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LAST UPDATED: October 12th, 2021

If you're looking for dental insurance, you already know that dental health is important. A dental insurance plan can help you save on dental treatment and make visits to the dentist less expensive.

Delta Dental offers good dental insurance. Many of its plan members rate Delta Dental highly and are satisfied with the value offered through coverage, cost, and network of dentists, and customer service. If you're looking for good quality, see if Delta Dental has a plan that meets your needs.

Delta Dental was founded in 1954 by dentists and employers to increase access to dental services. Over the years, Delta Dental has grown from servicing three states to servicing all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and United States territories.

Delta Dental is an industry leader and was the first to offer dental insurance in multiple states. It has a large network of dentists and serves millions of people.

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Customer Review: Mary from Jacksonville, Florida

"My experience with Delta has always been great. Both my spouse and I have delta and was able to stack the coverage on both of our kids braces. We ended up paying less than 1600 for braces for each after each Delta plan paid a part."

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The Good

  • Positive Customer Reviews
  • Plan Variety
  • High Level of Customer Satisfaction
  • Vision Coverage Available

Positive Customer Reviews

Delta Dental has earned much praise from its plan members. Positive Delta Dental reviews describe satisfaction for the cost and value of the company's plans. They also mention quick claims processing and payments. The high number of positive reviews mean that you can purchase a Delta Dental plan confidently.

Plan Variety

Delta Dental offers dental insurance coverage for individuals, retirees, families, and employers. It has six kinds of dental plans available.

  • Delta Dental PPO™ — This insurance plan allows individuals access to the discounted network rates when they receive dental treatment from an in-network provider. It also has low out-of-pocket costs.
  • Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier™ — This plan is just like the Delta Dental PPO™ (Preferred Provider Organization) with the added benefit of coverage for out-of-network dentists.
  • Delta Dental Premier® — This is Delta Dental’s indemnity plan. Individuals with this plan only pay co-pays and deductibles for services received.
  • DeltaCare® USA — This plan is Delta Dental’s HMO and focuses primarily on preventive services.
  • Delta Dental Patient Direct® — With this plan, patients choose a network dentist and pay the dentist their pre-negotiated, discounted fee for the dental service. 
  • Delta Dental Individual and Family™ — Delta Dental offers the same group plans (generally only available to employers) to individuals and families.

With these choices, customers should be able to find the dental coverage and benefits they need at their price point.

Dental insurance plans work slightly differently from health insurance plans, though there are similarities. The Delta Dental PPO™, Delta Dental Premier®, and Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier™ plans all have an annual deductible and copays, like health insurance plans do. Unlike health insurance plans, these three Delta Dental plans also have an annual maximum benefit. The annual maximum benefit is the most that Delta Dental will pay for covered services during the year. Keep this number in mind as you consider the treatment you may need during the year. 

The DeltaCare® USA and the Delta Dental Patient Direct do not have deductibles or an annual maximum benefit. The DeltaCare® USA does have copays.

Finding a participating dentist is easy. Delta Dental members can use Delta Dental's website to find in-network dentists in their area. From the search results, you can choose a dental provider. Visiting participating dentists allows you to take full advantage of your plan's dental savings.

As you evaluate your dental plan options, consider the dental services you'll likely need. Check to make sure that your needs are included in a plan's covered services. Cleanings and dental check-ups usually fall under preventive care. Basic treatment generally includes dental work like fillings. Major services include dental procedures like root canals, crowns, and bridges. Some plans may also have limitations and exclusions. For example, cosmetic dentistry is typically not covered by dental insurance.

Some plans also require a waiting period before covering certain services.

If you like your current dentist, you should check to see if they are a provider included in your plan's network. With PPO plans, you can usually visit any dentist you'd like. If you visit a network dentist, you can maximize the cost-sharing benefits of your plan.

You should also consider what copayment a plan requires, its deductible, monthly premium, and other out-of-pocket expenses. Monthly premiums should fit comfortably into your monthly budget; however, it's important to also consider your out-of-pocket expenses.

Analyzing the full cost of a plan and what dental procedures and preventive services you need will help you estimate how much money you'll spend on dental care and find a plan that fits your budget.

High Level of Customer Satisfaction

Reviews on are mostly positive. Clients are typically satisfied with the coverage and service they receive from Delta Dental. Reviewers are also happy with its large network of dental providers.

While some reviewers experienced difficulty with getting procedures approved, claims, and cost, most reviewers are happy with Delta Dental. Keep in mind that Delta Dental offers a few different coverage plans, so customer experience with cost and coverage may be affected by what plan they chose.

Vision Coverage Available

While Delta Dental insurance plans are primarily for dentistry, the company also offers a vision insurance plan called DeltaVision®. With this plan, customers receive discounts for eye exams, glasses, contacts, and laser vision correction. It can be purchased with or separately from dental insurance.

Those looking for both dental and vision coverage can find insurance options through Delta Dental.


The Bad

  • Availability Varies by State

Availability Varies by State

While Delta Dental's plans are available nationwide, the offerings and rates vary by state. People interested in purchasing insurance from Delta Dental must enter their state, zip code, and birthday on a state- or region-specific site to view the rates and insurance coverage options available to them.


The Bottom Line

Dental care is an important part of taking care of your overall health. Good oral health and dental hygiene have positive effects on your heart and overall health. Dental insurance can help defray the cost of dental treatment that helps you maintain your dental health.

Delta Dental is a great choice when choosing a dental insurance company. It offers six kinds of dental plans, which makes it easy to find affordable dental coverage. Delta Dental has even made its group plans available to independent customers, not just businesses. This means that individuals can get the same dental benefits as those offered through employers.

