-E provides a three-year service warranty which is standard for this price point.


The Grizzl-E box comes with no display other than a single power indicator but selects the correct amperage output automatically. Some customers are thrown off by the simplicity of the unit display but essentially, it’s all consumers need when charging their electric vehicles.

Some customers appreciate this easy design as they don’t own smartphones or don’t want to manage their EVSE from a phone. Grizzl-E has introduced units that have Wi-Fi connectivity for customers who want some more features. Other automated features on all Grizzl-E products include a shut-off function in cases of extreme temperature and one that allows it to continue charging once the power comes back on after an outage.


The Bad

  • Non-Smart EVSE

Non-Smart EVSE

A lot of consumers appreciate the flexibility of controlling appliances at their home with a smartphone without having to be at their home. In the electric vehicle charging industry it is no different. Grizzl-E’s products are non-smart, and only one specific electric vehicle charger it offers is. So, depending on how much you as a consumer value the smart option will depend on whether Grizzl-E is the best EVSE product line for you.


The Bottom Line

We are impressed with the Grizzl-E for two reasons. First, it delivers 40-amps of power which is more than most EVSE available. The Grizzl-E is a tough unit with an aluminum case that has a NEMA-4 rating and holds up in all climates. Second, the Grizzl-E is priced reasonably for its features.

Depending on your needs as a consumer, always consider price, speed, portability, your personal setup, and maintenance requirements when purchasing an electric vehicle charger. If you are in the market, Grizzl-E is a great option. 

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