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LAST UPDATED: January 19th, 2021

Based in San Jose, California, Get Set Go Web has over 80 employees, over 350 clients, and has worked on over 700 projects. Get Set Go Web is a brand development agency that focuses on changing companies into brands.

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The Good

  • Offered Services
  • Packages
  • Free Consultation

Offered Services

Those looking to up their online marketing game will be happy to hear that Get Set Go Web is a fully stacked digital solutions agency. The company has worked with large corporations and startups from all over the world and offers a variety of marketing solutions. 

Get Set Go Web’s services include the following:

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design and Development
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Motion Graphics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Development


Get Set Go Web does something unique that very few other digital marketing agencies do. The company clearly displays its available digital solutions packages and prices. 

While many companies withhold this information and require consumers to call for more information, it’s nice to see Get Set Go Web give it to consumers upfront. 

Business owners looking to design or redesign their logo can visit Get Set Go Web’s website and compare packages and pricing. For example, Get Set Go Web’s Basic Logo package is just $56 (however, the site does not specify if this is a one time fee or per month) and users get three custom logo design concepts, four revisions. They’ll also get an initial sample within 48 hours. 

The company’s Digital Marketing package includes three tiered packages: SEO Silver, SEO Gold, and SEO Platinum. According to the site, the SEO Silver will cost users $789, the SEO Gold costs $1,234 and the SEO Platinum will cost $2,345. 

However, there are even a few Combo Packages for companies looking for multiple services. Of course, the cheaper packages come with fewer services and the more expensive packages are going to offer more. But it is helpful for Get Set Go Web to offer combo packages as it allows users only to have to purchase one plan. 

Free Consultation

Anyone interested in Get Set Go Web’s services can contact the company for a free consultation. Located on the company website is a short form that requires a name, email, phone number, country, and service type. Users will also want to write a brief project description to help the company determine the best service and course of action.


The Bad

  • Missing Information
  • Refund Stipulations

Missing Information

While we commend Get Set Go Web for being transparent and providing the prices for its services, there is some information that would be nice for users to have. There is no information on contract length or any additional fees. While this information is likely given at the time of checkout, it would be helpful for users to have this beforehand — as it helps users determine if Get Set Go Web’s services are right for them.

Refund Stipulations

Before signing up for the company’s services, we recommend users read about Get Set Go Web’s refund policy — this information can be found in the company’s terms and conditions. While the requirements for a refund are fairly standard, it is useful to be aware of this information should users request a refund. 

Users who ask for a refund should be aware of the following:

  • If a request for a refund is made before the delivery of initial design concepts, then you would be eligible for a Full Refund (less 10% service and processing fee).
  • If a request for a refund is made within 48 hours, you would be eligible for 66% refund (less 10% service and processing fee).
  • If a request for a refund is made between 48–120 hours of the initial design delivery, you would be eligible 33% refund (less 10% service and processing fee).
  • No refund request will be entertained after 120 hours of your initial design delivery; however, since we believe in 100% customer satisfaction, you're encouraged to contact us in case of any concern.
  • No refund requests will be entertained after the final files have been delivered.

Now, this is not the full list of conditions, so we recommend users read the full Refund Policy to make sure they’re ok with all of Get Set Go Web’s terms and conditions.


The Bottom Line

A relatively new company (founded in 2006), Get Set Go Web offers clients a variety of services. Whether users are looking to have a logo designed for their new company or are wanting to up their SEO game, Get Set Go Web can help. The company is unique in the fact that it clearly displays its service packages and their costs — something that rarely occurs in this industry but is incredibly useful to consumers who are price checking. 

We do recommend that users read the company’s terms and conditions before signing up, as it provides some useful information regarding refunds and the company’s money-back guarantee. Overall, Get Set Go Web appears to be a full-service digital marketing company that takes pride in what it does and aims to help businesses reach their full potential.

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Cassi Alexandria, NSW

Getsetgoweb is an amazing website development company. With instant support and assistance today, I have my website up and running without any difficulty. They never act as a company instead of as consultants. I had the best experience with Get set go web. The most notable amongst all was the transparency. Overall the synergy was amazing!!! I would love to work with them once again soon!

