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LAST UPDATED: November 10th, 2021

BlueCross BlueShield was founded in 1929. Primarily known for its health insurance offerings, it also carries dental insurance plans in some areas. 

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The Good

  • Wide Availability
  • Positive Reviews

Wide Availability

BlueCross BlueShield offers insurance plans throughout the United States. This wide availability makes it easier to continue working with the insurer if you move to a new state or region.

BlueCross BlueShield's website makes it easy to find the subsidiary that operates in your area. Once you're redirected to the right subsidiary, you can learn more about what BlueCross BlueShield offers in your area.

Positive Reviews

A large proportion of BlueCross BlueShield reviews on Best Company are positive. Reviewers were satisfied with the coverage, network, and timely payment of claims.

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Customer Review: Audrey Mitchell from Managua, Minnesota

"Bluecross is accepted in all the dental offices I have gone to and had not problems. Their coverage is great and staff is helpful with questions."


The Bad

  • Plan Options Vary by Location

Plan Options Vary by Location

BlueCross BlueShield's wide reach means that the plans available vary from subsidiary to subsidiary. If you are interested in working with BlueCross BlueShield, check which subsidiary operates in your area. Work with your local subsidiary to learn more about the dental insurance plan it offers.

If BlueCross BlueShield dental plans are not available in your area, you'll need to consider another insurer.


The Bottom Line

BlueCross BlueShield is a well-known insurance company. While it's difficult to get into specifics around dental plan options because these choices vary by location, BlueCross BlueShield has earned a high proportion of positive reviews. 

If BlueCross BlueShield offers dental insurance in your area, it's worth exploring further.

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Chris Giusti Manassas, VA

This company is the absolute worst insurance company I’ve ever dealt with. I shopped vigorously for a dental plan in the fall knowing I’d need some dental work done. Got in touch with blue cross blue shield and specifically asked “do you cover crowns?” I was told yes and specifically referred to a 47 page manual that explained their policy in depth. Nowhere in this manual did it even hint that crowns weren’t covered. In fact, it detailed how they were covered at 50%. The manual had an entire section of what wasn’t covered. Nowhere in that section did it even mention the word crown. Based on this I purchased the plan. I had multiple crowns done and to my dismay the company now refuses to pay the claims. They are trying to tell Me the tooth wasn’t more than 50% decayed. Nowhere in their policy does it talk about ratios that teeth need to be damaged to obtain a crown. Acting on the opinion of multiple dentists I obtained crowns to fix my teeth. Had I known that for this company to cover a crown the tooth had to be more than 50% decayed I obviously wouldn’t have gotten their policy. Again, they can’t point out where in their policy this is listed. They simply don’t want to pay the claim. Bottom line is they will take your premiums with open hands and then find a way not to pay totally legitimate claims. I had to give one star because zero wasn’t an option.

2 years ago

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Robert T Hoff Rehoboth Beach, DE

I'm retired Civil Service using Benefeds/OPM contract with BC/BS Fed VIP Dental. The Dental coverage is a scam. I live in Rehoboth Beach, DE, where there are no in-network dentists within a 35 mile drive . However there are several available in NJ on the other side of the Delaware Bay. BCBS actually sent me a note saying they expected me to drive across the water. The reason for needing a dentist is because I need a molar implant. Implants are on their schedule, but BCBS has told me they will NEVER do implants because there are always cheaper alternatives. They demad I pull out all the rest of my teeth because "dentures are cheaper than an implant." I called OPM where I was told they didn't look at the terms of the contracts. They sent me to BENEFEDS where they told me the companies are the only ones who can look at their own contracts in a stab at self-regulation. I am going to all review sites to uncover this scam.

2 years ago

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Absolutely terrible and scammy packages I recently got PBC. (November 2018) Was told had to wait 3 months. To use dental BENEFIT okey. Fast forward to January Get cleaning (my usual WITHOUT coverage is $89) Get cleaning. Go pay. $180+ how do you figure. They covered 80%. 80% and i have to pay $100 more then typical visit without health coverage I almost canceled PBC THAT DAY. but. I decided to give it a chance. Fast forward 3 more months (6 months in to the plan at $300 given for the payments). Costco. Sorry we don't file claims for you. You'll need to fill the prescription then file it yourself. so is it covered though or not ‍ we don't know and you won't know until you file it. So you're saying it could be not covered yes. That's possible. Okay. Paid the $48 Go home to file. They said it's easy. Fill out the boxes on the app and send us pic of receipt stub from pharmacy Did it. Came back. Rejected Called them. Oh. Most drugs aren't covered Well the why on earth am I paying you like $800+ a year ‍. Nothing is covered and even after that huge amount I'm still paying per visit or per prescription. It's a rip off. My annual costs are as follows without health and dental coverage: $100 ($50 x2 a year allergy meds) $100 eye exam $200 contacts $89 dental $89 dental Total: $600 My needs. About $600 my payment is almost $800 with PBC, but with PBC after paying $800 I'll still need To pay $180 dental my "share " $180 dental $100 eye exam $100 contacts ( not fully covered) $100 meds (nothing covered) Total additional costs: $660. So grand total of $1460 with blue cross. Or $600 stand alone without health dental‍ DON'T GET INSURANCE THE ONLY BENEFIT IS TO THE INSURANCE COMPANY (how else would they make money should of known) don't fall for it. It's stupid.

2 years ago


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Samantha Grabert Salt Lake City, UT

Terrible coverage and so hard to work with!

3 months ago