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LAST UPDATED: August 27th, 2021

Guardian® began as a life insurance company over 155 years ago. Guardian® works to make insurance accessible to everyone, and over the years has served over 20 million Americans.

Guardian® offers excellent dental insurance options with good coverage. You can find coverage for dental implants and child orthodontic treatment through Guardian®. It also has a superior financial rating from A.M. Best, which signals financial strength and Guardian®'s ability to meet its financial obligations when customers file a claim.

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Customer Review: Angelina Hamilton from Jackson, Mississippi

"My company switched to this year and I went to the dentist yesterday and found out they cover more than my previous insurance did. No deductible for my cleanings! And it’s affordable!"

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The Good

  • Excellent Plan Options for Individuals
  • Dental Benefits Through Employers
  • Additional Insurance Available

Excellent Plans for Individuals

Guardian® offers Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) and Preferred Provider Organization.

Most insurance plans cover preventive care, like cleanings and dental check-ups. Coverage levels for diagnosis and restorative treatment (e.g. a root canal, filling, crown) varies by dental insurance plan. Plans typically don't cover cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics.

The PPO dental insurance plans have provider networks. However, plan members still have the same treatment covered if they visit an out-of-network dentist. The rates are usually higher for out-of-network dental care, even for preventive treatment. However, the flexibility is an advantage of PPO insurance.

Guardian® also offers Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) plans. The Dental HMO has a network of dental providers. It's easy to find an in-network provider on Guardian®'s website. For coverage, plan members must receive care from a Guardian dentist. The network flexibility is how PPO and HMO plans differ.

Dental Benefit Options Through Employers

Guardian® works with employers to create benefits packages for employees. For more details on dental plan options, you'll need to reach out to the company directly.

In addition to dental insurance coverage, employers may also be able to work with Guardian ® to offer vision, life, supplemental health, and disability insurance in their benefits package.

Additional Insurance Available

Independent buyers can purchase other kinds of insurance through Guardian®:

  • Vision Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance

These are great additional offerings. Some insurance providers offer more kinds of insurance, like health insurance. Others focus primarily on dental insurance.

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The Bad

  • Limited Customer Insight
  • Area Variability
  • Waiting Periods
  • Dental Discount Plans May Not Be Available
  • Must Provide Contact Information to See Options

Limited Customer Insight

Best Company has not received many reviews for Guardian®. General conclusions about the customer experience are not currently available.

Area Variability

Guardian®’s insurance policy offerings may vary depending on the area you live in. However, it is easy to view your insurance coverage options on the company’s website after entering your zip code.

Waiting Periods

Although there isn't usually a waiting period for preventive care, it's common for dental insurance plans to have a waiting period for restorative dental procedures like fillings and other major dental work. Some dental insurance companies do not have waiting periods. As you review Guardian®'s dental plans, check to see if there are waiting periods for some dental work and whether or not the periods can be waived.

Dental Discount Plans May Not Be Available

If you're looking for a dental discount plan instead of insurance, you may not be able to find plans from Guardian®

While the website does not include any FAQs on dental discount plans, you won't know for sure until you provide your zip code and email address to view options and pricing in your area.

Dental discount plans are sometimes called dental savings plans. These plans are not insurance. Instead, they offer set discounts on dental services when you visit participating dentists.

Must Provide Contact Information to See Options

Before Guardian®'s site shows you dental insurance plans in your area, you must provide your zip code, number of people covered, your age range, and email address. 

If you're still in the research stages, it can be frustrating to provide an email address so that Guardian® can email you quotes on plans.


The Bottom Line

Dental treatment can be expensive and good oral health affects your overall health. Dental insurance helps by offering access to pre-negotiated discounts and cost-sharing. Regular preventive care like routine cleanings can help you avoid more expensive major services like root canals or bridges.

While Guardian® may not have the same number of dental insurance policies as some of its competitor dental insurance providers, it has several great options for dental plans. Guardian® provides good dental coverage. It's also convenient that the company offers other kinds of insurances, like vision insurance. Those interested in purchasing dental and vision insurance can find both products through Guardian®.

Finding a dentist in Guardian®'s dental network is a simple online process. Visiting a participating dentist helps you maximize your plan's dental savings. Before you buy a plan, you can check whether or not your current dental provider is included in Guardian®'s network.

Before choosing Guardian® as your insurance provider, be sure to check the website for zip code-specific cost and plan options. Consider the out-of-pocket expenses, annual deductible, annual benefit maximum, premiums, and coverage offered. Evaluate these features in terms of your budget and dental work or procedures you may need. 

