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LAST UPDATED: January 14th, 2023

CCS Medical provides patients with medical supplies delivered to their homes. It is a single source provider of equipment for diabetes management such as insulin pump systems, CGM systems, and testing supplies. CCS Medical also offers its patients the convenience of providing a long list of other medical supplies including ostomy supplies, wound care supplies, breast pumps, orthotics, and urology supplies. 

CCS possesses a number of important industry accreditations from CHAP, The Compliance Team, Inc., JCAHO, and importantly VIPPS, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. In addition to these accreditations, CCS Medical is a Medicare Competitive Bid company which helps it stand out from competitors. It is critical for an online diabetic supplies company to hold pharmacy licenses or permits in all states in order to best serve customers — CCS Medical holds pharmacy licenses or permits in all states. 

Some of the major concerns customers have when shopping for diabetic medical supplies are affordability, insurance acceptance, and whether a company participates with Medicare and Medicaid. CCS Medical is a participating Medicare provider, accepts Medicaid in most states, and also accepts most private medical insurance plans.

The ordering and reordering process with CCS Medical is fairly industry standard. New customers fill out a brief form on its website and are then contacted by a customer service representative, or they can call customer service directly. When customers need to reorder, they can do so through their CCS Medical Patient Portal. A customized shipping schedule and reminders can be set up based on customers’ supply needs, their doctor’s treatment plan, and their insurance requirements. This is a convenient feature offered by CCS Medical.

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The Good

  • Dedicated Phone Numbers by Medical Issue
  • Payment Plans
  • Variety of Diabetic Supplies
  • Customer Education
  • Free, Discreet Delivery

Dedicated Phone Numbers by Medical Issue

CCS Medical’s “Contact Us” page has a list of customer service phone numbers divided by issue, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of calling a generic customer service line and narrowing down your inquiry yourself. You can call the number for diabetes questions and concerns directly, which saves you time and effort.

Payment Plans

CCS Medical’s website states that customers can pay by check, mail-in, or over the phone. The company also has various payment plans available as well, but we can’t find more information about what these plans entail.

Variety of Diabetic Supplies

CCS Medical offers a complete line of brand name medical supplies for many types of health needs. Specifically relating to diabetes, the company offers insulin pumps, glucose monitoring systems, and other diabetic supplies like testing strips, lancing devices, lancets, and control solution.

These supplies come from top brands including Ascensia, Trividia Health (formerly Nipro), LifeScan, Abbott, Dexcom, Medtronic, and Tandem.

Customer Education

CCS Medical has certified diabetes educators on staff. These professionals can answer any questions you may have about supplies or diabetes in general. The company also has a helpful website that answers plenty of questions about insurance, diabetes health, and other health topics.

Plus, CCS hosts a blog that remains current with regular content. Topics include news about medical breakthroughs and advice about living with diabetes. CCS also devotes a section of its website to nutrition that includes recipes, videos, and exercise tips.

Free, Discreet Delivery

CCS Medical offers free standard shipping on all orders, and delivers directly to your door. This allows you to receive your supplies in private and maintain discretion that is not always afforded when you have to pick up supplies yourself at the doctor’s office or pharmacy.


The Bad

  • Minimal Product Inventory Displayed Online
  • Customer Service

Minimal Product Inventory Displayed Online

While CCS Medical mentions many products and supplies related to diabetes maintenance that it offers, we can only find a few products in its online inventory. Specifically, there doesn’t seem to be a listing for testing strips, lancing devices, control solution, etc. 

It could be that these products are only available through your customer portal once you sign up for an account, but regardless, CCS Medical’s full inventory line is not viewable by the general public — nor are its prices, for that matter.

Customer Service Complaints

Some customers have had negative experiences with CCS Medical’s customer service department, including instances of never getting their original supplies or being told their supplies were coming one day but then they actually came days later. When it comes to essential medical supplies like diabetes supplies, you need to receive reliable shipments on time, and it seems that CCS Medical has had instances where that hasn’t happened.


The Bottom Line

CCS Medical offers many medical supplies online and delivers discreetly right to your door. The company has had some customer service complaints, but seems to offer a wide selection of diabetes management products and has all the necessary licenses and permits to operate in all 50 states, so even if you move around, the company’s products will still be available to you.

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Marleen Cohran Birmingham, AL

Absolutely the worse company ever. I have been out of my Dexcome G6 supplies and can't seem to get this straightened out so they can send them. CCS Medical Supplies representative says they need a new prescription from my doctor. My doctor has sent one in to them every month since October 2022 and sent it to them 5 times in January 2023 and CCS Medical Supplies still says they have not received it. Their employees will lie to you and tell you they will fix everything right up for you and in a suger sweet voice say is there anything else I can do for you and have a great day knowing that everything they said they would do is a lie. How do they sleep at night knowing they are risking someone's life with their lies? Run away from this company as fast as you can as you will only have high blood pressure from dealing with them and still not getting the supplies that your life depends on. I have instructed my family that if I die from CCS Medicals negligence then get a lawyer and sue the pants off of them. If anyone starts a class action suit against them then let me in on it, please.

3 weeks ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Sharon Stiggers

Rhey keep claiming my clinic did not fill in the coding corrrctly for a simple CGM. I and my doctor have gone round and round with them. I see once again on the website shipment has not been done. Have been 2 months unable to test my BG levels. Worst company I have evet seen.

1 month ago

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Dangerous Devil Official West Valley City, UT

If I could rate them zero, or even negative stars, I WOULD! I wanted to take the time to recognize them for never following through on their end to finish getting me my supplies as promised, time and time again! After wasting my time on the phone and through emails, literally for hours. This company is an absolute joke and embarrassment to the health care profession. And all off them should be FIRED who cannot complete their jobs! It is time we as consumers DEMAND MORE! They have left countless patients who depend on life sustaining diabetes supplies including me without them, more times than I care to remember. They can’t handle something as simple as adding my secondary insurance to my account, as every single month it had to be re added “because they didn’t have any record of it”. And on and on with the total disfunction at this company. Out of the six months I should have received my supplies, this company sent them to me three. That is a disgrace. A dysfunctional disgrace. End of story. One look at this companies’ reviews online shows the lack of care, professionalism and follow through on the companies’ end. Luckily for me, I will have a new supplier starting today. And will never have to deal with this company again! But I plan to post the absolutely horrible experience I had with this company anywhere I can online to hopefully warn others to stay away if they value their health at all! Including YouTube videos. How this company has stayed in business is a complete mystery to me. As it is totally clear this is the usual and expected type of experience with this company. It is time to call people out and companies in today’s world, when you can’t even complete the basic functions of customer service with your job. I even had a guy named “Will” who was supposedly gonna walk me all the way through the process to make sure it was all finally fixed. In the “resolution team”. Yeah right. Another person who never finished what he said or even contacted me again. They straight up lie to you on the phone. Avoid these crooks and unprofessional people AT ALL COSTS!!!

11 months ago

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homer simpson Bulger, PA

Left me without my supplies 6 times this year poor customer service had box of supplies damage and they will not replace

6 months ago