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LAST UPDATED: January 18th, 2023

Ameritas began as a Nebraska life insurance company in 1887. It has grown as a financial institution to offer other kinds of insurance products and financial services. These include vision insurance, dental insurance, hearing coverage, life insurance, annuities, investing, retirement assistance, and disability income insurance. You can also connect with a financial professional through Ameritas. 

Ameritas is also a mutual company, which means that it is owned by its policyholders, not stockholders. Being a mutual company allows Ameritas to focus on making decisions that benefit its policyholders.

Ameritas offers nice plan selection to individuals and employers. It has received high financial strength ratings. A high rating shows a company's financial stability and ability to pay claims. Ameritas is a good dental insurance company to work with.

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Customer Review: Scott from Harrisburg, North Carolina

"We feel like we have had great coverage for our family since we started using Ameritas several years ago. I have a lot of anxiety involving dental procedures and I like that they cover nitrous to help ease my anxiousness. They cover most things 100% or at least a fair portion."

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The Good

  • Ameritas Dental Plans for Individuals
  • Customized Dental Plans for Businesses

Amertias Dental Plans for Individuals

Ameritas's dental coverage options vary based on your location. If you input your zip code and answer a few brief questions on the kind of insurance coverage you'd like, a list of available plans with coverage and cost details appears. You can compare plan coverage and costs to help you make a decision.

An insurance policy's cost-sharing structure will determine how much your out-of-pocket expenses are for different kinds of dental care. As you review  the cost-sharing rules for different kinds of dental care, keep the definitions in mind.

Preventive services usually include cleanings and dental check-ups. Under most plans, preventive care is covered fully.

Basic services include dental procedures like fillings. Major services are generally things like dental implants, root canals, and crowns. Some plans may require a waiting period before you can get certain dental services.

Understanding the monthly premiums, out-of-pocket expenses, and covered services will help you by the insurance coverage you need.

Whichever plan you choose, keep in mind that rates tend to be lower if you visit a dentist in Ameritas's network. You can find an in-network provider online or via telephone.

Customized Dental Plans for Businesses

Ameritas has many options for employers interested in providing group dental insurance as part of their employees' benefits package:

  • Traditional Tailored Indemnity: These plans are pay-per-service. Ameritas will customize these plans to the needs of their client.
  • Value Source ®: This plan offers the typical dental benefits at a low cost.
  • EssentialDental ®: Like the Value Source ® plan, this plan offers coverage for the most basic and essential dental services.
  • Managed Care/Provider Network: Ameritas also customizes plans in this category, but does not provide more specifics on their website.
  • $ensible Choice ®: This plan focuses on the amount of money spent on dental care, not the kind of dental care received. Employers can include administrative services as part of the plan.
  • Dental Rewards ®: With this plan, qualifying individuals can roll over unused money from their maximum annual benefit to be used in future years.

Companies can also choose to include orthodontic and cosmetic options with the plans they offer employees.

Ameritas has several flexible options for employers providing group dental plans:

  • Core/Buy-up: Companies can offer one basic dental plan and allow employees to opt into a more expensive plan if they would like to.
  • Dual Choice Option: Similar to the Core/Buy-up option, employers can purchase one plan that gives employees two plan choices.
  • Voluntary: With these plans, employees must opt-in to pay for and receive dental coverage.
  • ASO (Administrative Services Only): Ameritas takes care of the administrative tasks for a self-funded employer-provided dental insurance.
  • Small Group Trust: These plans are focused on small business owners who want to provide benefits to their employees.

Employers interested in providing dental and vision benefits to employees can also offer Ameritas's Fusion plan. This plan allows members to have more control over their benefit dollars to put them where they need them most.

For smaller groups, Ameritas also offers Edge Dental and Vision plans. These plans are designed to be simple.

With many options for providing dental benefits, employers can find an Ameritas group dental plan to meet their needs.


The Bad

  • Limited Availability

Limited Availability

Ameritas's dental insurance plans are not available nationwide. The plans available in specific states also varies. Check Ameritas's website to see what dental plans are available in your area.


The Bottom Line

Ameritas is a great choice when looking at dental insurance companies. While not available in every state, Ameritas does offer dental plans in most states. The company also has many group dental plan options available for employers. Whether you are an employer or looking for individual coverage, you’ll be able to find a plan to meet your dental needs and budget from Ameritas.

As you review Ameritas dental plans, be sure to understand what coverage is offered, the monthly premiums, out-of-pocket costs, and annual maximum benefit. If you already have a dentist that you like, you may want to check Ameritas's network to see if your current dentist is an in-network provider. Analyzing these factors will help you find dental insurance that meets your needs.

Like many insurance companies, Ameritas carries multiple types of insurance products. For those interested in some of Ameritas's other products, like vision insurance, life insurance, or disability insurance, Ameritas allows you to work with one provider for all of these. You can also connect with a financial professional or use Ameritas's financial products with investing or annuities to prepare for retirement.

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Monique Austin Greensboro, NC

Absolutely terrible provider … and they should be ashamed !!! “Missing tooth clause” - if a tooth was extracted on another policy … we will not cover ANY further care to replace the tooth ( implant / crown / bridge ) ….. No prior notice … the “booklet” with explanation of benefits has never been sent - in 2 years !!!! So here I am … nearly 2 years and $5k later … and I am dumped with another 2k and I have non needed braces - and a metal peg !!! I have been trying to get into my online account for over a year … repeated errors and jargon appears with varying messaging. Suddenly today - after my calls - the website is up and running - and on the first page of my benefits - a note is entered notating the missing tooth clause - come on yall !!!!! Don’t update it because I called in !!! Communication is key … and this company is terrible !!! These are real people you are out here screwing over !!!! Don’t worry - I’ll be here - every single day - you will remember my name !!!

