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LAST UPDATED: March 9th, 2024

Install America has provided homeowners with quality and professional home renovation solutions since 1955. Its in-house team provides both interior and exterior upgrades all backed by proper licensing, certification, and insurance. The install America team provides a number of full-service solutions with products that come directly from its partnering manufacturers. Services available through Install America include the following:

  • Replacement Windows
  • Bathroom Upgrades
  • Entry, Sliding, and Patio Doors
  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Kitchen
  • Decks
  • Patio Rooms and Porch Enclosures

Install America offers a number of different solutions within the door installation space. Through Install America, homeowners can access entry doors, glass or patio doors, and even sliding doors. There are customizable options available within each of these door types. Prospective clients can schedule a complimentary consultation with an Install America professional to get their door or other home improvement project started. 

As one of the top 25 providers on the "Top 500 Remodelers List", Install America has earned a reputation as being well-respected and professional in its home improvement dealings. While not a national provider, Install America does have a larger service area than most local contractors. There are Install America operations in several states including: Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. 

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The Good

  • Steel Door Features
  • Fiberglass Door Benefits
  • Sliding Glass and Patio Door Solutions
  • Available Warranties

Steel Door Features

One of the biggest draws from Install America door customers is the steel door option the company provides. Steel doors through Install America can be both painted or stained and provide some of the best entry way protection on the market. Steel doors are also known for climate control increasing energy savings since air is not constantly "escaping" through the front door. Steel doors have also been associated with a more aesthetically pleasing and modern look, boosting the overall property value. Features of Install America steel doors include the following:

  • Timberframe options that capitalize on stunning wood aesthetics without the drawbacks of wood deterioration or warping effects
  • Made with steel edge construction
  • Polyurethane foam core that is environmentally friendly
  • R-factor of 15:1 which is one of the highest performing metrics in the industry
  • Increased security with the installation of the exclusive steel "L" frame
  • Ability to repel water with Duraframe jambs made by Alaskan Cypress

Not all contractors have access to high quality steel door options nor do all providers have the materials or expertise needed to install these types of high performing and advanced door solutions. Install America has the professionals required along with access to the best supports to magnify steel door features. 

Fiberglass Door Benefits

Another viable option available through Install America is its fiberglass door selection. These doors are manufactured utilizing a "revolutionary system" that keeps water from the door's perimeter through a repelling component. This keeps the door from twisting or warping. The texture of these doors still resembles woodgrain and can be painted or finished with stain. Additional features and benefits include:

  • Timberframe all-composite frame requiring no maintenance
  • Door bottom completed with a weather-tight seal
  • Different finish options on ball-bearing hinges
  • Environmentally sound polyurethane foam core

Depending on what unique make a homeowner is interested in utilizing for their entryway, Install America provides some top-of-the-line options that not all providers offer in their catalog. 

Sliding Glass and Patio Door Solutions

Many homeowners turn to sliding glass door solutions when there is a view they want uninterrupted or easy access. Generally, these doors are found on patios, decks, around the pool, or facing the backyard. It makes the inside of the home feel more spacious and there are a number of customization options available through Install America. The actual construction of the Install America sliding glass doors include the following features:

  • Vertical panels reinforced with fusion welded sash panels and steel
  • Frame is fusion welded and a 7/8" tempered insulated glass is used
  • Ball bearing rollers utilize an easy glide tandem system with integral nailing fin on both the jambs and head
  • Sliding screen included with heavy-duty design
  • Minimized risk of tripping with low-rise sill
  • Dual position kick/vent lock included

Through Install America, homeowners can expect that even sliding glass and patio doors meet Energy Star ratings. The only sliding glass options available through Install America are the premier sliding glass door products and materials that beat out the construction of virtually all other comparable materials on the market. Install America offers the following customized options and upgrades, something not all providers can replicate:

  • Multi-point locking system
  • Tempered high-performance Low-E coating
  • Stainless steel rollers
  • Brass-coated locking handle
  • Sculpted or flat grids

Available Warranties

After having a home upgrade made, many homeowners want that product to function as designed since they just made the financial investment. Understanding this, most contractors or home upgrade manufacturers offer warranties to protect these products for a designated period of time or offer a buffer on workmanship and labor for the installation. Install America provides competitive warranties on essentially all of its services and products used.

For Install America door customers specifically, there isa transferable warranty that protects all of its installed doors. The warranty protects against problems associated with warping, delamination, or twisting of the door slab. These warranties extend to its collection of fiberglass, steel, and glass doors. Finding a transferable warranty in this industry without substantial exclusions is rare, but available through Install America. 


The Bad

  • Unknown Financing Solutions
  • Catalog Size

Unknown Financing Solutions

Many home remodeling and improvement companies either offer financing through their operation or through a financial partner. This is due in part to the fact that many homeowners forgo necessary or desired home improvement projects because of the financial limitations. Flexible financing allows homeowners the opportunity to enjoy these home upgrades without putting unnecessary strain on the monthly budget. Most providers make these financing options public so prospective clients can determine whether or not the service could be a good fit.

It is unclear whether or not Install America offers alternative financing for homeowners just having door products and materials installed. The company does offer seasonal "promotions" but these discounts may or may not be in effect when a homeowner reaches out regarding door solutions. 

Catalog Size

A provider's catalog determines what options a homeowner will have access to through a particular installer. The size, or the number of options within the catalog, will vary depending on what provider a homeowner decides to utilize for its door installation project. For Install America clients, there are 24 different glass style options to choose from. There are also 16 different paint colors or 7 stain finishes to choose between. There is also the option to customize the door with a knob, lever, handset, knocker, or magazine slot. 

While most homeowners have no issue finding a proper door solution and fit for their residence, the options are still "limited" compared to some of the other providers operating within the industry. There is customization through Install America but it is limited to a certain number of colors and style. Homeowners will find larger catalogs with bigger companies, but there could be downsides to that level of inventory as well. 


The Bottom Line

Install America provides comprehensive and end-to-end home improvement solutions. One of the company specialties is its door installation service. A major draw for a number of homeowners is the steel door option Install America provides with its accompanying features. There is also the option for fiberglass entry doors that come with a number of benefits. In addition to its entry door options, Install America also offers sliding glass and patio door solutions which its professional team will seamlessly install. There are protections placed on each door installed by Install America with warranties that are competitive within the industry. 

There are a number of reasons that homeowners should consider Install America for door replacement services. However, there are drawbacks to the operation as well. While there are seasonal promotions offered through Install America, it is unclear whether or not there are financing solutions available to door clients specifically. Additionally the catalog size for door options through Install America is smaller than some of its larger competitors in the space. 

Considering all the limitations as well as the benefits of the Install America door installation service, homeowners looking for a provider to install new doors on their home should consider the company for its professionalism and associated features. 

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