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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Enel X strives to become a leading global producer of sustainable, innovative, and simple technology solutions to help customers navigate the clean energy transformation.

Founded in 2017, Enel X anticipates the needs of its customers by developing new products and solutions in areas where clean energy use shows the greatest potential and growth. Enel X produces JuiceBox home electric vehicle charging stations helping consumers reduce their carbon footprint. 

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The Good

  • Easy Installation
  • Smart Charging Option
  • Universally Compatible
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Weatherproofed

Easy Installation

Installation costs can vary and should be considered when purchasing EV charging equipment. The Enel X JuiceBox home car charger is easy to install because it comes with a NEMA-compatible plug.  Enel X provides an easy guide to installing an EV charging station, and if you need to hire a professional, Enel X provides a list of recommended EV charger installers on its website. 

Smart Charging Option

Utility electric rates for your EV charger vary at different times of the day. Electric cars require a lot of electricity, and it can cost more if you charge your electric car at home during peak hours. With Enel X JuiceBox Wi-Fi connectivity, your home charger can charge your car automatically during the off-peak times that you choose, which brings electricity costs down. 

Universally Compatible

Enel X JuiceBox charges all electric vehicles and is also compatible with Tesla cars with a provided adapter. 

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Enel X JuiceBox charging station is app-controlled via built-in Wi-Fi, so there’s no need to mess with ethernet cables or SIM cards. The app monitors battery status, gives estimated charge times, sets amperage, and schedules future usage. You can also pair the JuiceBox to an Amazon Echo device to easily control it using voice commands in your home.


While many drivers have garages, some may need to install their home charging station outdoors. When buying an EV charging station, pay attention to the charging unit’s durability: will it last when exposed to sun, wind, and water in the long term?

Enel X charging stations are designed for all weather conditions and are UL certified and tested for safety and durability. When buying any EV charger, look for models that are UL certified. UL certified indicates that the charger was independently tested for safety by an organization such as Underwriters Laboratory.


The Bad

  • Price


Enel X JuiceBox charging stations are pricey. Its products are consistently ranked in best sellers across retail platforms and are worth the high price tag to many customers. Buying the right charging station even if it costs more will help you get the best use out of an electric vehicle. 


The Bottom Line

Enel X JuiceBox has a lot going for it, with adjustable amp capacity, cable storage, security locking mechanisms, and Wi-Fi compatibility. The company has excellent reviews that give us confidence in suggesting this product.

On top of all the great things about the Enel X JuiceBox station, there are rebates available to help with the higher price point. Customers can also earn cash by using smart charging in certain areas by subscribing to the Enel X JuicePoints program. 

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