Delta Dental's plan offerings and terms vary by state, so be sure to understand the specifics of the plan, like if there is a waiting period for certain services and the coverage available for preventive services and its cost before signing up for dental coverage.

Delta Dental has one of the largest networks of dentists, which makes finding a dentist easier. Visiting a network dentist allows you to access discounted rates for covered dental work. Delta Dental is an insurance provider worth considering.

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Yi Chen Gaithersburg, MD

DeltaCare USA is the worst dental plan I've used. When I signed up for the plan I was told maintenance visits were free, but after I went for a dental visit they would charge me $30 copay for teeth cleaning and x-ray. They don't allow you to just go to any dentist in their network. Instead they would assign one for you. When I needed to use another dentist, I had to call them several times to get reassinged. First they got the new dentist's fax wrong, then their phone line couldn't understand my enrollee ID, then they got the facility code of the new dentist wrong. It was horrible and frustrating. Do yourself a favor and don't use them!

1 month ago

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Eileen J Rosado Junghanns Cumming, GA

Be careful with this plan especially if you travel between Puerto Rico and the United States. We had to travel to the United States on an emergency basis because my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia at the beginning of the year and we have had to stay to take care of her, and the minor grandchildren, while she goes through chemotherapy treatment. I had an emergency for a tooth that had been removed previously but the dentist had left a piece that was causing a lot of pain. Due to the circumstance, I had to find a dentist in the United States but to confirm that the Dentist was within my plan, I connected to their page where it indicates to connect to Delta Dental to Confirm your eligibility and where you can find details of your contract and availability of services. When I connected to the account, there were no documents detailing the coverage. It showed the name of the plan and had a section to find a dentist. At no time, when I looked for a dentist in the area I was in, did it say that my plan did not cover these dentists. In fact, the search page says: "Important note: These results show dentists who participate in the network (s) you searched. When calling a dental office for an appointment, please be sure to schedule it with a dentist on this list in order to receive coverage under your preferred network. " So I assumed it was covered. Now I have received a letter with my claim saying that the plan would not pay anything and I have to pay almost $ 700 for the service. When I called to dispute, what they tell me is that in the guidance they gave when the plan was sold they would have let me know that this plan only covers in Puerto Rico. Honestly, I don't remember hearing that and the signed papers are at my house in Puerto Rico so I can't access them. With everything that is happening with my daughter, in truth this matter has added greatly to the stress I was already in. I hope this review helps others to prevent this situation. I cannot believe the callousness for the situation that I have received from the Customer Service Department of this company. Their only answer is that they told me when the plan was purchased and that the documents I signed reflect it, but they cannot tell me how I could have found out if I did not have access to those documents at this time and do not remember that statement from the Sales pitch.

2 months ago

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Prema Dasa Starrucca, PA

They double charged me for two policies, one from marketplace and one from personal policy. I had asked them to transfer market to personal and it seems it did not happen and they would not refund my money. Lack of honesty in the company and the customer service rep was terrible. Just another company out only to get your money.

1 month ago

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Brian Jensen Donna, TX

I have moved from Iowa to Texas. Delta Dental Iowa told me I needed to by a policy in Texas, so I did. When I went to the dentist they told me I had a 6 month waiting period. Nobody told me that at either insurance company when I cancelled and signed up for the new insurance. In fact the people I talked to said the opposite. Delta Dental advertises "No waiting period" So I feel I have been lied to and had I known I had a waiting period I would have found other insurance. They get one star only because I can't give them less.

1 year ago

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John J Silver Spring, MD

Everything that an insurance company can do wrong, Delta Dental does wrong. Refusing to cover procedures that the insurance covers is standard procedure at Delta - they just refuse everything and force the patient to recoup to money Delta owes them. Delta take months, literally, to process anything, including time-sensitive issues. Delta Dentals customer service line is Dante's 3rd level. Just inhuman idiots working the phones over there, whom will refuse to help you with anything regardless of circumstance. It's worse than Comcast. So, in short, do not spent a dime on Delta Dental.

2 years ago


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Ron Durfey Pleasant Grove, UT

I am not happy with my Delta Dental plan. I am forced to use them through my employer. I have been waiting for two years to get an answer from them on my implant. I think they just wait for patients to get exhausted to verify coverage so they don't have to cover patient care needs. If possible get any dental insurance company out there besides Delta.

2 years ago

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Poor product, coverage capped and often denial medical necessity...I pay more than any benefit I receive I am better off saving premium and copays and moving on this is inefficient product most people don't understand it.

2 years ago

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Stella Carey

They didn't pay my bills due to me having second insurance that is Delta Dental as well. They play ping pong for over 3 year with me and I end up paying 6I out of my pocket

1 year ago


Review Source

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Amanda Malega Oklahoma City, OK

I have Delta Dental and I pay a pretty nice chunk of money for their services but they still require me to pay most of my stuff out of my own pocket.

1 year ago

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the service for the money is very poor. I put aside funds for what I wanted and got a better result

2 years ago

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Kimberlee Tomball, TX

The insurance hardly paid anything towards even a cleaning much less any possible work I needed

2 years ago


Review Source

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Bekah Lewis Cedar Fort, UT

Awful. Never pay my claims. Have double coverage and won’t pay even after everything has been submitted multiple times.

1 year ago

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Lousy coverage. About the only benefit you get is limited free cleanings

1 year ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

John everett Bedford, VA

Sometimes it costs more with insurance than without

2 years ago

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