2 weeks ago

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Mary Anne McElmurray Salem, VA

Ameritas denied covering a crown because I had a crack in my tooth. They responded that if I had lost the tooth or part of the tooth material it would have been covered, and that a crack is not a suitable reason for coverage. My dentist responded twice but twice my appeal and coverage was denied. I then called Ameritas myself and asked to speak to a claims supervisor. The supervisor was very condescending and said that a crack could result from several sources--trauma, clenched jaws, etc--and that was why my crown was not covered. WHEN YOU NEED A CROWN YOU NEED A CROWN: THE PRECIPITATING CAUSE SHOULD NOT BE AN ISSUE. COVERAGE SHOULD NOT DEPEND ON CAUSE!

1 month ago

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Kiair Martin Lynchburg, VA

If I could give NO STARS I WOULD!!!! Totally misleading company! I’ve had Ameritas dental for almost two years and just realized today NOTHING I’ve had done was ever covered!!!!! Went and got a crown redone and have a bill of almost 3000 because they don’t cover replacement crowns (even though I paid out of my own pocket for the crown long before I even got coverage from Ameritas). Very misleading and a waste of years of paying for basically nothing!!!!

3 months ago

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Jordan Lexington, SC

I wish I could give zero starts worst company I’ve dealt with. I went threw a insurance broker I contacted them and they could not find me but they took my money

1 month ago

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CS Person-Tillman Chicago, IL

Misrepresentation of coverage! They sell 50% coverage! Over and over it says a specific %. It's all a lie. If lucky they cover about 30%. How does a senior citizen plan dental work when everything costs so much more...than what this company thinks it should cost.

3 months ago

star star star_border star_border star_border

Ellen Woods Victoria, TX

I had broken a back molar and went to the dentist. Turns out it was wisdom tooth with curved in roots and I'd need a dental surgeon. I went for a consultation with the surgeon and before I even saw him, I was informed that this insurance has A ONE YEAR WAITING PERIOD for this type of procedure. What? I should have known this insurance was garbage from the get-go. The ID is PAPER. Needless to say, I left and once home, I obtained CHEAPER dental insurance that covers this procedure with no wait period. It's also a national insurance company. Now I'm having a problem cancelling this Ameritas Dental. Of course.

9 months ago

star star star star star

Scott Harrisburg, NC

We feel like we have had great coverage for our family since we started using Ameritas several years ago. I have a lot of anxiety involving dental procedures and I like that they cover nitrous to help ease my anxiousness. They cover most things 100% or at least a fair portion.

3 years ago

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prad Coppell, TX

Plan says Preventative covered at 100%, but they don't cover the x-rays needed for compressive check up. Most x-rays needed for checkups are categorized as Type3 or Type2, which is sneaky practice. Similarly, normal tooth filling is again-Type3 and does not cover resin or porcelain material. They cover old silver fillings. Again Sneaky Practice. There are so many hidden restrictions on which they cover. For example they don't cover Limited oral evaluation, which is preventive. It is again sneaky. They advertise as though they cover 100% but use sneaky practice of putting restrictions on the normal procedures that doctor usually perform.

9 months ago

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Justin Schmorr Bridgeport, CT

If I could give negative stars I would! Worst customer service for dental plan ever. No returned phone calls from supervisor, wrong info from agent cost me hundreds of dollars. They go back listen to call and tell me even though they screwed up its nothing they can do. Tell me something is covered for insurance Incorectly admit it was a mistake and don't pay me a penny back for it. Seems perfectly fair to me. Worst ever!

11 months ago

star star star star star_border

Rachael Berhan Salt Lake City, UT

This insurance helped cover my wisdom tooth removal costs and my pinhole procedure. It didn't cover as much of my wisdom tooth removal as I was hoping. It significantly brought down the cost of the pinhole procedure, so thankful!

1 year ago


Review Source

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Nena McFarland Aurora, CO

Ameritas provided the lowest cost and most value for dental insurance of all that I had reviewed. My dentist has not had problems with billing that I know of. I had next day coverage as I had lost my employer-paid plan.

2 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Vicki L Brooks Bakersfield, CA

Good coverage and never any billing or claim issues. Also seems most Dentists accept it. At least mine does and has for a long time. I am picky and do not want to ever have to change my dentist.

2 years ago

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Danny Ponce Long Beach, CA

Do not buy insurance from them they are a scam they said I can leave the company whenever and once I tried they told me wait 6 months so do not buy from them They are scammers!!!

8 months ago


Verified Customer


Review Source

star star star star_border star_border

Bill Lee

Only pay half of the cost of crowns and other major procedures. Cover all the cost of two check ups a year.

2 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Debbie L Zielke-Arends Princeville, IL

They are a scam. They make claims to pay way more than they actually do. My husband had a crown and they didn't pay a dime. They said because he had a cleaning and x-ray he used up all his benefits. Best thing we ever did was go to cancel with them and go with a real dental insurance!

10 months ago

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Kathryn Welch Saline, MI

Ameritas dental coverage is very poor. Went to in network dentist for a crown, dentist had to submit the claim (only be mail) 5 times over that many months. In the end the insurance only covered $270!! I paid three times that for the dental "insurance" premiums over those 5 months. I've cancelled our coverage and moving to another more reputable insurer. Ameritas is a scam for dental coverage - the premiums are high for the coverage provided and they take forever to process claims, so you really don't know how bad the coverage is until you have paid for months and months of coverage.

1 year ago

star star star star star

JoAnn Lucas Austin, TX

Service people Very helpful and friendly. The Web site helpful and easy to use.

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Tamra Cater Bogalusa, LA

Awful company. Didn't cover very much and it took months for a claim to go through

9 months ago