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LAST UPDATED: October 5th, 2020

Founded in 2015, Brighter Digital is a small, boutique digital marketing firm that is based in Edmonton, Canada. It was founded and is owned and run by long-time digital marketer Patrick Leonard. It is a small firm with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses that are in the Edmonton area specifically.  

If your business is a law firm, in home services, or in the automotive space then Brighter Digital may be a great fit. It has special expertise in these business areas. Brighter Digital's website provides several case studies illustrating its success in these areas that are helpful for potential customers to review. 

Because Brighter Digital is a boutique agency, customers can expect customized and responsive service. It is less likely to deliver a cookie-cutter model that larger digital marketing firms may sell. While this tailored-solutions model is attractive, because Brighter Digital is smaller it does have a more limited selection of services especially in website design. 

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The Good

  • Positive Customer Reviews
  • Offers Staple Digital Marketing Services
  • Flexible and Affordable

Positive Customer Reviews

Brighter Digital doesn’t have many online reviews, but the reviews it does have are overwhelmingly positive. Customers enjoyed working with Leonard and expressed confidence in his expertise. Many have experienced significant boosts to their local website traffic, greater visibility, and positive SEO and conversion metrics.

One online retailer who worked with Brighter Digital on a Shopify development project saw its website generate an increase in online sales and it rose to the first page of Google search results for several competitive keywords. A real estate agency that hired Brighter Digital to improve its SEO saw its search rankings and organic traffic both increase. 

Offers Staple Digital Marketing Services

Brighter Digital focuses its business offerings on the three core areas of digital marketing: SEO, Google Ads, and website development. Other larger firms may offer a wider array of services within those categories. Because it is an expert in boosting local SEO and traffic in the Edmonton area, Brighter Digital can be a significant asset to local small and medium businesses in the Edmonton area with the following services: 

  • SEO — Brighter Digital uses a six-step search engine optimization process to analyze your website, competitors, and target audience so you perform better in search and maintain your growth. It is an experienced Edmonton SEO expert. 
  • Google Ads — The company can help build cost-effective campaigns with Google to drive targeted traffic back to your website. It emphasizes transparency: you’ll know exactly what you spent and what your campaign delivered for the money.
  • Website Development — A good website is key to digital marketing. Why drive traffic to your website if it is poorly designed or lacks online retail features? Brighter Digital’s team works with several website platforms including WordPress and Shopify. 

Flexible and Affordable

Because it is a smaller, boutique agency serving mostly local clients Brighter Digital can offer you affordable pricing due to less overhead. It does provide some basic pricing information on its website. A basic WordPress website starts at $2,500 and up depending on the amount of pages and customization required for the project. For a more precise quote, you'll need to contact the company and give them specific details. A basic SEO package from Brighter Digital starts around $750 per month and goes up to $1,500 per month for more comprehensive work. Most of Brighter Digital's clients are somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. The cost for Google Ads will depend largely on your budget. 

Brighter Digital also offers customers flexibility. It does not require long-term contracts like many of its competitors.


The Bad

  • Hyperlocal Focus to Edmonton
  • Limited Design Services

Hyperlocal Focus to Edmonton

Brighter Digital is based in Edmonton and from what we could tell has worked primarily with the Edmonton market. This hyperlocal focus will obviously be an issue if your company isn’t located in the area. 

Limited Design Services

Larger digital marketing agencies will often offer a larger package of website design or logo design services. Brighter Digital clearly states on its website that its main focus is boosting a business’s local search and not website design. It points customers who are looking for a completely custom website towards other agencies. Competitors typically also offer design on a larger array of platforms such as Hubspot and Drupal. 

Brighter Digital does logo design and website development mainly on WordPress and has worked with Shopify.


The Bottom Line

Brighter Digital is a boutique digital marketing agency based in Edmonton, Canada that mainly helps businesses in that area. If your business is not in the Edmonton area, you will likely find its expertise more limited or unavailable. We found that its pricing is very reasonable, and you will appreciate that it does not require customers to sign long-term contracts.

Its owner’s expertise in the digital marketing space and the agency’s success helping local businesses boost online traffic and increase visibility online have led to many satisfied customers. Brighter Digital has very positive reviews. We also liked that the company provides a few case studies from its past clients on its website for interested customers to study. If you are a small or medium sized local business based in Edmonton looking for help boosting your website, SEO, or Google visibility, then Brighter Digital will likely be a great fit. 

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