1 year ago

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ConQuest Chile Lincolnton, NC

Terrible damaging setback This company "getsetgoweb"said they would build my website for $2,200 for our Touring Business. Since the Corona virus started shortly after purchasing their services, they said that they could use this time working from home to make my website the best and that if it took over a year for the virus to be controlled it would be fine no worries. They were vague after that, their customer service was almost non existent and above all they never showed the final website. My business operates in a country that has recently lifted travel bans and I have lost an incalculable amount of money during the touring season there. Not only that they haven't responded to a single inquiry or answered any messages on over 10 methods of contact. The demo of the website had so many flaws and they would take weeks to respond to simple inquiries. Their own website has a ton of spelling errors and fake reviews. They pose as a fancy website service but didn't do anything but practically ruin the startup of my business. I ask of them to return my money, THE FULL AMOUNT as soon as possible. This is not one of those reviews where there is one bad review because the customer was the problem, this is a review exposing getsetgoweb as miserable individuals who scam and prey on innocent honest hard working people. Be warned and don't do any business with this company under any circumstances. The final link for my website has an error message saying "Account Suspended" and " contact host provider for more information". Clicking on this link sends me to a bogus email listed as "Address not found". Eric B sent me the contract which seemed legit before I authorized the $2,200 and will not respond to any messages He also made promises of 20,000 Facebook page likes per month. Shortly afterwards I was charged an additional $1,400 without my authorization. Somehow I guess I got lucky and they returned the $1,400. Joseph P who was the account manager totally ignored me as well as their main phone service did along with their emails, live chat and Facebook Messenger. These people are true scam artists/criminals.

1 year ago

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Paul Row Oshawa, ON

At the beginning of October 2019, I signed up to have 2 E-commerce websites made-GetSetGoWeb salesman (Eric) made deal for $1600 for both. He said in about 6-8 weeks they would be online ready for sales, with support for 3 months for any glitches etc…only hosting fees for each year if I used them for that. I asked them about people searching in Canada vs the states-they said .ca would show up if they were in Canada, and .com if they were in USA. (there was never any mention of extra charges). It took about 5 weeks before they gave me links to demo sites they were working on (template sites - they put a few of my product pictures on) I gave them a lot of product excel files with pictures, prices, products etc….they took another 1-2 weeks, and did almost nothing. I talked a few times with them on the phone, one time they said if more than 500 products they had to charge me $2500 more, also said they needed to charge $2500 more for PHP(almost every website uses this as default as i found out). I said no way, and I’d get back to them. I sent email for a conference call to talk about all the upsells delays etc….on the conference call, it was exactly like a “used car dealership scam” they were starting at 2500 , down to 1500. I said no. They called me 2 days later and said $600, I reluctantly told them ok. I also asked for a detailed invoice-took them over a week to get me one-wasn’t detailed at all, they were charging my credit cards different amounts until a charge went through for them. Then they would tell me about it after, and try to get me to pay the rest. Week after that, I was asking them why all information my bank wanted on websites weren't, why plugins weren’t working etc. They said they were working on it, takes time etc….then this time, they said they needed an additional $2500 to integrate the banking information plugins for online payment----that’s when I told them absolutely not, there was never any mention of that at the beginning, and these being ecommerce websites-that should have been a normal part of it!! I sent emails, phoned and threatened to fire them. Got Mark-he sweet talked me, told me no more charges at all etc…website would be awesome very soon, don’t worry etc….. After 7 weeks, I was getting really annoyed with the delays on the websites, I told them I wanted full access (on phone and in emails) I told them I wanted to be able to start putting my own products on there as they were too slow. I got nowhere with them, told them they would be fired in a few days if not 100% ready to go very soon. I also told them a few times to buy my .ca and .com domains many, many times. They finally bought 2 domains (.com only) at about 7 weeks. I told them what about the .ca domains? Samantha (project manager) said she was told it would be $600 for those!! ( I researched, and bought both domains from GODaddy for $14.95.hh for a full year!) They were even trying to get me to spend another $2500 for SEO keywords for indexing and some advertising for 3 months. (google keyword searches) (new website company charges only $100 a month for that)! Update- websites up and running with new company!! I sent final email firing them. (advised also to do this from my bank). I do not trust them, scamming me for more money, while just delaying everything on my sites. Both websites are still useless after 8+ weeks. Still in a template latin format that will take months to sort out. Record everything, take screenshots if you even think of using this company!

2 years ago

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Steven Stanimirovic Hollywood, FL

After taking over a year to attempt to complete a website, and upselling me on everything, way more than originally quoted, they just disappeared. DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY Be careful when choosing a web design company or pay the price like I did. I was originally quoted $2,000 for a website then they kept telling me I needed a server so that would be $1,500 extra and then that the website I wanted required more and more work and before I knew it they convinced me to spend close to $7,000 and I still dont have a completed website and they are no where to be found. Scam Artists!

1 year ago

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Matthew Bowen Lincolnton, NC

terrible customer service throughout the whole process. site was never finished. they stole my money over 2400$ and vanished off the face of the earth. What i did see of the webite looked like a basic wordpress site. These guys Eric and Joesph are professional scam artists

1 year ago