Boost Your Social Media Presence by Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

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Social media is an increasingly more important pillar of digital marketing. Don't believe me? Check out these stats:

Brands that embrace social media as a marketing and lead generation tool are more likely to grow their online presence and bring in new customers. Check out this advice from marketing experts about how a digital marketing agency can help your company get in on the game.

The importance of social media

"If you don't think being on social media is important for your business," says Amie Simon, Director of Marketing at SmarthouseCreative, it might be time to hire an agency. She adds, "Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — your business needs to have a presence on all of these sites. Yes, social media is growing and changing every day, but these top three networks are the go-to for people killing time, checking news stories, and just trying to find some gorgeous photos or funny memes to take their mind off of heavier things. You're gonna need someone to setup and manage those accounts and also, if you have the budget (and you should), run some targeted ads on them. That's where hiring an agency already well-versed in these things comes in."

Developing and implementing a social strategy

Dai Baker, Founder and Lead Strategist at Dai Baker Creative Group explains, "You might need to hire a digital marketing agency if your are handling your own social media profiles with no strategy.

Social media requires strategy in order to see a successful engagement rate and increase in followers.

Often those who are not experienced or educated in social media marketing do not realize that there should be a strategy in place. The individual may have created a content calendar with their images and captions for the week but they did not use any strategy to create it.

Without a strategic game plan you are just posting on social media and wondering why you are not seeing growth.

Some things to consider when establishing a strategy is ensuring you are on the right platforms for your audience. You want to create captions in your brand's voice and with information that your audience wants to read. Your pictures should be attention capturing and relevant to your business and post. Hashtags are your friends when used strategically. Do not just add hashtags because they are popular; instead, research which hashtags will help you be seen. I recommend hiring a digital marketing agency to help strengthen your social media presence and efforts."

Converting customers from social media

"You might need to hire a digital marketing agency if you're struggling to convert new customers via social media or your website," advises Alex Onaindia, CEO of Distinction Agency. He continues, "Many businesses are using antiquated forms of marketing and need to catch up with the business landscape in 2019.

For example, our agency has closed numerous deals with businesses through Instagram direct messages.

It is easier to reach a majority of millennials and Gen Z through social than email, phone, or any other method. According to Instagram, 80 percent of accounts follow a business and 68 percent of them interact with brands on a regular basis. That's nearly 10 times more than with Facebook and the highest of any social media platform."

If your brand isn't leveraging social media to convert social media users into valuable customers, you are missing out.

Getting competitive on social

Raleigh Kung, Digital Marketing Manager at Burns 360 brings up another sign that an agency could be of help. It might be time to look for a digital marketing agency when "you start seeing your competitor's brand pop up on your personal social media profiles."

Kung explains, "this is the most "close-to-home" indicator that your competitors are starting to conduct their own digital campaigns. Since many people conduct their work while also on their social media sites, the SM sites will pick up the industry search terms/activities you type in during your normal business tasks — and will then show you related ads.

Seeing competitors' ads means they're starting to capitalize on online channels, while your company is not." Getting help from a digital marketing agency can help you get your social media and social ads up and running, "but will also allow you to assess what your competitors are doing first. Then, you can use the appropriate tactics to either match or exceed what your competitors are already doing."

Get a social media specialist without hiring in-house

"You may need to hire a digital marketing agency if you realize your people lack a variety of skills," explains Igor Mitic, Co-Founder, He explains, "It would be great if you could hire an entire marketing team and fill in every specific position with a senior, experienced marketer. However, this is usually not possible, especially for small businesses. Oftentimes, marketers get overloaded and they may lack specific skills.

For instance, we had a great team of content writers who have all been familiarized with SEO criteria and created quality articles. However, our social media presence was very weak, so we decided to boost those accounts. Since we couldn't afford to hire several social media experts, content writers jumped in and covered social networks for a while.

Now imagine content writers inserting primary keywords and meta titles in a tweet. Or them describing photos on Instagram. Needless to say, we had very quality content on social media and 0 followers who were ready to read lengthy threads on top 10 financial hacks for saving money.

At this time, we realized our team didn't have enough skills to cover both social media and our blog, which meant we would need to hire an entirely new team just for social media. Moreover, this would have happened with every new thing we'd try to implement. For this reason, hiring a digital marketing agency seemed like a much better solution."

You get the advantage of specialty social media skills without having to hire another team member — the best of both worlds.

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