Customers should also pay attention to the waiting periods. If a you don't want to deal with waiting periods, choosing a plan from Guardian® may not be the best option.

Although more customer reviews are necessary for a full recommendation, Guardian® is a good dental insurance company to consider if its dental insurance plans offer the coverage you need.

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welcow0521 Austin, TX

I would give negative 5 stars for this dishonest and disorganized company. I am very concerned that they are charging customers and giving no service, or not saying there was a nonpayment issue and then sending a letter immediately following that with 2-3 months of "nonpayment", when told that everything is okay. The reps all have inconsistent information for one account and will put blame on customer. 8 wouldn't trust this company but that's my thoughts.

4 weeks ago

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Jodi Scheib Hollywood, FL

I am fairly sure their policy is to deny everything. After being in pain for some time - I went to the dentist and had four crowns done - paid my percentage and went on my way. A year later I am told that some random dentist doesn't find the films compelling enough to deem it a medically necessary procedure and it has been denied. HA! Tell my pain that. Now I am stuck owing several thousand more dollars out of pocket.

1 month ago

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Ron Suarez Fort Worth, TX

I filled out the form to sign up for dental insurance. Now they don’t have any record of me signing up. The rep said to call my employer admin. My admin can’t make Guardian give me a policy number so I can see a dentist. I wish I could give ZERO stars since I am receiving zero coverage.

1 month ago

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Cory Piekarski Westport, NY

As so many other reviews point out, Guardian employs nasty, abusive, sexist jerks as customer service reps. Interrupting, using abusive language, hanging up on patrons - that's what customers experience. I have never been so disgusted as I was following my one interaction with Guardian, and I am a premium-paying customer. I will be dropping them like a bag of dirt as soon as open enrollment comes around.

2 months ago

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Ali Corton Framingham, MA

If there was a 0 star review I would select that. The rates they "contracted" for my rather expensive Boston suburb are embarrassing. Claims are not being paid according to the rates in my area and I am left with thousands of dollars in bills. I pay my coverage yet am not get any benefit from it. Customer services offers a lot of apologies but no solutions. The plan information provided is fraudulent, at best. This level of corruption has not been seen since prohibition. Avoid this company if you can. If you can't, then I suggest you keep EVERY piece of documentation and seek help from the attorney general of your state.

4 months ago

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Virginia Pellegrini Vista, CA

If you can avoid Guardian Dental Insurance at any cost, it’s a SCAM!!! I went to the dentist in December getting a simple oral exam and a cleaning which led to getting 2 fillings and a crown replacement. The insurance expects the dentist to use silver filling so even though that state that they cover your fillings 100% they only cover the charge that is equivalent to the silver filling not the composite filling that is commonly used. On top of that they didn’t cover my crown replacement at all because apparently it needs to be more than 10 years’ old. And I submitted a predetermination claim to replace my bridge as well, but since it’s not older than 10 years’ they won’t cover that either. Now to get my teeth fixed I’m supposed to come up with at least $2500 out of pocket! I called their customer service which is just completely useless and incompetent. The supervisor tried telling me that my procedures weren’t covered because of the plan my employer chose. However after this call I started an online chat on their website, where I asked if they have any plans that cover crowns or bridges that are more than 10 years’ old and they confirmed that they don’t have any such plans. Now the things is that I’ve been with Guardian for about 7 years. About 2-3 years after my bridge was put in another dentist told me that it needed to be replaced. When they submitted that predetermination claim it turned that it had to be at least 5 years’ old for the insurance to cover it, so I decided to wait. In the meantime I got a new employer and signed up with their insurance plan which was Guardian again. I thought that was a good thing, bad mistake!!! Turns out Guardian can change their rules as it pleases them, or whichever way makes them more money by setting their customers up for failure. Once I though I was finally ready to get this work done it turns out their coverage limitation change to a minimum of 10 years. Consider that on average a crown will last 5-15 years, so on a fixed average that would be exactly 10 years, which means Guardian is waiting until the last minute to even partially cover your necessary procedure by which time it might be even too late to a replacement and you will need an implant which under most of their plans/scenarios they don’t cover anyway. Be aware, this company is a SCAM that employees CON-ARTISTS who will only take advantage of you and your assumption that insurance is actually there to help you make your life better and healthier!

7 months ago

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T Wiesner Overland Park, KS

WORST dental insurance ever! I had this because that's what was offered at my work. i didn't have a waiting period, had a procedure approved. my work decided to switch insurance at beginning of year. I called guardian for weeks, and not one person there was competent, I was switched from one agent to the next, called 15 times. on hold for hours each time. All I wanted to do was continue with them and pay for plan myself rather then my work pay, so my procedure would be completed. BUT ABSOLUTLY not they said if I continue with them there would be a 9 month waiting period, ridiculous, I was already receiving insurance from them. I never had to wait with any company, especially if i was already a member, so i was left with 8000.00 fees out of my pocket to finish my implant, because this greedy company would not let me pay for their insurance without having to wait . Why pay when you get no benefits! Customer service has no knowledge at all, everyone I spoke to insured me they would call me back with answers the next day, never got a call. In the process at one point I did sign up to continue before I knew there would be a long waiting period, and come to find out the agent didn't even complete the process, they took my bank number and everything to process the fee. was told it would be taken Dec 26-30. and I can cancel anytime. well they took my money the same day, then I find out after that they refuse to waive the waiting period which i have been asking about for months. I BETTER see a refund. TERRIBLE customer service. No wonder my work changed companies!!!! DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM!!!

8 months ago

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Andrew Taylor New York, NY

This is appallingly bad - their dmo plan js a joke, the customer service line literally connects to nothing and has for over a year. To even offer this plan should be considered criminally negligent.

5 months ago

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C Perrysburg, OH

Poor business practice, do not use this provider. Specified services will not be covered if Guardian believes a diagnosis is "questionable". Just bad business and bad relationship management.

5 months ago

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JANET Round Rock, TX

This insurance is horrible. My husband even asked what do they actually pay for? I have had a chipped crown in my mouth for over 6 months. They denied my claim now I am going thru the longest appeal process I ever heard of with a insurance company. My company is using them with ADP. Horrible!

7 months ago

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Dale Mayo Lynnwood, WA

Guardian is the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. They will deny your claim and force you to go through the appeal process. If you want your dental work covered and do not want to be worried about getting stuck with an expensive bill find a better more reputable insurance company.

8 months ago

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Erin Steffek Fulshear, TX

Guardian is a TERRIB LE company. In November during open enrollment, my school district changed to Guardian. At the time, I contacted guardian to research what pediatric dentists were in the area for my 4 year old because she had a cavity I needed fixed. They gave me a list of pediatric dentists. In January when my insurance began, I contacted a dentist, but I was told in order to see the pediatric dentist I needed a referral. I got the referral. I thought all was well. I made my appointment. They could not see me for 3 weeks. Finally at 10am the day of my appointment, I get a phone call from Guardian stating that the dentist was no longer covered. I contacted guardian and they informed me that the list they gave me in November was a lie! They don't know who is in network unless the dentists contact them. So I have a bogus list of dentists and none are covered in my area. Having a cavity filled for a 4 year old isn't fun. I finally had her ready and now I have to drive over an hour away to get to a pediatric dentist. After being on hold for almost 4 hours, I am told there is nothing they can do. I am now stuck paying for insurance I can not use. They lied to us to get their bid with the district. They are a HORRIBLE company. I wouldn't trust them ever again.

1 year ago

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Androo Jastremski Philadelphia, PA

Guardian refuses to cover night guards. They won't pay a penny. Guardian would rather your teeth break.

2 months ago

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SM Redwood City, CA

They will do everything possible to avoid paying, including pretending the information wasn't on the claim. They lose claims sent through the mail. They don't contact you to let you know that information they need is missing. So, you have to stay on top of of your claim, checking the system all the time, doing your own follow up, etc. Additionally, their system for filing a claim is archaic.

1 year ago

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Kaycee Orlando, FL

They don't cover any procedures, and they have a "dentist" on staff who apparently knows more than my actual dentist. I absolutely need a deep clean as I haven't been to the dentist in an embarrassingly long amount of time, but according to Guardian, I should only be going to the dentist for a light cleaning. Yeah right. Crooks.

2 years ago

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Jennifer Jupiter, FL

STAY AWAY, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! They are scam artists and will come up with every excuse under the sun to avoid covering your supposed benefits. I REPEAT, STAY AWAY!!!!!!

1 year ago

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Southernsunshineforme Tampa, FL

They play games about providers to get out of paying bills. If you want to pay out of pocket this is the company for you!

9 months ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

TomT Quakertown, PA

NO dentists in network within thirty miles of us and we live in a populated area.

2 years ago

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